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11 September 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-09-11 number 38

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            TH E O FFICIA L GA ZETTE
            0 F TH E CO LO N Y A N D PRO TECTO R A TE 0 F K EN YA
            Publisbed undertbe Anthoril of HisExeellency the G ovem or .1 œ e Colony and Proiectom te of Kem
                                                                                                                         -   -    -

    V @l. X LV II- N O. 38                         .X x jx o m         septem ber 11, 1945                                       PWCC 50 Cents
    Registered as a Newspaper at tht G .                           ,
                                          P.O .                                                                          Published every Tueséay

                                                                   CO N T EN T S
                         OFFIG AL GAZEW E                                                           SUPPLEM ENT N o. 41
    Govt.N oticè No.-
       7sl                .                                        PAGB                   w oaam ations, R ufes and R egulations, /p#5
          - -A ppointm ents, etc. ..    ...    ..    ..        361                                                                              pxos
        M z--
        753- v acancy-  A ccountant, Education D epartm enj .. 361
                                                            .                  Prodam ation No. 38- The Looal G overnm ent SM unici-  .
             The M ohammedan M arziage and Divorce Regis-                                   palities) Ordinance                       419
        7      tration Ordinance- A ppointm ent             ..      j61     G ovt. N otico N o.-
         54-7- 33e Courts Ordinance- A ppointm ents         ..      362          ggs- rfhe Defence (sale and Purchase of M otor
        758-60- -11e D efence (Control of Prices) Regula-                 .              vehiclçs) (Am endm ent) Regalations, 1945    421
                tions- A ppointm ents, etc.                         362                                                         m
        76l-x onsular Agent of France .. .. ..                      362          '
                                                                                 /VG --IYC CYXOIMS M anagement (Export Ivontrol)
        76z--r onsulG eneraland V ice-c onsulof Poland
                    -                                       ..      362                  (Am endm ent) O rder, 1945     ..     ..     422
        763- Tho D efence (Traders Licensing Comm l    'ttees)                   777-2471e D efonce (Control of Prices) Regulpttions-
                Ree lations- Appointment      .. ..                 362                     Delegation of Powers                 ..              422
        M 4--A ppom tm ent of Seed A dvisory Cem m ittce            362            778- The Interpretation and G en'eral Clauses Ordin-
        765-G -The M ining O rdimance- A ppointm ent, eto. ..       363                   anK and the C rim inal' Procedure C ode-r:
        767-8- -
               1-11e European Oflkers' Pensions Ordinance-                                D elegation of Powers ..        ..            .. 423
               Pensionable Ol ces       ..    ..     ..    ..       363            7gg- The Interpretation ând G eneral Clauses Ordin-
        769- Tho N on-European Oë cers' Pensions Ordin-                                      ce and the Personal Tax O rdinance- . Delega-
        77(/- ance- pensionable Oë ces       ...     ..    ..       364                   tjon of Powers           . .    . .   .       . . 423
                   e fAeedvlndustl'y (FinanoialAssistance) Ordin-                  780 The Defence (Conservation of Electrgcal Ilnergy)
                    -       anc
        771- n e Land A cquisite   A pproved      ..     ..       364                    R   eguladons--order                    ..           .. 424
                                   ion A ct- A ppointm ent     .. 364
        772-3- T11e Legislalive Council Ordinance- N otice of                      781- The D efence (Possession of Industrial llcohol)
                Poll and Appointm ent of Presiding Oë cers          364                     Rer lations, 1945 ..                 ..              425
        774- Law Bxam ination Results                               365            728- The D efence e ossessiop of Industrial A Icohol)
    General N otices N os. 1338-1377                                365                     Regulations- Applioatfon                             426

