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6 February 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-02-06 number 6

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                                                                                                                                  a   .
                                                                                                                             e'   Fl

                     E                    FFICI L                                                 ZE
         Pobltsbed undert:e Asthorlty of H1s Excelleney the Govea or of e e Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

511.X LV H- N @. 6                                NA IRO BI February 6, 1945                                       Price 50 Cents
                                                           ,                                                  Published every Tuesday
Registered as a Newspaper at the 02.0.                               .

                                                           CONTEN TS
                 OFFICIAL GAZE'  TTE                                     '            SUPPLEM ENT No.W-jcontd.j
Govt.Notlce No.-                                    PAIM             GoVt.Notice No.-                                            PĆ f.JB
   lz3- Appointments, etc. .. .. .. .. .. 41                                 139-The Defence (Control ef Distribution and Ration-
    124- The Kenya Naval Volunteer Ordinance. 1940-                                ing of Foodstufs) Regulations, 19       ollpon
            Cornrnissiohs     .. .. .. .. .. 41                                     'Values       .. ... .. .. .. ..
     lzs- rxecutive Council Appointm ents .. .. .. 41                        14t>-The Trading with the Enem y Ordinance, 1919-
     lz6- The Compulsol'y N ational Service Ordinance,                              Specilied Persons .. .. .. .. ..'
             lg43- Appointment        .. .. .. ..             41             141=The Defence (Control of Prices) Regulations,
     127- The Collke Industry (FinancialAssistance) Ordin-                          lg43- Revocation .. .. .. .. .. 76
            ance,1944. -N0tl 'ce .. .. .. .. ..               41             142- The Control of Prices (Filling and Charging of
     128-129-n e Liquor Ordi    nance, lg34- Appointments     42                    Batterfes) Order, 1945 .. .. .. .. 76
     130-2ThƧ Plisons Ordinance,1930       .. .. ..           42             143- The Defence (Control of Prices) RegulalIons,
     131- The M ining Ordinance, lg4o- Appointment ..         42                    1943- N otice        .. .. .. .. .. 76
     132- The Mining Ordinance,1940-Notice .. ..              42             l44-The Defence (Control of Chgrges for Sel'qi  ces)
     133- Tl1e Crim inal Procedure Code- Appointm ent ..      42                    Order, 1945.... .. ..          .. ..       ..
     134-135-The Courts Ordinance, lg3l- Appointments         42             145- The Defence (Control of Prices) Regulations,
General lTodces llos. 159-202 ..      -      ..     ..        43                     1943--f)rder .. .. .. .. .. .. 78
                                                                             l46-The Defence (ControlofDistribution and Ration-
                                                                                    ing of FoodstuFs) Regulations, 1944--Co11pon
                    SIJPPLEMKN T No.<                                               values       ..     ..                               78
           ProdamatƮons,Rulesand Regulations.1945                            l47- confirm ation of Ordinance ..     ..     ..         .. 79
Proclamation No.5-The Cattle Cleansing Ordinances 1929                       148- The Defence (Control of Second-hand Gtyods)
Govt.Notke No.   -                  '                                               (AmendmentNo.10)Order .. .. .. 79
    136-The Native Lands (Manure) Rules,1945 .. ..                           149- The Courts(Emergency Powers)Ordinance,1944-
     137- The Ddence (Control of Maize) Regulations,                                Date of Operation'.. .. ... .. .. 80
            1944- N otice   .. .. .. .. .. 74
     138- The Post OKce (Charges) (Amendment) Rules,                                        SUPPLEM ENT No.7
            1945                                    ..    .. 74                                 Ordln'ances,1945

