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21 August 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-08-21 number 35

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                         THE OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                         Published under the Authority of        s Excellency
                                                                 i                   the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of E m

                 Vol. XLVII-No.            35                                                                                          Price 50 Cents
                                                                  NAIROBI, August 21, 1945
                 Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.                                                                           Published i very Tuesday
    <   .                             OFFICIAL GAZETTE                                                        SUPPLEMENT NO. 37-(Contd.)
                 Govt. Notice No.-                                           PAGE          Govt. Notice No.-                                            PAGE
                     694-Appointments         ..    . . ..          ..    .. 341                698-The Customs Tariff Ordinance-Approv~ d Form
                     695-Languages    Board-Appointments            . . ..     341                        of Invoice . .    .. . . ..                .. 401
                     696European Civil Service Advisory             Board-
                                              .. . . ..             . . ..                      699-The        Native Settlement Areas (Olenguruone)
                     697-Obituary       .. .. .. ..                 ..
                                                                          .. 341                          (Amendment) Rules, 1945        ..         .  . 403
                 General Notices Nos. 1250-1265     ..   ..         ..    . . 341               700-The       Government Staff Provident Fund Regula-
                                                                                                          tions, 1945 . .   .. .. . .                . . 403
                                    SUPPLEMENT NO. 37                                           701-The Defence (Control of Distribution ant1 Ration-
                           Proclamations, Rules and Regulations. 1945                                     ing of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 1944 -Special
                 Proclamation No. 36*-The Public Holidays Ordinance . . 401
                                                                                                          Issue of Butter   ..    .. . .            .  . 404
                 Govt. Notice No.-                                                            * Prcclarnation No. 36 and Gcvercrncnt Notic: No. 693 were
                    693%-The Defence (Hours of Sale of Liquor) Regula-                     published in a Special Issue of the Offigial (iazette dated
                            tions, 1942-Authorization   . . . . .. 401                     ~ u g u s t15, 1945.

                 DR. WILLIAM   PULFREY,   M.SC.,PH.D., F.G.s., A.I.M.M.,to be Senior
                   Geologist with effect from the 1st February, 1945.                                               OBITUARY
                 JAMES    HAROLDHERBERTCHATAWAY,           M.R.C.S. (ENG.), L.R.C.P.         His Excellency the Governor deeply regrets to announce the
                   (LOND.),to be Acting Senior Medical Officer with effect from            death of Mr. Cuthbert Horner Walmsley, O.B.E., 11.c.. Assistant
                   the 30th July, ' 1945.                                                  Director of Public Works, on the 20th August, 1'945.
                 MISS HELENMARYCHESHIREto be a Nursing Sister with effect                    The late Mr. Walmsley joined the Kenya Servit e on the 15th
                   from the 13th June, 1945.                                               May, 1922, and after serving as Assistant Engineel and Executive
                 JAMES    CUTHBERT    RAMMELL,Senior Assistant Conservator of              Engineer he was appointed to the post of Assistant Director of
                   Forests, to be Acting Conservator of Forests with effect from           Public Works on the 1st January, 1940, in whi~h capacity he
                   the 1st of August, 1945.                                                served until his death.
                 HAROLDMENCEGARDNER,         O.B.E., Conservator of Forests, to be           By Mr. Walmsley's death Government has lost .I distinguished
                   seconded for special duty with effect from the 1st of August,           otgicer whose loyal service and abiiity will be 1o11gremembered
                   1945.                                                                   by all who served with or under him and by all tliose who came
                 DENIS    PLUM, M.R.C.S.(ENG.), L.R.C.P. (LOND.),D.T.M. (L'POOL),          in contact with him.
                   is appointed Medical Oficer of Health for Machakos District
                   and contained townships, which includes Wards 9 and 10 of
                   the Nairobi District Council, with effect from the 6th August,
                                                             G . M: RENNIE,
                                                                    Chief Secretary.
                                                     --      -                 --
                                                                                                             IVORY AUCTION SALE
                        NOTICE NO. 695                      (S.F. Lan. 3/1/1/1)              GOVERNR4ENT trophies c~m~prising  approxin~itely-
                          LANGUAGES BOARD-APPOINTMENTS                                        25,000 lb. ivory (of all kinds),
                   I T IS notified for general information that the Governor's                   375 ib. rhinoceros horns,
                 Deputy has been pleased t o reconstitute the Languages Board                  1,400 lb. hippopotamus teeth,
                 with the following membership :-                                          will be sold by public auction at the Custom liouse, Dar es
                   The Director of Education (Chairn~an),                                  Salaam, at 9 a.m. on Saturday the 15th Septembe~,1945.
                   Sir Howard Elphinstone,
                   Archdeacon L. J. Beecher,                                                 The conditions of sale will be those contained in Government
                   The Liwali for the Coast,                                               hTotice No. 94 appearing in the Kenya Colony Official Gazette
                   Mr. T. A. McKav.                                                        dated February 4, 1925, Vol. XXVII, No. 992.
                   Mr. T. C. colchesfer,
                   Mr. Ali Ahmed.                                                          H.M. Customs, Dar es Salaam,                W. JOHNSTON,
                                                                                             31st July, 1945.                      Coi??ptroll~r
                                                                                                                                               of Customs.
                   All previous notices regarding appointments to the Languages
                 Board are hereby cancelled.
                                                           G. M. RENNIE,                   GENERAL
                                                                                                 NOTICENO. 1251
                 Nairobi, 13th August, 1945.                     Chief Secretary.
                                                                                                         THE WATER ORDINANCE, 192'1
                 GOVERNMENT    NOTICENO. 696                   (SIE. 7/1/1127)                              Karniti River, Kiambu District
                                                                                             APPLICATION by Ivy Pepperill Hatton of Kamiti Bridge
                                         APPOINTMENT                                       Estate, Kiambu, for a Water Right from the Kamiti River on
                   IT IS notified for general information that the Governor's              L.R. No. 355414 for a net quantity of 1,000 gallons per day for
                 Deputy has been pleased to appoint-                                       domestic purposes.
                             THE ESTABLISHMEN? OFFICER,SECRETARIAT                           Plans may be seen at the Public Works Dejiartment Office,
                 to be a member of the European Civil Service Advisory Board,              Nairobi.
                 with effect from the 1st August, 1945, vice the Deputy Chief                Objections stating specific grounds therefor should be filed in
                 Secretary.                                                                duplicate with the Water Board, P.O. Box 662, Nairobi, within
                   Government Notice No. 531 of 30th June, 1944, is varied                 thirty days from the date of publication of thik notice, and a
                 accordindv.                                                               copy served on the undersigned.

                 Nairobi, 18th August, 1945.
                                                     E. R. E. SURRIDGE,
                                                           for Chief. Secretary.       I                                   IVY P. HATTOI.I, Applicant,
                                                                                                                                   P.O. Box 21, Nairobi.
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