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27 March 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-03-27 number 13

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                 TH E U FFICIA L GA ZETTE
                 Publlhed tm der fhe Aathorify of HIs Excellenc fhe G overnor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

       V 01. X LVH- N O. :3                             NA IR OBI                                                        Price 5t4Cents
       Registered asa N ewspaper at the G .P.O.
                                                                        M arch 27.
                                                                                   1945                              Published ever) Tuesday
        =                                                               '

                          .                                      CON TENTS
                           OFFICIAL GAZEW E                                               SUPPLEMENT No.lk-jcontd.      j
        fJovt.Notice No.-                                  PAGE             G ovt.N otice No.-                                   PAGE
     ''     z8o- Appoi ntments,etc. .. ..                .. 129                 301- The Defence (Suspension of Customs D4ties)
            z8l--Appointments- lf.u.lt.& H. .. ..           129                        (Amendment) Regulations, 1945      .. .. 130
            z8z- vice-ccnsulofthe United statesofAmerica    130                 302- The Public Hea1th (M anufacture, Preparal
            283- Vacancy forDistrictRevenue Oflicer .. .. 130                          Packing and Re-packing of Food) Rules,1945 130
             z8zl- vacancy for Land Assistant  .. .. .. 130                     303- The Compulsory National Service Ordinrnce,
             285- The Compulsory N ational Service O rdinance,                         1943- De1egation ofPowers .. -. .. 131
                    lg43- Appointment      .. .. -.            .. 130           304-TheBlectric Power(Amendment)Rules,1945 .. 131
             286- Directing Committee for M an Power ..        .. 130           305- The Trading with the Enemy (Custodi
                                                                                                                       an)O der,
             z87--/kppointnaent ..   ..    .. .. .. .. 130 '
             288- The Compulsory NationalServiceOrdinance,1943 130
             289--CivilReabsorption Board .. .. .. .. 130
             290- Sotik Township Committee- Appointment    .. 130
                                                                                      1945       ..     .. .. .. .. ..
                                                                                306-The Trading with the Enemy Ordinance, 1939-
                                                                                      General Authority    , .. .. .. ..
                                                                                307- The Defence (Control of Prices) Regulatit.ns-
(            291-292- 11e Land and W ater Preservatlon Ordin-
                    ance- Appointments .. .. .. .. 131
             293.- Executive Council M em bers      .. .. .. 131
             294-295- -1-1)e Courts Ordinance, lg3l- Appointm ents 131
                                                                                       Order     .- .. .. .. .. ..
                                                                                308- The lndian and Goan Schools (Grant-in Aid)
                                                                                       Rules, 1945 .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                                                                309- The Cattle Cleansing Ordinance,1929- N otiie ..
             296- Uasîn Gishu DistrictCouncil-Appointment .. 131                310- Th,a Defenee (Control of Prices) Regulattons,
             297- Revised Definition of Values for ad vrl?ore/n                        1945- Delegation of Powers .. .. ..
                    Duties     .. .. .. .. .. .. 131                            311-313- The Defence (Control of DistriY tion and
        3eneralNoticesNos.499-542 ..          ..   ..    ..    .. 131                  Rationing of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 1t;:14-
                                                                                       coupon values .. '. .        ..     ..      ..
                              SUPPLEMENT No.14                                  3l4- The Defence (Control of Distribution of hoap)
                 Proclamations,Rulesand Regulations,1945                               Order, 1944      .. .. .. .. ..
        Zovt.Notice No.-                                                        315- Rules of Court- A dvocates' Remuneration and
             298- The Poisons List (Variation) Order,1945 '.. 129                       Taxation of Costs (Amendment) (Appliction
             299- The Poisons (Amendment)Rules,1945 .. .. 129                           for Execution) Rules,1945 .. .. .. 140
             300-The Customs Taril (Amendment) Ordinance,                       3ld- -f'
                    1945- Date of Operation        ..    ...   .. 129-'                 1945         ..     ..    ..     .-     ..    .. 141

