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6 January 1948

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1948-01-06 number 1

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        Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya
                                 -- -                             -                                     ---

Vol. &No.          1                                                                                                 Price 5 0 Cents
                                                 NAIROBI, January 6, 1948
Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.                                                                           Published every Tuesday

                    OFFICIAL GAZETTE                                                         SUPPLEMENT No. 2
Govt. Notice NO.-                                             PAGE                 Proclamations, Rules and Regulations, 1948    PAGE
     3-Appointments, etc.        . . ..           ..  .  .       1
                                                                         Proclamation No. I*-The East Africa (High Commi\\ion)
     4-Appointments,   K.U.R. & H.      .. . . . .               1                  Order in Council, 1947 . .    .. . . .        .21
     5-New Year Honours . .      ..         ...   .
     6-Vice-Consul of the United States of America . .
                                                         ..      1
                                                                 1       Govt. Notice No.-
                                                                             12-The Increased Production of Crops Ordin lnce,
     7-Vacancies in Government Departments . .       ..          2                  1942--Order       .. .. . . . . . 22          .
     8-10-The Land Acquisition Act, 1894-Declaration,                        13-The    Defence (Sale and Purchase of Motor
            etc.      .. . . .         ... .. ..
                                                                 2                  Vehicles) Regulations, 1948 ..            . . 23
                      ..    ..
                                    .. .
                                   . .. . . .
    11-Obituary                                                  2
Genera] Notices Nos. 1-26 . .           ..        .. ..          2
                                                                             14-The Post Office (Charges) (~mendment"NO. 3)
                                                                                    Rules, 1947       .. . . .. . .              ..26
                                                                             15--Confirmation of Ordinance        . . .. . . 26
                                                                              16-The Diseases of Animals (Amendment, No. 4)
                    SUPPLEMENT No. 1
          Proclamations, Rules and Regulations, I948
                                                                                    Rules, 1947       .. .    .   .   .  . . . . 27
      (Published on 1st January, 1948, as an Extraordinary
                          Supplement)                                I     * Proclamation  No. 1 was published as a Special Supplement
                                                                         dated 1st January, 1948.

                       APPOINTMENTS                                                   NEW YEAR HONOURS LIST, 1948
VICTORGEORGE    MATHEWS   to be Imports Controller with effect             HIS MAJESTY the King has been graciously pleased to
  from 1st January, 1948.                                                approve the following appointments :-
FRED BISHOP,Senior Collector of Customs, to be Acting Deputy                  Knight Commander of .the Most Excellent Orde~of the
  Commissioner of Customs with effect from 25th December,                                  British Empire (Civil Division)
  1947.                                                                    Charles Ramsdale Lockhart, Economic Adviser lo the East
                                                                             African Governors' Conference (until recently when the
RICHARD  WALTERHOWARDBARNETT,Collector of Customs, to                        appointment was relinquished).
  be Acting Senior Collector of Customs with effect from 25th
  December, 1947.                                                                                  Knight Bachelor     .
                                                                           John Harry Barclay Nihill, Chief Justice, Kenya.
BERNARD  OSWALDMUSSONto be Senior Postmaster, Joint Posts
  and Telegraphs Department, with effect from 22nd September,             Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of Sairrt Michael
  1946.                                                                                           and Saint George
HARTLEY   LANSDALE   SUNSHINEto be Senior Postmaster, Joint                Stafford William Powell Foster Sutton, Member for Law and
  Posts and Telegraphs Department, with effect from 1st April,               Order and Attorney General, Kenya.
  1947.                                                                    Roger Edward Norton, Commissioner, East African Office,
CASPARHENRYUYS to be Senior Postmaster, Joint Posts and                      Oficer of the Most Excellent Order o f the British Empire
  Telegraphs Department, with effect from 1st June, 1947.                                          (Civil Division)
                       PROMOTION                                           Cyril William Archie Gooding Hamley, Port Manager, Kenya
                                                                             and Uganda Railways and Harbours.
BARCLAY  STEVENSON, Clerk, to be Trust Officer, Registrar                  James Parminter Hearle, Sisal Controller.
 General's Department, with effffect from 20th June, 1947.
                                                                            Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
                       REVERSION                                                                   (Civil Division)
                                                                           Cuthbert Geary MacArthur, Senior Assistant Game Warden,
HERBERT GRINNELL  TICKNERreverted to his substantive post of                 Keny.1 (retired).
 Postal Clerk and Telegraphist with effect from 1st December,              Hassan Esmail Nathoo, Member of the local Aga Khan
 1947.                                                                       Council.
                                            C. H. THORNLEY,                            British Empire Medal (Civil Division)
                                           Deputy Chief Secretary.         Shadrack Munyi wa Kamwithi, Senior Agricultural Instructor,
                                                                           Jeremiah Nyawira, Head Scout, Veterinary Department,
                                                                           Lincoln Zakariah, Hospital Assistant, Grade I, Medical
                                                                              Department, Kenya.
FREDERICK  TAYLOR  THOMPSON,   M.B.E., Goods Agent, to be Shore
  Assistant to Port Manager with effect from 25th December,
  1947.                                                                    VICE-CONSUL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
FRANK  ALANRAILTON,     B.SC. (WALES),A.M.INST.C.E., A.M.INST.T.,           IT IS hereby notified for general information that recognition
  District Engineer, to be Senior District Engineer with effect          is accorded to Mr. Edward W. Mulcahy as Vice-Consul of
  from 1st January, 1948.                                                the United Sates of America at iMombasa with jurisdiction
                                                                         including Kenya, Seychelles and Mauritius.
                                       P. C . DUFF,                      Nairobi,                                  C. H. THORNLEY,
              Secretary to the High Commissicmer for Transport.             1st January, 1948.                    Deputy Chief Secretary.
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