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29 May 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-05-29 number 22

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          TH E                                                                              G A ZETTE
          Publlhed under the Authorlty ofH I* Exeelleacy the G overnor of o e Colony and Protectorate of Kenm
=                                                                                          - -

V ol. XLVII No. 22                                     N AIR OBI                                                           Price 50 Cents
Rflgislered asa Newspaper atthe G .P.O .
                                                                       ,    M ay 2#, 1945                              Published every Tuesday

                                                                 CONTEN TS
                        OFFICIAL GAZEW E                                                            SUPPLEM EN T N o.25
G                                                                                         Pçoclantations,Rulesand Regulations.1945
    ()vt. Notice No.-                                             PAGE         G ovt. N otiée No.-                                         PAGE
      48z- Appointments, etc. .. ..                   ..           227             490-491- The Defence (Control of Distribution and
      483- Appointment- K.U. R .& H.                  ..           227                    Rationing of Foodstufïs) Regulatiops, 19441-
      484- Blrthday ofH.M .the King .. .. .. '        ..           227                    Coupon Valuçs ' .. .. .. .. .. 199
      485- Vacancles- K.U.R.& H . .. .. .. ..                      227             492- The Defence (Lighting Controlin CoastProvin;e)
      48G-The Defence (Trade Disputes) (Tribunal) Order,                                  Regulations'.:' 1945 .. .. .. .. .. 200
             lgzo- Appointment      .. .. .. ..                    227             493-The Townshl      ps (Licence Fees) R
                                                                                                                          .ules, 194.
                                                                                                                                    ,- .
      487- Vice-Consul of U .S.A.        ..     ..      ..     .. 227                     Exemptions       .. .. ..         .. .. 201
      488- Language Examinations         ..     ..      ..     .. 228              494- The Trading witb the Enemy Ordinance, 1931-
      489- The Cofl'
                    e lndustry (Financial Assistance)                                     Specfed Persons ..        ..     .;       ..   .. 202
             Ordinance,1944- N otice .. ..             ..      .. 228              /.95- The N ative Authority Ordinance- powers un4ler
Gt'neral N otices N os. 870-882 .. .. ' ..
.                                                      ..      .. 228                      Section 23 .. .. .. .. .. .. 202

