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9 January 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-01-09 number 2

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            T E O FFICI L G Z ET TE
             Publtshed undertbe Authority ofHtqExcelleney th,Govemoroft:eC├╣lony and Protecforate otKenya
    =                 .--.
                         = r                     7   U                      .--Z .-       .E
                                                                                           .-   ..     ZEZVU Z      X.='Z                   X -U       .

    Vol. XLVII- N /. 2                                    x xm om         zajluarx 9, 1945                                           Pfice 50 Cents
    Rtgistefed asa Newspaper at tbe G.P.O.                            j                 *'- -                                    Published every I'uesday

                         OFFIG AL GAZEW E                                                          OFF'ICIAL GAZETTF.-contd
    G(Ivt.Notice No.   -                                             PAGB         Govt.Notke No.    -                                      lyAs
       *22- TheLegislativeCouncilOrdinance,1935- Dec1ara-                             4o- AppointmentofDevelogmentCommittee .. .. 7
                 tion ..                                                               4l- NyeriTownship Comm lttec        '.. .. .. 7
        z3- Appointment .. .. ..                                                  GeneralNoticesNos.24-51 .. ..                   ..            8
        zzl- A ppointments,K .U .R.& H .            .. ..                       , (.
                                                                                   ,yo overnment Notice N o. 22 was published as a Special Tssu'e
         2 - vacancy,Posts and Telegraphs Department ..                           of the OmcialGazette dated January 6, 1945. )               '
          6-Thelg4s Dde  nce nt
                      --Appoi  (Mmileint
                                      tary Con
                                                                  ..s                                  SIJPPLEM ENT
                                                                                                                  - N o. 2
         27-ThePuCr   ic
                                       s e Code-Appoi
                                             .. .. -ntme ..nt of                             Proclamations-Rulesand Rezulations,1945
        28.- The GovernmentStal ProvidentFund Ordinance,                          Govt.NoticeNo.-                                          PAGB
                lg44- Appointment        .. .. .. ..                                      42- The Defence(ControlofPotato Sales)Regulatittt
         29- TheAppol
                      lomyme nt of Servant
                                          s Ordïnance,
                                         ..          ..
                                                       1937-                                    1945       .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                                                                          43- The Government Stas Provident Fund Ordinallce,
         3├╗-Appointment ..           ..     ..       ..    ..   ..                                   lgu - Notice undet Scction 2 .-       ..      .. 15
         31- The Land and W aterPreservation (General)Rules,                              44-The Trading with the Enemy Ordinance, 193t    )-
                lg43- Appointment      .. .. ..                                                  Revocation (
                                                                                                            ?f Orders         .. .. ... 16
         32- The Land and W ater Preservation Ordinance,                                  45- The Trading m th the Enemy Ordinance, l93t   ?-
                1943- Notice           ..            ..                                          O r' .
                                                                                                      r.    .. .. .. .. ..
         33--Swahi1i Bxaminations      .. .. .. ..                                        46-The efence (Control of Prices) Regulati'lns,
         34- The LocalGovernment(Munici   palities) Ordinance,                                   194 --order            .. .. .. ..
                lgz8- Appointment      .. .. .. ..                                        47- The efence (Military Contracts) Regulati;3   ns,
         35- The Local Government (District Councils) Ordi n-                                    194         ' .. .. .. ... ..
               ance, lgz8- Appointment         .. .. ..                                   18-49- -
                                                                                                 1-11 Defence (Control of Distribution :  'nd
         36- The Kenya Naval Volunteer Ordinance, 1940-                                          Rationing of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 19z
               Comm lssions       .. .. .. ..                  7                                 Coupon Values .. .. .. .. .. 18
         37- The Game Ordinance,lg37- Resignati   on ..        7                          50- The Education (Fees) (Amendment) Rules, 1945 19
         38- The Courts Ordinance,lg3l- Appointment .. 7                                  51- The Defence (Control of Prices) Regulatillns,
         39- The M inïng Ordinance, 1940- Notice           ..   ..     7                             1943--Order        ..   ..      ..    ..         20

