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25 June 1946

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1946-06-25 number 29

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                 T H E O F FICIA L
                 0 F TH E C01.0 N Y A N D PR O TECTO R A TE 0F K EN YA
                    Pnblished under the A ufherity of H is E xeellene the G overnor of the C olony and Proted orafe of K enra

        V @I. X LV III- N @' 29     .                            N A IRO B: June 25 1946                                     Price 50 (zents
    Rellistered as a N ewspaper at the G .P.O .                                                                          Publishcd @V*I'Y Tllo day

                                                                         CO N TEN TS
                                OFFICIA L G A ZEW E                                               O FFICIA L G A ZEW E G       ontd.
                                                                                G ovt. N otice N o.
                                                                                                  -                                           PAGE
      't. Notico No.-                                                    PAGB       590- The Defence (Ccmtrol of M arketing and Bxqo't
                                                                                           of H ard Colees) Regulations, 1942- Appom t-
              s7z- A ppointm ents, etc. ..     ..                        317               m ent ..      ..     ..     ..                      323
              s73- vacancy- M edical Deqartment ..           ..     .. 317          591--Centra1 Angling Advisory Board                        323
              574- The N ative R egistratlon O rdinance- A ppoint-              Proclam ation N o.-
                    m ent ..      ..    ..    ..     ..    ..    .. 317               23- The Diseases of Anim als O rdinance                  323
              575- For introduction into the Legislative Council:-                    24- The Suppression of Rabies Ordinanee                  324
                    A Bill to m ake Provision for the Proper                    G eneral N otices N os. 998-1017                               324
                       C ontrol of W ar R efugees and for their                                     '
                       N     sion in the Event of their R efusal or                                  SU PPyjyr. . w o. 31.
                         eglect to Leave the Colony after D ue
                       N otice    ..    ..    ..     ..    ..    .. 318                    Proclam adon', Rtlle.
                                                                                                               ç tmd Xdêl/lcffö/l'
                                                                                                                                 ç, 1946
              576- The D efence (Traders Licensing Com m ittees)                Govt.N otice N o.-
                    Regulations- Appointm ent    .. .. .. 320                      592-593- -11e D efence (Controlled Prodtlce) Regullt-
              577--Central lnsem ination Station- Appointm ent of                          tions- Additions to Schedule, etc.       ..      . 169
                      Board '      ..   ..                                320       594- The Price of N ative Produce (AmendmentN o. $)
                 - A rrivals and D epartures ..      ..     ..            321              O rder, 1946 ..      ..     ..     ..    ..          170
              s7g- M ombasa District Road Board- Appointment              321       595- The Defence (Controlled Produce) Regulations.-
              s8o- l-larbours A dvisol-y Board- A ppom tm ent       .. 321                 Prices        ..     ..     ..     ..    ..      . 170
              581- The Central Roads and Traë c Board- Appolnt-                     59G-The Defence (Control of D istributlon of Soa19
                      m ent        ..          ..      ..                321               Order, lg4zf- Am endm ent          ..    ..      . 170
              582- The Courts Ordinance- Appointm ent                  321          597- The D efence (C.ontrol of Prices) Regulationq,
              583- Bui1ding Control Appointm ent .. ..              .. 321                1945- Petro1eum Products (Order)    ..      . 171
              584-585- -
                       11e Legislative Council Ordinance- N yanza                   598-599- N airobi M unicipality By-laws- A mendm ellts 171
                    By-election ..     ..    ..    ..    ..    .. 322               600- The C attle Cleansing O rdinance--o rder        . 173
              586-589- 3-11e Compulsory National Service (Auxiliary                 601- The Defence (Control of M aize) (Amehdment)
                    Police Force) Regulations, lg4zl- Appointments,                       Re/ lations, 1946 .. ..                    175
                      etc.                                               323        6oz--conhrm ation of O rdinances                           176