GtAVERNMBNT N OTICE No.482                                                     G OVBRNMENT NOTICE X O.485
                        APPOIN TM ENTS                                         VACAN CIEF -D IRECTION DEPARTM ENT, KEN Y t AN D
FsEosRlcK. GoRoox JENNINGS to be D istrict Com m issioner,                              U GAN DA RAILW AY S AN D H ARBOURS
   Kisum u-Londiani District,N yanza Province,with effect from                   APPLICATIONS are lnvited forappointm entto the lRllowing
   16th M arch, 1945.                                                          postsin tbe Direction D epartm entyK enya and U ganda Itailways
PI?TSR H INDLEV BRowN to be D istrict Oëcer,South Kavirondo                    and H arbours,which may fallvacantin the near futurt:-
   District,Nyanza Province,with electfrom the 7th M ay,1945.                    SeniorClerk :Salary scale,f500 by f20 to E540 peram um .
G 'ïoRGs HENRY CARNE BouLosasox to be Acting Deputy                              Clerk,Class1:Salary scale,22420 b#f20 to :480'perannum.
   Registrar, and A cting D istrict Registrar, Suprem e Court of                 Clerk,Class 11: Salary scale,f315 by f18 to 1405 pe1 annum.
   Kenya at M ombasa, with efect from the 16th M ay,.1945, in                    Tbe qualï cations required are general oë ce experie1ce and
    additïon toiaissubstantivedutyasActingResfdentM agistrate,                 a knowledge of establishment,accounts and records work.
   M ombasa.                         .    .               .                      A pplications shoutd be submitted, through the 1tead of
H CSRBBRT EARNSHAW, M .SC. to be an Inspector of Schools,                      Departm ent concerned, to the Acting General M anagel, before
   Education Departm ent,wlth esectfrom the 5th April,1945.                    the 30th June, 1945.                      '
J()HN AI-FRBD LuCIS-SMITH,'o.B.E., v.D.r to be A cting Chief                     The successful candidates would be required to ctntribute
   Justice, Coèony and Protectorate of K ènya,with efïect from                 8.
                                                                                ).pcr centoftheiremolumentsto the Kenya and Uganda Rail-
   the 16th M ay, 1945.                                  .                     ways and H arbours Superannuation Fund, which in(ludes a
C qpTAlx JOHN ARCHIBALD ANGI;S to be Acting Resident                           W idows and Orphans Pension Scheme.
    Mayistrate, Acting Deputy Registrar, and Acting District                     Quarters (01
                                                                                            -an allowance in iieu thereog would be jl
    Reglstrar, Supreme Court of Kenya at M ombasa, with efect                  and a war bonus at Governm ent rates would be payable
    from 25th M ay, 1945.                        .
                         PROM OTION S                 .
H kltot,
       o WII-I-IAM SToKEs,A.A.,EducationOëcer,tobelnsbecior                    GOVERNMENT'
                                                                                         N GTICE No.486        (5'/F.Lab.24/1/J)
  of Schoois, Education D epartm ent, with effect from 1st
  January, 1945. '         --                                                  THE DEFENQE (TRADE DISPUTES)(TRIBUNAL) (iRDER,
FlLEDERIC CHARLES OXFORD to be D eputy Chief Accountant,                                                1942
  Posts and Telegraphs D epartment, with effect from 6th                         IN .EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon him I)y para-
  Augtlst, 1944.                                       '
                                E.R .E.SURRIDGE,                               graph 3.of the Defence (Trade Disputes)(Tribunai)Orddt
                                              Acting Chiej SecreIary.          His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to alpoint a
                                                                               Tribunal whicn shall, until further notice,consist of th( follow-
                                                                               ing persons:-
G 3VERNMBNT NOTICE NO.483                                                        His Honouj-M r.x
                                                                                                lustice Lucje-smith,o.B.E.,N,.
                                                                                   H .J.W ebster, Esq.,
    IZENYA AN D UG AND A RA ILW AYS AN D HAR BOURS                                 F. T.H olden,Esq-,
                      APPOINTMBNT                                                  Lt.-Col.C .V. M errit,
G G'
   URGB LBSLIE PATON,Assistant Traflic Superintendent,to be                        M 7.A .H .N oormohamed.
   Acting D istrict Traflic Superintendentt N akuru, with eFect                    Governm ent N otice N o. 961 of the 3ist of October, 1942, is
  from the 17th M ay, 1945, vice D ouglas Victor Bunting, pro-                 li:treby cancelled.
  ceeded on leave.                                                      .                                                       '
                              R .A .M ALYN , .                  ''               By Com mand cf His Bxcex.lency the G overno)ë.
                    Acting Secretary to the H igh flfzm l/lïl-sftplzé'r
                                          -         lbr Frfzuxptprf.                                                 E.R.E.SU RR ID .
                                                                               Nairobi,18th May,1945.                    Acting Ckiej 5rretary.
GaVERNMENT NOTICE NO.484                                 (Cer.4I2Ilj
      BIRTHDAY UF HlS M AJESTY THE KING                                        GovERxsiEx'r N oTlcE No.487
 IT IS notifed for general.information that His M ajesty the
 ng has approved the observance of his birthday in 1945 on                      VfCE-CONSUL OF THE UNITEU STATES OF AM IRICA
Tlm rsday the 14th of June.                                                      I-I- Is hereby notified for genera! information that fufl recog-
  It is His Majesty'
                   s wish that flags should be Cown as usual                   nition is accorded to M r.John C.Vorrath,)r.,as Vic,-consul
  tno dinners or othersuch celebrations should take place.                     of the United States ofAmerica atM ombasa.
  The customary levee will'not be hold at Government House                        Gokernment Notice No. 282 of the 23rd of M arch, 1945,is
b)?H is.Excellepcy the G overnor,norwillthere be any trooping                  hereby cancelled. .
o1'the colou'r or other m ilitary parade.                                                '
                                          E.R.E.SURRIDGE,                             '                                 K.G.LINDS/'   .Y,
Nairobi,23rd May,194.
                    5.                      Acting ChiejSecretary.             Nairobi,22nd M ay,1945.               jorAc/f?zg Chîejg
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