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23 October 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-10-23 number 45

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                                                           SPECIAL ISSUE BL
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                                                                  THE OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                                                                  OF THE COLONY AND PROTECTORATEOF KENYA
                                                                  Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya
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                                                          ~ Vol XLVIL—No. 45;                               NAIROBI, October 23, 1945                              .        |     Price 50 (Cents
                                                           Re;ristered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.                                                                    a

                                                                                                                         pace |                                                                    PAGE
                                                           Govt. ‘Notices Nos. 896-902—Bills for introduction into the                  Bilis—(Contd.)
                                                                          Legislative Council—                                            A Bill to Amend the Pensions (Increase) Ordmance, 1915    436
ReesTg - eccraETneEOeR oe Settee STARRTIEN Cine

                                                             A. Bill for Compensating the Families of Persons Killed                      A Bill to Amend the Local Government (Municipaliti )
                                                           by Accidents       .                              te     ..    431.          Ordinance, 1928 ..     .                                    437
                                                             \ Bill to Amend the Criminal Procedure Code ..         ..    434             A Bill to Amend the Excise Duties Ordinance, 1935   ..    439
                                                             \ Bill to Amend the Courts Ordinance, 1931 ..          ..    435           . A Bill to Amend the Public Health Ordinance   ..    .. 440

                                                                                      -. GOVERNMENT Notice No. 896

                                                                                            His Excellency the Acting Governor in Council has approved of
                                                                                       the following Bill being introduced into the Legislative Council.

                                                                                                                                            kK. W. SIMMONDS,
                                                                                                                         Acting Clerk to-‘the Legislative Council.

                                                                                                   A. Bill for Compensating the Families of
                                                                                                          Persons Killed by Accidents     .
                                                                                            BE IT ENACTED bythe Governor of the Colony of Kenya,
                                                                                       with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council thereof, as
                                                                                      follows :—

                                                                                            1, This Ordinance may be cited as the Fatal Accidents Ordin- Short title.
                                                                                       ance, 1945,

                                                                                            2. (1) In this Ordinance, unless the context otherwise ‘requires— Interpretation.
                                                                                           “child” means a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, stepson
                                                                                     § and stepdaughter;
                                                                                            “parent” means a father,             mother, grandfather,        grandmother,
                                                                                       stepfather and stepmother.

                                                                                            (2) For the purposesof this section a person shall be deemed
                                                                                       to be the child or parent of the deceased person notwithstandingthat
                                                                                    if he was oniy related to him illegitimately or in consequence of
                                                                                       adoption; and accordingly in deducing any relationship which under-
                                                                                       the provisions of this section is included within the meaning of this
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                                                                                       expressions “child” and “parent”, any illegitimate person and any
                                                                                       adopted person shall be treated as being, or as having been, the
                                                                                    15 legitimate offspring of his mother and reputed father or, as the case
                                                                                       may be, of his adopters.
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                                                                                            (3) In this section the expression “adopted person” means a
                                                                                       person who has been adopted under the provisions of any lawfor.
                                                                                        the time being in force in the country in which such adoption took
                                                                                       place.                                                  7

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