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29 January 1946

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1946-01-29 number 6

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          T H E O F F ICIA L
           Puflisbed underthe Authority ofHisExeellency theGovernoroftheColony and Protectorate ofKenya
.                                                                                             -        .       -                             .-   .w   --

    V o1.X LV III- N O. 6                             N A ju o sj gaym ary z9, 1946                                                   W ice 50 C ents
    Registcred as a. N cWspaper at the G .P.O.                        ,                                                           Ptlblished every Tuesday

                                                                 CO N T EN TS
                     OFFICIA L G A ZETTE                                                          SUPPLEM EN T N o.s- lcontd.j
G ovt N otice N o.-                                              PAGE           (.
                                                                                 ;Ovt. N otice N o.-                                                        PAGE
    6fp- A ppointm ents, etc. ..                                   39               82- The Defence Regplations, 1939--Cotton Piete
    t'7- A ppointm ents, K .U .R . & H .     ..                    39                         G oods'from lndla             .    ..     ..    ..        :.
    (,8- T he M ining O rdinance- prospecting Liccnc'
                                                    z              39 .             83- The Resident Labourers (N airobi D istrict Councll)
       fg- vacancy in Labour Department            '                  39'                  O rder, 1945         ..    ..     ..    ..     .. 15
       fl- N anyukl Township Com m ittee- wAsprointm ent              10            84-85- 111e Trading w ith tbe Emem y O rdinance, 1939-
         - The N ative Lands Trust O rdinancr- -setting A part                             Specified Persons ..       ..     ..         . ., 20 .
              of Lands            ..    ..            ..              10            86-The Defenco (Control of Storage) (Revocatioll)
      . 2-73- The Trading with the Enem y '      O rdinance-                                  R egulations, 1946 ..              ..    ..     ..              20
              O rders       ..    ..    ..                '           40            87= The Defence (Control of Edible 0il) Regulationhi,
      .4-  The   K enya N aval V ol
                                  unteer O rdinancc                   40                      1946     ..          ..     ..     ..    ..     ..              21
     /'s- swahili Exam inations                                       40            88- The Defence (Control of Distribution and Ratioll-
G entral N otices N os. 152-200                                       40                  ing of Foodsyuss) Regulations,'19       oupon
                                                                                           V alues       .           ..    ..                                 22
                      SU PPLEM EN T N o. 5                                          8g- -
                                                                                         he D efence R egulations, 1939- Order                                23
           Proclam ations, R ules and R egulations, 1946                            go--coniirmation of Ordinance .. .. ..             . 23
                                                                            '       91- The N airobi M unicipality (Conservancy Chargts)
G ovï. N otice N o.
                  .-                                                                          By-laws, 1946               ..     ..    .      ..            . 24
       '/6- The Defence (Control of Prices) Regulations,                            92- The Kisumu M unicipality (Township W aterworks
               1945- V ariation of Schedule      ..     ..      ..' 11                    Rules) (Am endm ent) By-laws, 1946           25'
        ?7-78- The D efence (Control of Distribution and
               R ationing of Feodstufl's) Regulations, 1944-                    With this issue:-
               Coupon V alues ..          ..                          11            Index to O ë cial G azette, 1945
       79= T he M eatless D ay'
                              s O rder, 1946                          12
       .o- R ationing of Electricity- Eldoret ..  ..    ..            12            Index tb O rdinances, 1945
       81- The Land C ontrol A ppeal T ribunal Rules, 1946            13            Index to Proclam ations, R ules and R egulations, 194F

