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17 May 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-05-17 number 21

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               Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

     Vol. XLVII—No. 21                                  NAIROBI, May 22, 1945
                                                                                                                           Price 50 Cents
     Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.                                                                          Published every Tuesday

                         OFFICIAL GAZETTE                                                  SUPPLEMENT No. 23—(Contd.)
     Govt. Notice No.—                                        PAGE        _ Govt. Notice No.—                                          PAGE
         464—-Appointments, etc. ..           oe     .:  .. 221                 473—The Cinematograph Films Censorship (An.end-
         465—Appointments, K.U.R. & Hwé       :          ~. 221                        ment) Rules, 1945 .                         .. 192
         466—Vacancy for Reporter to Legislative Council .. 221                 474—The Defence (Revocation) Regulations, 194s -. 192
         467—Rent Control Boards—Appointments        .   ..- 222                475—The     Cattle    Cleansing Ordinance—Cleansing
         468—The Mining Ordinance—Appointment        ..        222                     District   . .                                   194
         469—The Native Registration Ordinance—Appointment 222                  476—-The Government Staft ‘Provident Fund Ordin ince,
        .470—The Land and Water Preservation Ordinance—                                1944—Notice          .                         © 194
                Appointments                                . 222               477—The Defence (Stockfeeds and Fertilizers) (An end-
         471—The Courts Ordinance, 1931—Appointment      ». 222°                       ment) Order, 1945 .       .                      194
     General Notices Nos. 834-869 .      :               «. 222                 478—The Defence (Control of. Prices) Regulations,           ‘
                                                                                       1945—Variation to Third Schedule      ..         195
                                                                                479—Confirmation of Ordinance ..                        196
                         SUPPLEMENT No. 23                                      480—The Eldoret Municipality (Motor “Omnibus: By-
               Proclamations, Rules and Regulations, 1945                              laws, 1945...                                    196
     Proclamation No. 22—The Native Foodstuffs Ordinance,             \         481—Theen Municipality
                                                                                                    M           ‘(Laundries) By laws, 197
                                   .     .      .     .             191                       a
     Govt. Notice No.—
         472—The Defence (Control of Prices) Regulations,                                          SUPPLEMENTNo. 24
            :    1945—Delegation of Powers      se                  191                               Ordinances, 1945

     GOVERNMENT Notice No, 464                                              GOVERNMENT NOTICE No. 465

                            APPOINTMENTS                                     KENYA AND UGANDA RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS
     FRANK WINGATE CARPENTER to be District Commissioner, Nakuru                           APPOINTMENTS
       District, Rift Valley Province, with effect. from the 12th May,      ALFRED DALTON, C.B.E., Deputy General Manager and Superin-
       1945,                                                                  tendent of the Line, to be Acting General Manager, with effect
                                                                              from the 17th May, 1945, vice Reginald Edwin Robins, c.M.G.,
     Miss Mary Barctay to be a Nursing Sister with effect from 25th
       April, 1945.                                                           0.B.E., General Manager, proceeded to the United Kingdom
                                                                              on special duties.
     Miss KATHLEEN BARRACLOUGH to be a Nursing Sister with effect           Herpert Biin Sroyle returned to duty and assumed the duties
       from 25th April, 1945.                                                 of Chief Mechanical Engineer, with effect from the 14th May,
     Miss JaNeT Mary SrrinGer to be a Nursing Sister with effect              1945.
       from 25th April, 1945.              «        :       :             ~ Ropert IRWIN KIRKLAND, 0.3.E., Acting Chief Mechanical Engin-
                                                                              eer, reverted. to his substantive rank of Assistant Chief
     WILLIAM Eric LawEs, L.R.C.P. & S. (BDIN.), L.R.F.P. & S. (GLAS.),
                                                                              Mechanical Engineer and Works Superintendent, with effect
       D.T.M. & S., to be Medical Officer of Health, Kajiado and
                                                                              from the 14th May, 1945.
       Narok Districts, with the exception of that portion of ‘the .
       Narok Administrative District to the west of the Mara River,         NorMAN FREDERICK STEVENS, Acting Works Superintendent,
       with effect from the 15th April, 1945:                                 reverted to his substantive rank of Assistant Works Superin-
                                                                              tendent, with effect from the 14th May, 1945.
       be Medical Officer of Health, South Kavirondo and contained                                           R. A. MALYN,         ‘
       townships and also that portion of the Narok Administrative                                Acting Secretary to the High Comiissioner
       District to the west of the Mara River, with effect from the                                                             for Transport.
       6th May, 1945,
     Epwarp Pim RIGBY, M.B., B.S. (LOND.), M.R.C.S. (ENG.), L.R.C.P.        GOVERNMENT Notice No. 466
       (LOND.), to be Assistant Medical Officer of Health, Mombasa
       Municipality and District, and Assistant Port Health Officer’        VACANCY FOR REPORTER (FEMALE) TO LEG!SLATIVE
       with effect from 21st March, 1945.                                                    COUNCIL
                                                                              APPLICATIONSare invited for a post of Reporter (Female)
                             PROMOTIONS                                     to the. Legislative   Council,   and should   be submitted   to the
                                                                            Secretary, European Civil Service Advisory Board, P.O. Box 621,
     JouN Burcess, Junior Examining Officer, to be Examining Officer,
                                                                            Nairobi, to reach him not later than the 30th June, 1945.
       Customs Department, with effect from the 15th of February,
       1945,                                                                Applicants in Government employment should apply in terms of
                                                                            Secretariat Circular No. 30 of 1944.
     DENIS: EDWARD SANDALL, Junior Examining Officer, to be Examin-            The scale of salary of the post will be £440 by £10 to £500
      ing Officer, Customs Departmeni, with effect from the         Ist     on Kenya European Civil Service terms of service. Details of
       of March, 1945,                                                      these terms of service, which include contribution to a Provident
                             REVERSIONS                                     Fund, may be obtained from the Secretary, European Civil Service
                                                                            Advisory Board at the above address. In the event of an officer
     GEOFFREY FREDERICK -ARTHUR PERRIN, B.A., BAL, Acting                   of the Civil Service who has already been accorded pensionable
       Hydraulic Engineer, Public Works Department, reverted to. his        status being appointed she will retain her pensionable rights and
       substantive rank with effect from 2nd May, 1945.                     other privileges on an appropriate salary scale.
     GEORGE RAWSTHORNE reverted to his substantive rank of Junior             Candidates must. have had previous experience of verbatim
       Postmaster, with effect. from 15th. May, 1945.                       reporting and be capable of writing shorthand at a speed. of
                                                                            200 words a minute. They must also be thoroughly competent
                                         E. R..E. SURRIDGE,                 to carry out the secretarial. anl clerical duties attached to the
                                               Acting: Chief Secretary.     appointment and be expert typists.
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