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24 November 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-11-24 number 58

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                                                            TH E
                        O FFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                                0F TH E
         CO LON Y A N 9 PR OTECTO R A TE
                                            KEN YA
                 Pubnshed under the A uthority of H is Excellency the G ovem or of the
                                 Colony and Ptotectoxate of K enya
                                                                    -   -                 .                             -    .   -   è   7    '-E

   Vol. XXXW II.- NO. 58                  NAIROBI, Novem ber 24, 1936                                                       PHee 5: Cen's
   Repstexed as a Newspaper at the G P O                                                                            Pubko ed every Tuesday
 Z ZZ   ( E JZ      '      T                    (               .7 LQIL-1'-.L'U.7:U           L=   -l7--Z 7 -7 -E                              E-

                                   TA BLE O F CO N T E N T S
G o'kt N otice N o 733- F01 Intloductlon m to Leglslattse Oouncll- A B 1l1 to Am etlcl the K enya
                            Cotton Oldm ance                                                                                                 1287
                   734- For Introdttctlon m to L eglslatl'
                                                         ke Courlcll- A B lll to A m end the B zand-
                            m g of Stock Ozdm ance                                                                                           1293
   )j     $'    :1 735- Az'rzvals, D epartules, Appom tm entsjetc                                                                            1296
Proelam atlons N os 78-79- The D lseases of Anlm als.Ordm ance                                                                               1297
G ost N otice N o 736-737- T11e X atn e Authomtè Ozdlnance- A ppolntm ents azd Term lnatlon of
                            A ppom tm euis                                                                                                   1297
                   738- T11e Courts Ordm ance, lg3l- A ppolntm ent                                                                           1298
   ,1     ,1    21 739- L egzs1at1ve Countll- rc R ew setl R eglsters ol Voters                                                              1298
                   740- The P ubllc Travel and A ccess R cmds O rdlnanee- Appointm ent of D zstmtt
                            R oad B oar;                                                                                                     1298
  7:      1:    1) 741- The G am e Ordm nnce- A ppom fm ent                                                                                  1298
          11    ;) 742- The M m lng O rdznance, l933- C1azm s Abancloned                                                                     1299
                        743- Not1ce to Alrm en (No 10 ok lg3tll- Regulatlons Governm g Flzghts
                            through E gypt                                                      1299
                    744- The L and A equlszflou A ci, l8gz
                                                         .t- N otzllcatlon                      1299
                    745- The F arm ers Asslstanee Ordlnanee, lg3fl- A ppom tm ent of Tem porary
                            Supervlsor                                                          1299
O eneral N otlces N os 1449-1480                                                                1B00

                                                    SU PPL E M EX T

                               X ENYA P ROCLAXATIONS, R ULFS AND R EGULATIONS
                                                            (No 44)

  n e TTM ONTH I.Y TM DE AND W FORM ATION BIII,T.ETm '' of G e Standlng Board of
   Econom lc Developm ent for Septem ber 1936 (Vo1.1,No.3) ls lssued wlth tbls nam ber
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