    f.OVERNMSNT No'rlcs N o.JJ                                                        GOVERNMENT N on cB N o.25
         THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ORDINANCE, 1935                                      VACANCY- ACCOUNTANT, POSTS AND TELEf;RAPHS
       WHEREAS the validity of the election of ErnestHay W right                                            DEPARTMENT
    t()rcpresentthe Aberdare Constituency in the Legislative Council                   APPLICATIONS are invited for appointmentto tlntlpost of
    baving been brought in question by a person qualised to be                        Accountant, Posts and Telegraphs D epartm ent.
    etected at such election,the Governor in Council on the l34h
    f'ay of Octobar, 1944, by virtue of the aforesaid Ordinance,                        The scale ofsalaq attached to thepostisf500 by f-
                                                                                                                                        .!0 to f660
    appointed His Honour Mr.Justice W illiam Kenneth Horne to                         on termsand conditlonsapplicableto the Kenya Eurol?ean Civil
    t.t a Commissioner to inquire into and report on the grounds                      Service.In the eventof an o├źcerwho hasalready beellaccorded
    t'pon which the validity of the said election was brought in                      pensionable status being appointed to the post, he .vill retain
    tluastion as aforesaid:                                                           his pensionable rfghts and other privileges at presel'
                                                                                                                                           !t enjoyed
                                                                                      by him and hisscale ofsalary willbe f500 by f20 to /. 7600. ...
       AN D W H EREAS the said Comm issioner,after due inquiry,
    l'as reported to the Governor in Council and the.said'report                        Thequalificationsreqlzired fortly postareathorollgh know-
    llas been considered by the Gevernerin Council;         .                         ledge of the Governm ent accountlng system as applicable to
        NOW ,JHER
                .EFORE,in exercise of the powers eonferred                            self
                                                                                      Ro  -alcat
                                                                                         gu    co
                                                                                                     ng de
                                                                                                     and nnartmeal
                                                                                                                                         oo fgal
                                                                                                                                           or Go
                                                                                                                                                 ze dutint
    llpon him by section 31 of the Legislative Council Ordinance,                     and to control stal.Candidafes shol
                                                                                                                        jld also possess tact and
     1935,His Excellency the Governor in Council hereby declares                      initiative and a keen sense of responslbility.                 .
    that Ernest Hay W right, the candidate whose election was
    ttuestioned as afortsaid,is duly elected.                                           The successf├╣icandidate willbe liable for servfce in Kenyl,
                                                                                      UgandabrTanganyika,btttwillnorm allybestationed iflN airobl,
        By Command of His Excellency the Governor in Council.
     '├žairobi,                            K.W .SIM M ONDS,                              Appl├«cantswishinyto beconsidered for.
        6th January, 1945.          C/erk to the Executive Councîl.                   submittheirapplicatlonsto theSecretarp EuropeanCi'
                                                                                             y Board,P.  O .Box 621,Nairobl,to reach liinlnot later
                                                                                      than the 15th Pebruary,1945.Om cersofthe G overnmtlntservice
     3tw sahqlrx'r Non ce N o.23                                                      should apply in terms ofSecretariat Circular No.30 ()f1944.
    #ERNES'I'REx EDwARD SIJRRIDGE to be Acting Chief Secretary
       with effectfrom the 6th ofJanuary,1945.                                        GOVBRNMBNT No'
                                                                                                   rlcB No.26           (Pr.C.1J.
I                                        E.R .E.SURRID GE,
                                      Acting Chie! Secretary.                         THE DEFENCE (MILITARY CONTRACTS)REGU l,
    Govspxsfsx'rNoTl'cs No.24                                                                                      AIYOINTMENT
                         APPOIN TM ENTS                                                  IN BXERCISB of tl)e powers'conferred upoh him I)y Reyula-
           KEHVA àND UGANDA RAILWAYS AND H ARBOURS                                    tion 3 of the Defence (Military Contracts) Regulations, 1945,
    IERBEUT EDWARD STACEY to be Actin! ChiefAssistantto the                           HisExcellency the Governor has been pleased to apl point,with
     General M anager, in addition to hls substantive duties as                       esect from'the 2nd day of January, 1945-
     LegalAdviser,with elect from 1stJarmary,1945.                                                      M R.W .GRAZEBROOK,M.c.
    HuGll MCMII-LAN KIRKLAND, District Engineer, to be Senior                         to be Controller of M ilitary Contracts.
     DistrictEngineer with effectfrom 4th December,1944.
    ALLAN JQHNSJON, Senior Assistant Engineer, to be Distrlct                           By Command of His Excellency the Governor.
        Enginker,wlth efect from 4th Dtcember, 1944.
                                     R.J.C.HOWES,                                                                               L.TIîSTER,
                    Secretary to Sf#à Commissioner /or Transport.                     Nairobi,2nd Januav ,1946,                      1orC/lfc/Secretary.
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