    G oVERNMEXT N ol'lcvs N o. 572                                              G ovsltx= Nr N tnqcB N o. 573
                               APPOINTM ENTS                                    V A C AN CY G H IEF M A LE M EN TA L N U R SE , W OICA L
    G y-olm s JOHN G RANTHAM to be A ssistant A uditor with esect                                      D EPA R TM EN T
       1rom 21st M ay, 1946.                                                     APPLICATION S are invited for a post of.Chlef M ale M ental
    W ILFRF.D JAMES STILES, Postm aster, to be A cting Senior Post-             Nurse in the M edical D epartm ent and should be subm ltted te
       Iaaster, w ith eflkct from the 20th M arch, 1946, to 12th June,          the Secretaq ,'European Civil Service Advisory Boartt, P.O.
            )946.                                                               Box 621, N alrobia to reach him not later than 23rd July. 1946.
    A Nrllohlv CHARLES CHRISTOPHER SWANN to be District C0m -                   A pplicants in G overnm ent em ploym ent should apply in t'lrm s of
      lnisssaner, K ericho District, N yanza Province, with eflkct              Secretariat Circular N o. 30 of 1944.
      4rom tho 1st of June, 1946.                                               f54
                                                                                   0 byscfa20
                                                                                            letof salary attached to the post is $480 Y f20 to
    G rORGE C ARLOS M ALCOLM D ow sox to be D istrict C om m is-                               o :600 on the K enya European C ivil Servlce term s
      tioner, V oi D istrid , Coast Province, w ith elect from tbe              and conditions of selwice. D etails of these term s of service,
       10th of Jtm e, 1946.                                                     which include contribution to a Provident Fund, lllayg be
                                                                                obtained from the Secretary, European Civil Servico A dvlsory
         r PATRICK, M.A. (Glasyow), E.D., to be Director of                     Board, at the above address. In the event of an om cer of the
      lîducation, K enya C olony, wlth efect from the 4th of M ay,
       l946.                                                                    Civil Service who has already been accorded pensionable status
                                                                                beiny appoinfed lle w111retam his pensionablo rights and other
    AlBXANDBR KBITH CAMPLING to be Acting Senior Postm aster                    privlleges on an appropriate salary scale.
     'vith efect from 7th June, 1946.                                             The duties of the Chief M ale M ental N urse combine those
                  ri!x OTTAw AV, M .A. (Oxon.), to be Senior                    usually undertaken by a H ead M alo N urse and a Clerk and
            gâducation O ë cer, Central Province, with efect from the 19th      Stew ard. C andidates m ust have, in addition to the certitk ate
      fpril, 1946, vice H arold W illiam Stokes, M.A. (Cantab.).                of the R oyal-M edico Psychological A ssociation, either the Inter-
    M (ss Lols M .EDEN, B.A.(Lond.),to be A cting Princim l of the              mediate Certm cate of the Institute of H ospital Adml    'nistrators
            tenya H igll School for G irls, N airobi, w ith effect from the     (M ental Hospital Section) or administrative experience in a
            !5th of June, 1946.                                                 M ental H ospital.

                                   REVER SION S
    G lioRGs BRSOBRIC.
                     K R OBERTSON reverted to his substantive rank              G OVBRNM ENT N OTICE N o. 574
      af Postm aster witli'efect from the 7th June, 1946.
    W NLTER Josu l.l D IJRHAM W ADLBY, M.A. (Oxon.), reverted to his                   TH E N A TIV E R EG ISTR A TION O R D IN A N C I;
            çubstantivq rank of Deputy Director of Educatien, Kenya                                        A PPOINTMENT
      Colony, wlth effect from the 5th of June, 1946.
                                                                                  IN EXERCISE of the powersthereunto enabling m e, ihereby
    BsRNARD ASTLBY ASTLEY, B.sc., reverted to his substanve rank                alo oint-
      of Chief Inspector of Schools, E ducation D epartm ent, K enya             M R.N ORMAN ERN ST H ucKsB, Assistant Registrar of N adves,
      Colony,with effect from the 5th of June, 1946.
                                                                                to be a R egistration O ë cer witll esec't from 1st Jtm ef 1946.
                                                  K . G . LIN D SA Y ,                                               E.M .HYD B CLARKE,
                                                    Deputy (Mfe/ Sqçretary.     N airobi? 22nd Februaly, 1946.              Labour C@wp??'
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