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14 August 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-08-14 number 34

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               PnbMhed under the Aoihority of His Excellency the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

        VOL XLVII-NO. 34                                                                                                Price 50 Cents
                                                        NAIROBI, August 14, 1945
        Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.                                                                     Published every Tuesday

                           OFFICIAL GAZETTE                                                    SUPPLEMENT No. 36
        Govt. Notice No.-                                       PAGE                 Proclamations, Rules and Regulations, I945
            679-Appointments, etc. . .       . . . . . . . . 357           Govt. Notice No.-                                        PAGE
            680-Appointment           . . . . . . .. . . 337                  687-The Pensions (Increase) (Calculation of inwme)
            681-682-Vacancies, Forest Department and Posts and                         Regulations, 1945 . .   ..    ..          . . 385
                   Telegraphs Department . .     . . . . . . 337               688-The    Pensions (Increase) (General) Reg~dations,
            683-Legislative Counail-Election     . . . . . . 338                       1945        ..    ..    . . ..            . . 387
            684--The Courts Ordinance-Appointment     ..     . . 338          6 8 S T h e Trading with the Enemy Ordinance-
            685-Nakuru Municipal Board-Appointment               .
                                                             . 338                     Specified Persons ..    ..    ..          .. 399
            686Asian Hospital Committee . .      ..   . . . . 338             690-The Departmental Offences Ordinance .          . . 400
        Proclamation No. 35-The Diseases of Animals Ordinance 338             691-The Roads Protection Ordinance--0rde1          . . 400
        General Notices Nos. 1231-1249       . . . . . . . . 338              692--Confirmation of Ordinances        ..          . . 400

                                APPOINTMENTS                               VACANCY FOR ACCOUNTANT, FOREST Dl PARTMENT
        EDWARDJAMESPETRIE,c.A., Senior Acwuntant, Accountant                  APPLICATIONS are invited for a post of Atwuntant and
          General's Department, seconded to the Secrdariat for special     Office Superintendent in the Forest Department, .ind should be
          duty with effect from the 1st August, 1945.                      m t to the Secretary, European Civil Service Advisory Board,
                                                                           P.O. Box 621, Nairobi, to reach him not later thln the 15th of
        JOHNHOWARDBLACKWOOD           MURPHY,District Officer, to be       September, 1945. Applicants in Government emp1,~ymentshould
          Assistant to the Provincial Commissioner, Nyanza Province,       apply in terms of Secretariat Circular No. 30 of 1944.
          with effect from 19th July, 1945.                                   The scale of salary of the post will be £500 b) £20 to £660
        MOHAMED     BIN KASSIMto be Acting Kathi of Mombasa with           on Kenya European Civil Service terms of serv1c.e. Details of
          effect from the 1st of August, 1945.                             these terms of senice, which include contribution to a provident
                                                                           fund, may be obtained from the Secretary, Europeal~Civil Service
        PATRICK    VALENTINE  MUNROQUIGGIN,M.A. (CANTAB.),     Grader      Advisory Board, at the above address. In the event of an officer
          and Insmtor, to be Acting Chief Grader and Inspector,            of the Civil Service who has already been accordrd pensionable
          Department of Agriculture, with effect from the 19th July,       status being appointed he will retain his pensional>le rights and
          1945.                                                            other privileges on an appropriate salary scale.
        DENISPLUM,M.R.C.S. (ENG.),L.R.C.P.(LOND.),D.T.M. (L'POOL),            The qualifications required far the post are a thorough know-
          to be Medical Officer of Health, Machakas District and Con-      ledge of the Government accounting system as applicable to
          tained townships, with effect from the 6th August, 1945.         self-accounting depaaents, a sound knowledge ol Government
        ROBERTCHARLESSPEIRS, O.B.E., M.D. (EDIN.), to be Medical           Regulations and Financial Orders.
          Oflicer of Health, North Nyeri and South Nyeri Districts and
          contained townships, with effect from the 10th August, 1945.     GOVERNMENT      NOTICENO. 682
                                                                            VACANCY-POSTS            AND TELEGRAPHS DF PARTMENT
                                REVERSION                                    APPLICATIONS are invited from officers in the service for
        DENIS PLUM,M.R.C.S. (ENG.), L.R.C.P. (LOND.),D.T.M. (L'POOL),      appointment to the post of Senior Postmaster (St& Officer) in
         reverted to his substantive post of Medical Officer with effect   the Posts and Telegraphs Department. The scale of salary
         from the 30th July, 1945.                                         attached to the post, which is a pensionable office, is £600 by
                                                                           £30 to £720.
                                               G. M. RENNIE,                 The duties of the post are those relative to an Establishment
                                                     Chief Secretary.      Officer and the qualifications which are required of a candidate
                                                                                (i) A thorough knowledge of the staff regulations of Kenya
                                                                                    as applied to European, Asian and African staff. The
                                                                                    successful candidate will be required to make himself
                                                                                    familiar with the service regulations as applied in Tanga-
i                             APPOINTMENT                                           nyika and Uganda. He will also be responsible for the
                                                                                    arrangement of passages for a large staff and must be
        GEORGE  JAMESROBBINS,   Barrister-at-Law, to be Acting Crown                familiar with procedure in this connexion and the rules
         Counsel for the purpose of conducting the undermentioned                   and regulations governing overseas leave and passages.
         cases :-                                                              (ii) His duties will also include the supervisjon and main-
              Supreme Court Civil Case No. 114 of 1945, Puran Chand                 tenance of staff records and the allocatiot~ of personal
           Many versus Walter William Ridout, John Wilson Stirling                  emoluments and other charges expenditure as applied in
           and Chunilal Kirparam, members of the Rent Control Board                 the Joint Posts and Telegraphs Department.
           of the Central Province.                                           (iii) A thorough knowledge of the Government accounting
              Supreme Court Civil Case No. 120 of 1945, Mrs. Pauline                system as applied in self-accounting departments.
           Schwentafsky versus Walter William Ridout, George James            (iv) Ability to organize and control staff.
           Robbins and Hubert William Borrow as constituting the              OScers wishing to be considered for the vacancy should sub-
           Board of the Control of Hotels Authority.                       mit their applications, which should be accompanied by the
                                                                           recommendations of the heads of their department\, to the Hon.
                                                  G. M. RENNIE,            Postmaster General, so as to reach him not later than the 31st
                                                        Chief Secretary.   August, 1945.
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