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8 December 1936

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1936-12-08 number 62

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                                                 gt                    k.             *
                                             *4j@                -- o           N
                                                                     $            -

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                                                                     ..0 ..

                                                      p zu   w
                                                                 !            (mt,,       s

                                                             TH E
                         OFFICIA L GA ZETTE
                                                 0F TH E
         CO LO N Y A N 9 PR O TECTO R A TE

               Publlshed under the A uthoH ty ol H ls Excellency the G overnor of the
                                Colony and Protectorate of K enya
7              7/                                                                                                    71

    Vol. XX XVHI.- N o. 62               N Am O BI, D ecem ber 8, 1936                                       Pxlce 5: C ents
    Reo stered as a Newspaper at tlze G P O                                                            Pubhshed eveo Tqesday

                                     T A BLE O F C O N T EN T S
                                                                                                                          PA G E
G ovt N otlee N o 76s- D epartures,A ppom tm ents,ete                                                                     1416
  Jl     z,    ,) 766- Obltuary                                                                                           1416
                  767-8- The N atlve Authozlty O zdm anee- A ppolntm ents                                                 1417
         ),    1: 769-70- Coronat1on of H ls M alesty K lng E dw ard V IH                                                 1417
                  rf7l-z- The D lseases of P lants P reventlon Ordlnance                                                  1417
                  773- The K enya Cotton R uies                                                                           1418
   ,,          ,, 774-5- The N atlve lReglstlatlon Ordlnance, 1921                                                        1418
                   77G- The N atw e Chllstlan M arrlage and D lvoree Ordlnanee, lgBl- Appolnt-
                                 m ent                                                                                    1418
                         777-8--T14e F arm ers A pmstanee Ozdm ance, lg36- xippcqntm ent of Tem porary
                                 Supervlsor and Intemm Stay Oldel                                      1418
    ,     ,,        ,,   779- The Loeal Goveznm ent (M unlclpalltles) Oldm ance- Appolntm ent                             1419
G eneral N otlees N os 1526-1552                                                                                          1419

                                                    SU PPL E M E N T S

                                K ENYA lh ocruAMu loxs, R vruss AxD REcœ zzAf
                                                             (No 46)
                                                        O Rm xAxcEs
                                                             (No..21,                         7.<*t-
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