                  rlcB N o.751                                                 G ovBltx- xr N o'
                                                                                               n cE N o.752
                           APPOIr A ENTS                                            VA CAN CY FOR ACCOU NTAN T- ED UCA FION
    FYRDINAND W ILLIAM CAVENEHSH-BENTINCK, C.M .G.,tO'be M em ber                                     D EPARTM EN T
      for A griculture, A nim nl H usbandry and N atural R esources              A PPLIC A TIO N S are invited for a post of A ccoutïtant in the
      with ese-ct from the 1st of August, 1945.                                Educatiott Defartment and should be sent to thi: Secretal'y,
    FREDERICK Goqoox JENN:NGS to'be District Commissioner of                   European Civil Setarice A dvisoly Board,P.O .Box 6!1, N airobi,
      the tlasin Gjslm and Trans N zoia Districts, Rift Valley Pro-            to reaclthim notlaterthan the 30th Septembar,1945 Applicants
      vlnce, w itlt esed from the 27th August, 1945.                            n Governm ent em ploy should apply ln tenns oï' Secretariat
    JOHN D AXIBL STRINOER to be D istrict O flicer, K iam bu D ist.
                                                                  rict,        Circular N o. 30 of 1944.
      C entral Province, w ith eqect from the 27th A ugust, 1945.                The scale of salaz.y will be :500 by â20 to f660 on K enya
                  Y Gp.
                      AP ' to be Oflice'r in Charge, N erthern                 European Civil Service term s of service.D etails of thes'
                                                                                                                                        e term s
      Frontier D lstrict, wlth effect from the 25th A ugust, 1945.             of servjce,wbicll include contribution to a providùnt fund,m ay
    JAMBS A RTHUR Foo'   r, A ssistant Com m issioner of Prisons, to be        be obtained from the Secretary,European Civil Servitle A dvisory
      Acting Comm issioner of Prisons, with efect from the 16th                Board, at the above addresy. In tho event of an ollicer of the
      of June, 1945..                                                          Civil Service w ho has already been accorded penjiollable status
    JOHN AucHlsztt,o AxGus to l;e Acting Resident M agistrates                 boing appointed he will retain his pensionable rights and other
j     N airobi, as from the 28th day of A ugust, 1945.                         privileges on an appropriate scalo.
                                                          , to bç a              Qualificationsrequired ofthe candidate are a thorough know-
      M edicœl O ë cer w itlt elect from the 12th A pril, 1943.                ledge of com m ercial and the G overnm ent accountantry system s.
                                                                               Candidates m ust posse'ss initiative,tact and a sense of relponsi-
    EVANGBL H ow ARo M tmcorr, M .B., CH.B., to be M edical Oë cer             Ililit)?.
      of H ealth, N orth K avirondo and contained tow nships, with
      efk ct from the 13th August, 1945.
                            PRO M O TIO N                                      G ovEpx= N'
                                                                                         r N OTICE N o. 753
    M M AOLM D uxows G RAHAM to be A gricultural Education O flk er
      with esect from the 1st January, 1945. '                                    TH E M O H A M M ED A N M A R R IA G E A N D D B 'O R CE
                                                                                          R EG ISTR ATIO N O R D IN A N CE , 1906
                              R EVER SIO N                                                               A PPOINTM BNT
    10HN A RCHIBALD A xGus ceased to be an A cting R esident M agis-
      trate, K irs
                 um u, as from the 27th August, 1945.                            IN EXERCISE of thè powers conferred upon m e. I hereby
                                        E .R .E . SU R R ID G E,
                                              D eputy Chiej Secretary.                        Sj.
                                                                                                lm X.H M DITLt,A m x A t.l
                                                                               as a Rsgistrar of M ohammedan M arriages and Di&orces for
          CO N FER EN CE O F EA ST A FR IC A N G O V ER N O R S                Isiolo D lstrict with effect from .7th July, 1945,vice Sheikh Om ar
                              A PPOINTMENT:                                    b'
                                                                                ln lsm ail.
     foHx V INCENT Lsw ls to act as A ssistant Chief Secret.
                                                           az'y to'the            G overnmont N otice N o. 442 of 7th July, 1931, is hereby
       C onference of East A frican G overnors with elect from 29th            cancelled.           '
       August, 1945.
    ItICHARD Ax'rHoxv M ALVN to be Second AssistantChiof Secretary                                                 V . M . M CK BA G ,
       to t*e C onference of East A frioan G overnors and Secretxl'y                                                     R egistrar G elïeral,
       to the H igh Comm issioner for Transport,K enya-u ganda,with            M om basa,                            M oham medan M tlrriages
      edect from 14th April, 1945.                                               1st Septem ber? 1945.                                and Div/rczz.
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