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6 November 1945

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1945-11-06 number 47

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                              THE OFFICIAL GAZETTE
                             OF THE COLONY AND PROTECTORATE OF KENYA
                             Poblished under &e Aathoritg of His Excellency the Governor d the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya
                    T O ~XLVIP-NO.
                         .                        47                                                                                                Price 50 Cents
                                                                       NAIROBI, November 6, 6945
                    K:gistered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.                                                                                   Published every Tuesday
                     ----                    --                                                                                      --                       -
..   ,-                                      QFFlClAL GAZETI'E                                                         SUPPLEMENT No. 4 9
                    C I O V ~ .Notice NO.-                                           PAGE
                         913-Appoin tnients            .. .. .     .      ..    ..    451                 Proclamutions, Rt.tles and Regulations, 194.7
                         9'11-Appointment              . . . . . . .. . .             451
                         91S-916-Vecancies--Gcvernm~.nt         Coast Asency and                 Govt. Notice No.-                                        PAGE
                                    Custcms Depart;nent       .. . .      ..    ..    45 1          923-924-fie     Defence (Control of Distribution ind
                         91 7-l'ric      Control-A~pointrnent       ..    ..    ..    451                    Rationing of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 19tl4-
                         918-For introduction into the Le_llslative Council-A                                Coupon Values     ..     ..  . . . . . . 469
                                    Ei!l to Reg~~lzrize the Position Regarding the                  925-The     increased Production of Crops Ordina!ice,
                                    Niarria?~, Civorce and Law Relating to                                   1942--Guaranteed Prices for Grass Seeds . . 470
                                    Success~on, o'r Hindus    ..     .. . . ..        452           925--The Incressed Production of Crops Ordinance,
                          919--.Th:      Native Lands Trust OrdinancL-Setting                                1942-Order        . . . . . . . . . . 470
                                    Apart of Land      ..     ..     ..   . . ..      453           927-The Defence (Controlled Produce) Regulalio~ls-
                          920-The        Trading with the Enemy Ordinance-                                   Controlled Produce Prices     . . . . ... 471
                                    Nu:?gary and Siam         .. .. . . ..            454           928-The     Defencc (Control of Pr.ices) (Amend~~lent
                          921-The       Indian Luna:ic Asylums Act-Appointment        454                    No. 6) Regulations, 1945      . . . . . . 471
                          922-The Courts Ordinance, 1931-Appointment            ..    454            929-Thc    Defence (Control of Prices) Regulallons,
                    t;enel.al Notices Nos. 1660-1697          .. .. .. ..             454    1               1945-Delegation of Powers     . . . . . . 472