fiovraxMBNrNoTIcE NO.123                                             GOVERNMENTNOTICE No.125                             (Ex.f'!?.1l1I1j
                       APPOINTMENTS                                            EXECUTIVE COUNCIL APPOINTMENTS
Jimx KINGSMILL ROBBRT THOR!Ito beDistrictOĆ«ctr,M achakos                HIS EXCELLENCY the Governor has been plettsed pro-
  District,Centl'alProvince,with effectfrom 12th January,1945.       visionally to appoint-
ARTHUR JAMSS FIBLD, M.B.E.. Assistant Establishment OĆ«cer,                  THB,HONOIJRABLB SHAMSUD-D BEN M OHAMBD IsM,kIL
  seconded forspecialduty with effectfrom the 30th ofJanuary,        to betem porarily an U noffkialM emberoftheExecutivtlCouncil
    1945.                                                            of the CĆ“lony and Protectorate of Kenya in place of the Hon.
JOSEPH BBRNARD GOULD,Clerk,Grade 1,to be Acting Assistant            Ambalal Bhallalbhai Patel, now absent from the Colony and
   Establishment OĆ«cer with efect from the 30th of Janualy,          Protectorate.
    1945.                                                                                              E.R.E.SURRIIIGE,
                       PROM OTIONS                                   Nairobi,25th January, 1945.          Acting Chiej '
fIEORGE Homtcs W ILLIAM Axlœt't,s to be Lands Secretary with
   electfrom 19th July,1944.                                         GOVERNMENT N o'rlcs N o.126
JƧallx CHARLES GRIBRSON to be RegionalDirector,Postsand Tele-
   graphs Department,with eFect from the 6th Augtlst,1944.           THE COMPULSORY NATIONAL SERVICE ORDINANCE,
SAMUEL THOMAS COLLINS to be Assistant Regional D irector,
   Posts and Telegraphs'Departm ent, with effect from the 6th                   AIYOINTMBNT ()F M EIHCAL OFFICER '
    August, 1944.                                                     IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon lllnl by sub-
                           REVERSION                                 section (2) of section 8 of the Compulsory Natidnal Service
l.ltxiss'r REx Eow Alto SIJRRY GB reverted to his substantive post   Ordinance, 1943,HisExcellency the Governor hasbeea pleĆ sed
    of Deputy Chief Secretary,Secretariat,with elect from the        to appoint the M edicalOfhcer for the tim e being holding the
    3rd Ć“fFebnmry,1945.                                              o
                                                                          al   o Me
                                                                                       diOKc erinrcfhor
                                                                                         cal OĆ«ce     argte
                                                                                                          heof thpos
                                                                                                             pur  eNa tivetheHoss
                                                                                                                    e of         lj
                                          G.M .RENNIE,
                                                  ChƮej Secretary.   section in the Trans Nzoia District.
                                                                         By Com mand of His Excellency the G overnor.
(lovsltx- NrNOTICE N().124                                                                                  E.R.E.SURRIIIGE,
                                                                     Nairobi, 30th Januazy,1945.               Acting C/z/e.f Wcretary.
  IN EXERCISE ofthepowersconferred upon him by section 7             GOVBRNMBNT N o'rlcE No.127
ofthe Kenya NavalVolunteerOrdinancs,1940,l'
                                          JisExcellency                  THE COFFEE INDUSTRY (FINANCIAL ASSIS'
the Governor has been pleased to commlssion-                                              ORDIN AN CE,1944
                   JOHN LsoxARo CAZ-Ey                                 IN PURSUANCE ofthƻ provƮsionsofsection 15 off3rdinance
to be a Lieutenant pn transfer from the Tanganyika Nayal             No.IV of 1944,notice is hereby given thatthe advance granted
Volunteer Force to the Kenya Naval Volunteer Reserve m th            in term s ofthe above-nam ed O rdinance has been repaid:-
tiectfrom the 1stday of January,1945,with seniolity from the           Name.- c.V.W hite,Fort Ternan.
1stday ofNovember,1943.                                                Amoltnt.--c sn.
  By Command of His Excellency the Govemor.                            fptprerazaea/Notice No.--849.
                                                                       D J/e.- 20th October,1944.
lfairobiy30th January,1945,               Actinz C'
                                                  Ć ie/Secretary.     1stFebrt
                                                                            zary,1940,                       T.L.HATELY,%ecretary.
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