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18 September 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-09-18 number 39

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          Puble ed under tbe A sthorlty of H is'Excellency the G ovea or # e e Colony and Protectom te of K enya
                                                                                                   .                               r

V ol. X LV H - N O. 39                           N A IR O BI                                                                 Price 50 C ents
                                                                   ,   Septem ber 18, 1945
Rcgistered as a N ewspaper at the G .P.O .                                                                                Published evel.
                                                                                                                                        y Tuesday

                                                                   CO N TEN T S
                     O FFICIA L G A ZEW E                                                         SU PPLEM EN T N o. 42
G ovt. N ot
          ice N o.-
    'F83- A ppointm ents, etc.                          PAOB                           Proclamations, R ules and Regulations, 1945
                                                         373                                      .                                       .
    784--Consul of France ..         ..   ..   ..        373                                          '                                 PAGE
    v8s- v acancy- spccial-grade clerk, Inland R evenue                      Proclam ation N o. 40- The N ative Foodstufs O rdinance .. 427
            D epartm ent       ..    ..   ..   ..    .. 373                  G ovt. N otice N o.-                                     .
    786- The D efence (Control of H otels) Regulations,                          799- The D efence (Finance) Regulations               1940-
             lg43--A ppointm ent       ..      ..     ..     -. 373                      Foreign C urrency ..        ..      ..    ..     .. 427
           - -1-11e Courts Ordinance, lg3l- Appoint-                             800- The Defencc (Com pulsory Treatm ent oI'Venereal
           m ents; etc. .. .. .. .. .. .. 374                                           D iïeases) Regulations, 1945  .. .. .. 428
    791- The A slan Oë éers' Fam ily Pensions Ordinance,                         801-803- The D efence (Controlled Produce) Regtzla-
           lgc - A ppointm ent of C om m ittee ..   .. 374                              tions, 1943--N otices re M tam a ..  ..    .. 430
    792-793- 7-1:e Trading with the Enem y O rdinance,                           804- The Land and W ater Preservation 0 1'6Iinance-
           193+-.O rder       ..    ..      .. ..   .. 374                              A berdare D istrict ..    ..     ..  ..    .. 431
    794- N yanza Liquor Licensing Court- A ppointment 374                        805- The M om basa M unicipality (Providelyt Fund)
    795- N akuru Liquor Licensing Court- A ppointment 374                               (Am ondment) By-laws, 1945 .. .. .. 431
    7g6- lnstructions relating to Appu ls to the Judicial                        80&-The D efence (ControlofD istribution and Ration-
           Com m ittee of the Privy Council     .. .. 375                               ing of Foodstufs) Regulations, 1944 -coupon
    797-798- 31 e N ative Lands Trust O rdinance- setting                                V alues          ..   ..    ..      ..    ..     .. 432
            Apart of Land ..         .. ..       ..    .. 375                    807- The D efence (Controlof D istribution alld Ration-
Proclam ation N o. 39- The Diseases of Anim als Ordinance 376                           ing of Foodstufls) (Am endm ent N o. 1) Regula-
G eneral N otices N os. 1378-1411                                   376                  tions, 1945                                           432