                                  No. 913                                                    I   GOVERNMENT
                                                                                                         NOTICENo. 916
                                            APPOINTMENTS                                              VACANCY FOR CHIEF PREVENTIVE OFFICER,
                    CAPT~.IN  FRANCIS  DANIELHISLOPto be: Actin? Provincial Com-                                    CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT
                      missioner, Ny2nza Prouinke, with effect from thz 15th of
     I   -            October, 1945.
                                                                                                   AT-PLICATIONS are inviied for a post of Chief Preventive
                                                                                                 Ofl:c?,. in the Customs Department and shoud be ient to the
                    LESLIE EDWARD WEIITEH~USE         to be District Commissioner,               Secrei.;ry, European Civil Service Advisory Board, P.O. Box 621,
                      North Kavirondo District, Nyanza Provinc-, with effect from                Nairobi, to reach him not later than 5th of Decen~ber, 1945.
                      the 15th October, 1945.                                                    Applicants in Government employment should apply In terms of
                    ALEXANDER     MAIRWILKIEto be District Officer, North Kavirondo              Secretariat Circular No. 30 of 1944.
                      Distr,ict, Nyanza Province, with effect from 18th October, 1945.              The salary scale attached to the post will be £540 by £20 to
                    EDWARD    JAMESPETRIE,Senior Accountant, ~ c c o u n t a n tGeneral's        £660 per annum on Kenya European Civil Servicr terms of
                      Department, to be Acting Deputy Financial Secretary. with                  qervicz. Details of these terms of service, which include contribu-
                      effect from the 1st of November, 1945.                                     tion to a provident fund, may be obtained from the Secretary,
                      .                                  E. R. E. SURRIDGE.
                                                              Acting Chief Secretoryy.
                                                                                                 European Civil Service Advisory Board, at the above address.
                                                                                                 In the event of an officer of the Civil Service who has already
                                                                                                 been accorded pensionable status being appointed hc will retain
                                                                                                 his pensionable rights 2nd other privileges on an lppropriate
                                                                                                 salery scale.
                                           APPOINTMENT                                           . Qualifications required of the candidate are :-
                      IN EXERCISE of the powers thereunto enabling me, I hereby                    (a) Capable of taking responsibility for the effici1,nt conduct
                    appoint-                                                                              of all Customs preventive measures.
                      MARIECHARLESEMMANUEL        CLEMENT   NAGEONDE LESTANG                       ( h ) To take charge of the Customs Preventive F ~ ~ r cofe five
                    to be an Acting Judge of His Majesty's Supreme Court of Kenya                         European officers and up t o 250 uniformed watchmen;
                    from and including the 25th dxy of October, 1945.                                     beirlg responsible for their training, dis(ipline and
                                                             G. M. RENNIE,                                efficiency.
                    Nairobi, 25th October, 1945.                 Acting Governor.                   (c) To investigate cases of sus.mcted contravenlion of the
                                                                                        -                 Customs Management Ordinance. To prepare cases for
                                                                                                          Court and prosecute such cases before a magistrate,
-~~-                 VACANCY-ASSISTANT            GOVERNMENT COAST AGENT
                       APPLICATIONS are 'invited for a post of Assistant Govern-                 GOVERNMENT
                                                                                                         NOTICENO. 917                                     1 Pr. C. 7. 11)
                     ment Coast Agent and should be sent t o the Secretary, Erzropean
                     Civil Service Adviso~yBoard, P.O. Box 621, Nairobi, to reach                             PRICE CONTROL-APPOINTMEN1
                     him not later than 4th December, 1945. Applicants in Govern-                   IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon hi111by Regula-
                     ment employment should apply in terms of Secretariat Circular               tion 3 of the Defence (Control of Prices) Regulatio-IS,1945, His
                     No. 30 of 1944.                                                             ExceTlency the Acting Governor has been pleased to amend
                        The scale of salary attached to the post will be £500 by £20             Government Notic- No. 893 of the 23rd October, li,43, by delet-
                     to £650 on Kenya European Civil Service terms of service.                   ing from the Schedule thereto the following narn', with effect
                     Details of these terms of service may be obtained from the                  from the date shown in the third column of (he Schedule
                     Secretary, European Civil Service Advisory Board at the above               hereto :-
                     address. In the event of an officer of the Civil Service who has
                     already been accorded pensionable status being appointed, he
                   . will retain his pensionable rights and other privileges on an
                                                                                                     B i ~ s tColumn    I Second Column 1
                                                                                                                        !                     I
                                                                                                                                                      Third Column
                     appro~riatesalary scale.
                        The qu~lifications required of candidates are: A practical
                     knowledge of transportation, sea, air, and rail, particularly in
                                                                                                 Mr. G. W. Davidson         Price Inspector
                                                                                                                                              I   Nairobi Ilunicipality
                                                                                                                                                    and DisLrict. 9-8-45.

                     branches connected with passages, clearing and forwarding and                 By Command of His Excellency the Acting Go\ rnor.
                     shipping; also of road transpo'ri. In addition a sound kncwledge
                     of accountancy, of-Government Regulations and office organiza-                                                   J. F. G. TROUCrHTON,
                     tion is essential.                                                          Nairobi, 29th October, 1945.             for Acting Cliief Secretory,
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