G OVERNM BNT N olqcs N o. 66                                                    G OVERNM ENT N orlcs N o. 68
                                                                                                  THE M IN IN G ORD IN AN CE
                           A PPO IN TM EN T S                                      N OTICE is hereby given that an Exclusive Pros'
                                                                                                                                 pecting 1 icence
STUZ.RT Gll-t.s'
                r, olp. Atmlc (HoNS.), W YE, to bq Acting Senior                bas be-en renewed as follow s:-
   Ctlflbe,e O ë cer, D epartm ent of A gricurture, w ith effect from              Licensee.- M essïs. M acalder M ines, Ltd.           Q
   the 1st January, 1946.                                                         .d.rcJ.- 9.8 square m iles.                        .
G cm oox M ILLER SM ITH t0'be A cting A ssistant Superintendent                   Locality and num ber of ?fceacra- south K avirondo'
                                                                                                                                    , èlyanza
     ol Pqlice (Quarterm qster), with efïeot from the 1st January,                  Province, Licence N o. 83.
   16'46.                                                                         Term .- one year from the 16t11 D ecember, 1945.
R ol.
        o H UGH TrM MIS, A ssistant Superintendent of Prlsons,                    M ineralsv- precious m etals and non-precious m ineçals.
   G rade l1, to be A cting Superintendent of Prisons, M om basa,
   as from tbe 17th of January, 1946.                   '                       N airobi,                  .            G . J. R O BBIN S, Com m lssitlner,
                                                                                   16th Janual'
                                                                                              y, 1946.                          Lands, M ines and s'lfrvcyw.
                       PR O M O TION
W ItLIAM D OUGLAS H ARVBRSON, G overnm ent M ining Engineer,                    G OVBRNM ENT N OTICE N O. 69
     tc, be A ssistant Com m issioner (M ines), with effect from the
     1?.t January, 1946.                                                          VA C A N CY - A SSISTA N T REG IS'TR A R O F N A TIA/Y S,
                                                                                                  LABOU R DEPA RTM EN T
                                        E . R . E . SU R R ID G E ,               APPLICATION S are invited for the post of A ssistant
                                            Acting Chiej Secretary.             Regislrar of Nativees in the Labour Dcpartment and shr3ttld.be
                                                                                subnutted to the Secretary,.Eurqm an C ivil Service A dvisory
                                                                                Board,P.O .Box 621, N airobi, to rm ch hl   'm .not later than 26th
                                                                                February, 1946. Applicants irz G overnm ent enm loym ent should
                                                                                apply ilt term s of Secretariat Circular N o. 30 of 1944.
                rlcE N o. 67                                                      The salary scale attaohed to th: post is f440 by f20 to f480
                                                                                bj f20 to f660 on Kenya European CfvïlSerdce term s of ser-
                                                                                vlce. D etails of these term s of sefvice, w hich include contribu-
K ISN Y A A N D U G AN D A R A ILW AY S A N D H A R BOU R S                     tion to a provident fund, m ay be obtained from the Secretary,
                                                                                European Civil 'Service A dvisory Board, at the above address.
   L STVART A LFRBD N sw Hoolt returned from leave and                          In the event of an oflicer w ho has already been accorded
  assum ed the duties of D istrict Locom otive Superintendent at                pensionable status lyeing appointed to the post he w ill retain
  ATom basa with effect. from 7th January, 1946.                                his pensicm able rights and other privileges on an appl'

W Ii-LIAs.
         I EDM IJND A Tw ILL, A cting D istrict Locom otive Superin-            scale.
     tendent (M om basa) reverted to *fs substantive rank of A ssist-             The ilualificatiolis for the post are age between 24 nnd 28,
     pnt Locomotive Superintendent (N afrobi) 'with effect from                 i knoFledge of eand aptitude for clencal and reecortl work,
     the 7th January, 1946:                                                     ability to superviso subordinate stafr, tact and initiative. The
                                                                                succeisful candidate: who will be stationed in N airobi, w itl be
                                           J. V . LEW IS,                       required to m ake himself groticient in the subject ol linger
                     A çtinn Secretàry to the H igh Com m issioner              pnnts. Also to acquaint hlm Klf wit.h $h4 native registratlon

                                                       jor Transport.           system t
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