                              CORRIGEND UM                                  HAROLD OwEN SALT to be Hea1th lnspector, K isum ll-lwondiani
          G overnment N otice No. 263 appearing on page 118 of the             District and contained townships, with et lkct fropI
                                                                                                                                  A the 1st
       Oflicial Gazette dated M arch 20, 1945-                                 January, 1945.
         )r'W .H.Billinton,Esquire,retîd W .H.Billington,Esquire,o.s.B.
         .                                                                  LESLIE Lewls to be Health Inspector,NairobiDfstriitCouncil
                                                                              A rea, Kiambu D istrict and contained townships, vith eflkct
                                                                               from the 24th Augus't,1944.
                                                                            A LFRED H AROI-D TAYLORto be Hea1th Inspector,N orth and South
                                                                              N yeriD istricts and contained townships,with etlkcl from the
       GOVERNMENT N OTICE NO.280                                               24th August,1944.
                                                                            AI-SER'I- THOMAS M zt'rsox to be Hea1th Tnspect)r, South
                              APPOINTME'    NTS                                Kavirondo.Districta#d contained townships and tl'at portion
       ERNEST REx EDwARD SURRIDGS to be Acting Chief Secretary                 of the Narok Administrative Districtto the west olthe Mara
         with esect from the 19th of M arcll, 1945.                            Rîver,with eflkct frôm the 10th November, 1944.
       K ENNETH G ORDON LINDSAV to be Acting Deputy ChiefSecretary          ERNEST ROeERT soNesto beHea1th lnspector,North Kavirondo
         with eflkctfrom the 19th of M arch,1945.                             District and contained townships, wlth effect froln the 5th
       Jollx HoRAcE Ct.IvB,o.B.E.,to be A eting Provincial Com m'is-          January, 1945.
          sioner,ProvincialA dm inistration,with electfrom the 19th of                                REVERSIONS
          M arch,1945. '                                                    K ENNTETH GORDON LINDSAY, Acting Provincial Co1'llmissioner,
       Golm ox BALD H ARVEY to be Actgng Revenue Oflkerwitb eflkct            revcrted to his substantive post of D istrictOflk er,Provincial
         from the 1st M arch, 1945.                                           Atkninistration,with eflkctfrom the 19th ofM arch 1945.
       GRAHAM Goltoox KBRR to beDistrictOmcer,M achakosDistrict,            RICHARO R HN CLYDE H ow Es,M.B.E.,reverted to his substantive
          CentralProvince,with electfrom 5th M arch,1945.                     rank of Second AssistantChiefSecretary to theCoIlference of
                                                                              East African Governors and Secretary to tlle H igllCom m is-
       M ICHAEL NORDON EVANSto beDistrictOflker,CentralKavirondo              sioner for Transport, Kenya-ugxnda, with effect from the
          District,Nyanza Province,with elfectfrom 12th M arch,1945.
                                                                               14th February,1945.         .
       ANTHONY CHARLBS CHRISTOPHE,      R SWANN to be District Oëcers       RZCHARD JOHN CLYDE H owls,M .B.E..reverted to his çubstantive
               cho District,Nyanza Province, with elect from tàe 16th         rank of Second A ssistantChiefSecretary to the Coltference of
          M arch,1945.                                                        East African Governors and Secretary to the HigltComm is-
        H AROLO FRANCIS W RIGHT to actas Chief Secretary to the Con-           sioner for Transport, Kenya-u ganda, with effect from the
          ference ofEastA frican Gaovernors with electfrom tl   le 26th        17th M arch,1945.
          February, 1945.                                              -    THoylAs Llssl-ls PEET reverted to hissubstantiveposttrAssistant
        RICHARD JOHN CLYDE HowEs, M.B.E., to act as First Assistant           G overnmentPrinterwith effectfrom 16th M arch, l945.
          Chief Secretary to the Conference of EastA frican G overnors      ROBBRT W II-LIAM EnwARos reverted to his substantiïre post of
          with efïect from the 26th February, 1945.                           Composing Foreman,Printing and Stationery Depal'lment,with
        RI'CHARD ANTHONY M ALYN to act as Second Asslstant Chief               effect from 16th M arch, 1945.
          Secretary to the Conference of EastA frican Governors and                                              E.R.E.SURRIDGE,
          Secretary to the H igh Com missioner for Transport,K enya-                                                  A ctîng (7/1,
          Uganda,with electfrom the 17th M arch,1945.
        JAsfes SHARPE CONEY to be Acting Director of Aliens and             GOVERNMENT Norrcs No.281
          Internees with etlkctfrom 3rd January, 1945.                       KENYA AND UGANDA RAILW AYS AND HARBOURS
        W II-LIAM CARR'BR to be Hea1th Inspector, Fort Hall District,
          K erugoya District,Em bu Districtand contained townshipswith                               APPOINTMENT
          effect from the 17th July, 1944.                                  JOHN sosepn H ARRINGTON,Second Engineer,to be Fir!tEnglneer,
        JAMSS LESLIB Coovss to be Hea1th Inspector, Kisum u-t-ondiani         Lake Steam ers,with efrectfrom 231-d December,19.64.
           District and contained townships, with elect from the 24th                                        R .J.C.HOW ES,
          August,1944.                                                                      Secretary to F/k
                                                                                                            : Commissioner //z.Transport.
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