G OVBRNMBNT N OTICE N O. 783                                                 G OVERNM ENT N OTICE N O. 785

                        APPOIN TM FN TS                                          VACAN CY- SPECIAL.G M D E CLERK (I'EM A LE),
RONALD W ILLIAM SMITH to be Acting Senior A ccountant from                              IN LA N D R EV EN U E D EPA R TM EN T
  the 1stto the 29th A ugust,1945,and A cting AssistantAccount-
  ant G eneral, A ccountant G eneral's D epartm ent, with esect                A PPLICA T IO N S are invited for a post of Spetial-grade C lerk
  from the 30th A ugust, 1945.                                               (Female) in the Inland Revenue Deqartmentand should be sub-
GEORGB EDw lN Bowtls to be A cting Senior Accountant,                        mitted to the Secretag ,European ClvilService Advisory Board,
  A ccotm tant G eneral's D epartm ent, w ith ellkct from the 30th           P.O . Box '621,N airoin, to reaoh bim not later tbalt 31st O ctober.
  August, 1945.                                                              1945. A pplicants in G overnm ent em ploym ent sllould apply in
                                                                             term s of Secretariat C ircular N o. 30 of 1944.
PAIJL STANLEY O kBORNE to be D istrict Com m l  'ssioner, N yeri D is-
  trict, Central Province, w ith csect from 3rd Septem ber, 1945.               The scale of salary of the post w ill be f440 I)y f10 to f500
H ENRY H AM ILTON Low to be D istrict C om m issioner,N andi D is-           on K ertya European G ivil Service term s of service. m tails of
  trict, R ift V alley Province, with eFect from 3rd Septem ber,             these terms of service,which include contribution to a provident
   1945.                                                                     fund,may be obiained from the Secretary,Europe:tn CivllService
                                                                             A dvisory Board, at the above address. In the evellt of an oë cer
R OGBR TUK.   E LAM BBRT to be D istrict Com m issioner,Baringo D is-        of the C ivil Service w ho has already been accorded pensionable
   trict, R ift V alley Province, w ith elect from 3rd Septem ber,           status being appointed she'willretajn her pensionable rights and
   1945.                                                                     other privileges on a2 appropriate salary scale.
G EOFFREY C RAUFORD PococK, A.M .I.E.E., D ivisional E ngineer, to
   be A cting Engineer-in-c hief,Posts and Telegraphs D epartm ent,            Applicants should be capablo of taking charge of a Taxation
   with efect from the 8th Septem ber, 1945.                    '
                                                                             Sectlon of the lnland R evenue D epartm ent, k'ontrolling and
FRANK LEw ls STsvExs, A ssistant E ngineer, to be A cting                    organizing St with a m inimum of sum rvision.They will also be
   Divisional Engineer, Posts and Telegraphs D epartment, with               required tb conductinterviews and correspondenct'with m em bers
   esect from the 8th Septem ber, 1945. -                                    ef tlze public on taxation m atters.A knowledge ()f G okernm ent
                                                                             R egulations and card index filing system is also e'isential. '
C HARLES ERNEST D oxovAx, M .A., to be A cting D irector of
   Educàtion w ith etlkct from the 29th of A ugust, 1945.
BBRNARD ASTLEY ASTLEY,B.sc.(I-oNDoN), to be Acting Deputy
  Director of Education with elïect from the 29th of August,
                          REVERSION S                                        G OVERNMSNT
                                                                                   '     N o'
                                                                                            rlcs N o. 786                         bLlld.2611511)
JOHN O 'BRIBN K BLLY revertçd to M s substantive pest of D çputy
  R egistrar, Suprem : Court of K enya, as from the 3rd day of               THE DEFENCE (CONTROL OF HOT/LS) R1GULATIONS,
  Septem ber, 1945.                                   .                                                        1943
JAMES ARTHIJR Foo'  r reverted to his substantive rank of'
                                                         A ssistant                                       A PPOINTM ENT
  Com missioner of Prisqns with effecsfrom 4th Septtxm ber, 1945.
                                                                               IN kXERCISE oi''t
                                                                                               'hjl powers co
                                                                                                            'nferred upoll him by sub-
                                     E . R . E . SU R R ID G E ,             rçgulation (1) of Regulatlon 3 of the D efence (ColltrolofH otels)
                                            D eputy fl/z/e/ Secretary'.      Regulations, 1943, H is E xcellency the G ovem or lllts been pleased
                                                                             tp alm oint-
G OU RNM BNT N OTICE N O. 784                                                                          R .M AXN LL,EsoylyE
                   CO N SU L O F FR A N CE                                   to be a member of the Au
                                                                                                    'tbority which was'Jstablished under
  IT IS hereby notised for general inform ation that recognition             G overdm ent N otice N o. 61 of the 13th day of Jalm ary, 1943.
is actorded to M onsieur A m edé
                             - e Beaulieux as C onsul of France
at N airobi.
                                     E .R . B . SU RR ID G E,                                                        E .R . E .SU RR ID G E,
N airobî, 11th Septem ber, 1945.                for C/lfe/ Secretary.        N airobi, 12th Septem ber, 1945.                jor ('
                                                                                                                                  hiej Secretary.
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