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24 July 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-07-24 number 31

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        Pubfished under the Aothority of His Excellency the Govemor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

VOL XLVIH-NO. 31                                                                                                    Price 5 0 Cents
                                                    NAIROBI, July 24, 1945
Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.                                                                       Published eve1 y Tuesday

                     OFFICIAL GAZETTE                                                      SUPPLEMENT No. 33
Govt. Notice No.-                -                           PAQB
                                                                                Proclamations, Rules and Regulations, 1945
                                                                      Govt. Notice No.-                                         PAGE
    631-Avvointments. etc. ..      . . . ..                    317        642-The Trading with the Enemy Ordinance, 1')39-
    632-~acanc~-~egiistrar General's Department          . . 317                  Specified Persons . .   . . . . . . . . 317
    633-The Courts Ordinance-Appointment        . . . 317
    634-Uasin Gishil District Council-Appointment
                                                         . . 317
                                                                          643-Central Commodity Distribution Board-Dcposit-
                                                                                  ing of Coupons in Advance      . . . . .. 317
    635-636-The    Justices of the Peace Ordinance-                       644-The Defence (Control of Distribution and Ration-
            Appointment, etc. ..   ..           . . . . 317                       ing of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 1944--Coupon
    637-The Income Tax Ordinance, 1 9 4 ~ ~ p p o i n t m e n t318
                                                               s                  Values       ..         .. . .             .. 317
    638-The Native Lands Trust Ordinance-Setting Apart                    645-The Defence (control' of Imported ~ecdndhand
            of Land     . . . . . . . . . . . . 318                               Wearing Apparel) Order, 1945 .    .        . . 318
    639-640-The Trading with the Enemy Ordinance-                         646-The    Defence (Control of Prices) Reg&ations,
            Orders      ..         . . .. . . .. 318                              1945-Deletion from Third Schedule . .      . . 318
    641-The    Defence (control of Prices) Regulations,                   647-The Defence (Tyres) (Amendment) Order, 1'145 . . 319
            1945-Appointments      . . . . . . . . 318                Proclamation No.-
Proclamation No. 32-The Diseases of Animals Ordinance 318                 33-The Native Foodstuffs Ordinance, 1944 . .       . . 320
General Notices Nos. 1143-1175     ..    . . . . . . 319                  34-The Townships Ordinance ..            ..        .
                                                                                                                         . . . 320

                                                                              NOTICENO. 633                     ( J . & L. 2 6 : 3 / 9 / 2 / I V )

                        APPOINTMENTS                                                   THE COURTS ORDINANCE
GEOFFREYROLLO DE VINE COLVILEto be District Officer,                    IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upan him by section 6
 Kakamega, North Kavirondo District, Nyanza Province, with            of the Courts Ordinance, 1931, His Excellency thv Governor
 effect from the 6th July, 1945.                                      has been pleased to appoint, with effect from the 11th July,
PERCIVAL  HALESTEPHENSON,     Chief Inspector of Police, seconded     1945-
  to the Department of the Controller of Prices and Military                           CARRUTHERS   MELVILL  JOHNSMN
 Contracts for special duty with effect from the 10th July, 1945.     to be a Magistrate of the First Ciass with powers to hold a
THOMASGARRETASKWITHto be Municipal African Atfairs                    Subordinate Court of the First Class in the Centla1 Province,
  Officer. Nairobi, with effect from the 9th of July, 1945.           whilst holding his present appointment as District Commissioner,
                                                                      Meru, Central Province.
                      PROMOTION                                         By Command of His Excellency the Governor.
DOUGLAS  WILLIAM  MILLER,Collector of Customs, to be Senior                                                E. R. E. SURKIDGE,
 Collector of Customs with effect from the 15th of July, 1945.        Nairobi, 20th July, 1945.                Acting Chir f Secretary.
KENNETHG O ~ O N     LINDSAY,o.B.E., Acting Deputy Chief
 Secretary, reverted to his substantive post of Provincial Com-
 missioner, Provincial Administration, with effect from the 19th
 July, 1945.                                                                       UASIN GISHU DISTRICT COUNCII
ALBERTDOUGLAS     CLAUDE   MONTAGUE   FAITHFULL   reverted to his                               APPG:NTMENT
 substantive rank of Inspector, Posts and Telegrzphs Depart-            IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon him by section 6
 ment, with effect from the 16th July, 1945.                          of the Local Government (District Councils) Ordii~ance, 1928,
                                   E. R. E. SURRIDGE,                 His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to nominate-
                                         Acting Chief Secretary.                              MR. R. W. BALL
                                                                      to be a member of h e Uasin Gishu District Coilncil as the
                                                                      representative of the Eldoret Municipal Board.
        NOTICENO. 632                                                   Government Notice No. 296 of the 24th Ma~i,h, 1945, is
                                                                      hereby cancelled.
                         DEPARTMENT                                     By Command of His Excellency the Governor.
   APPLICATIONS are invited for a post of Accountant in the                                               E. R. E. SURKIDGE,
Registrar General's Department, and should be sent to the             Nairobi, 21st July, 1945.               Acting Chief Secretary.
Secretary, European Civil Service Advisory Board, P.O. Box 621,
Nairobi, to reach him not later than the 22nd of August, 1945.
Applicants in -Government employment should apply in terms            GOVERNMENT
                                                                              NOTICENO. 635                             ( J . d L. 2411 11)
of ~ecretariatbrcularNo. 30 of 1944.
  The scale of salary of the post will 6e £500 by £20 to £600 on             THE JUSTICES OF THE PEACE ORDINltNCE
Kenya European Civil Service terms of service. Details of these                                  APPOINTMENT
terms of service, which include contribution to a Provident             IN EXERCISE of the poTxersconferred upon him by section 2
Fund, may be obtained from the Secretary, European Civil              of the Justices of the Peace Ordinance, His Excellent y the Gover-
Service Advisory Board, at the above address. In the event of         nor has been pleased to appoint-
an officer of the Civil Service who has already been accorded
pensionable status being appointed he -?fill retain his pensionable                 JOHNGERALDHEMUSHOPKINS,0.B.E
rights and other privileges on an appropriate salary scale.           to be a Justice of the Peace for the North Nyeri District of the
   ~ualificationsrequired of the candidate are a thorough know-       Central Province.
ledge of commercial and the Government accountancy systems.             By Command of His Excellency the Governor.
A general knowledge of bankruptcy and probate procedure would
be an advantage. Candidates must possess initiative, tact and                                               E. R. E. SURRIDGE,
a sense of responsibility.                                            Nairobi, 16th July, 1945.                Acting Cll'ef Secretary.
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