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3 February 1948

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1948-02-03 number 5

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                                                                                                      7 à.                                45


        T H E O FF ICIA L G A Z E T T E
        Published under tbe A uthority of H is Excellency the G overnor of tlxe C olony and Protectorate of K enya

V @L L- N t'-5                                      N A IR O BI F ebruary 3, 194:                                       Price 50 c ents
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                                                                  CO N T EN TS
                      OFFICIAL GAZEW E                                                     OFFICIAL GAZyW E - contd.
G ovt.N ouce N o.-                                    x'Ams                c ovt.x otice N o.
                                                                                                                                     n os
     gs- a ppointm ents, etc. ..    ..                   45                     llc v acaneies in G overnm ent D epartm ents
     pG-w ppointm ent, K .U .R . & H .                   45                eroclam auon N o. 3- n e Ixseases of A nim als o rdiaance   49
     g7- x yokal Location ..                             45                o eneralN otiees N os. 148-223                              49
     g8- oivorce Jurisdiction- A ppointm cnt             46
     gg-lts -i iquor Licerfsing courb- Appointm ents     46
    101-105- n e courts ordinanee- wppointm ents, etc. 46                                        SU IY I-EM ENT No. 6
    lo6- Keriche Township committee-Abpointment ..                   46               Proclalnations,Rules and Regulations,Jp<#
    log- obitual'y                                                   47    G ovt.N otice N o.-
    l08- n e oeiknce (Trade Disputes) (Tribunal) order,                        l13- The Defence (tcontrolof Prëces) Regulalions-
            lg4z- lu signation                                       47                Petroleum Products Order         ..    ..     ..        51
    109.-The Defence 'tcontrol of Hotels) Authority-                           114-115- n e Criminal Procedure Code-t-Exellmtion
           A ppointm ent           ..                                47               from Jury Service       ..                    ...        52
    1lp- soard of A griculture- A ppopntm ent                        47        116- The N ative THbunals O rdinance--o rder          ..        5:
    lll--central Angling Advisory Boardr- sub-com -                            117'-The Pyrethrum (Planting of Trees) Rules. 1948              53
           mjttees                                                   47        1lg- The Harbours (Amendment) Regulations, 1948                 54

                              N OTICE                                                               REVBRSION S
  TH E attention of all subscribers is invited tô the O ë cial             THOM AS Leslals PBE.   T reverte.
                                                                                                           d to zhis substantive post of
Gazette of the Bast Africa H igh Com m ission which wèll be                  A ssistant G overnm ent Printer, w ith effect from l8th January,
publishe.d m onthly in N airobi. 'rht annual subscription is fve              1948.
shillings,and intending subscribers should send their rem ittance.s        R OBERT W ILLIAM Eow Altos reverted to hïs substalltive post of
to the G ovsaxM ex'
                  r PRINTER,N AIROBI, who will dispatch copies               C om posing Forem an, Printing and Stationery D epartm ent,
directto subscribers.                                                        with ellkctfrom 18th Jantzary, 1948.
                                                                           JAM BS LEONARD M UIR reverted to his substantive post of
                                                                             Linotype O perator, Printing and Stationery D epartm ent, with
                                                                              esectfrom 18th January, 1948.
                                                                           FRANK W INGA'  I'
                                                                                           B C ARPEXTBR reverted to his substantive rank of
G OVBRNM BNT N OTICE N 0. 95                                                  D eputy Labour C om m issioner,Labour D epartm ent,with esect
                                                                             from 20th January, 1948.
                         A PPO IN T M EN TS
                                                                           A RTHUR H ARIW K NELLER reverted to his substantive rank of
H ENRY A x-rlfon -C AM ILLO H ow Alm to be D istrict C onm aissicm er,       Principal Labour O ë cer, Labour D epartm ent, with esect from
  M arsabit District, N orthern Province, wïth elect from 7th                20th January, 1948.
  January, 1948.
JAMES H ARDIE CANDLBR to be D istrict Oë cer, lsiolo D istl-ict,                                                       C.H .TH ORN LEY ,
  N orthern Province, with elect from 11th Januazy, 1948.                                                             D eputy C/lfe/ Secretary.
  to be M edicalOfficer ofH ea1th,Kajcade and Narok District,
  with elect from 7th Janual'
                            y, 1948.
JAMBS Rosu TsoN RtTssstz, B-sc. G GR1c.) (BDIx.), to be an                 G ovEltNM exr N oTlcE N o. 96
  A ssistant A gricultural O llicer, D epartm ent of A griculture, w ith
 efectfrom 24th January, 1948.                                              K EN YA AN D U GAN D A RAILW AY S AN D H ARBOU RS
GM HAM M ERRILL HART to be an A ssistant Agrkultural Oë cer
  (D .A .R .A .), Departm ent of A griculture, with efect from 17th        Pow sR M AuRlcB A xolm sox, B.A., A.M .INsT.c.l,., A ssistant
                                                                             Engineer, relinquished his duties as Section Engineer on
  January, 1948.                                                             C onstructio'
                                                                                         n at G ilgil! and to be A ctlng Senior D istrict
D xvlo JoHx C ow ARo to be A ssistant R eglstrar G eneral,                   Engineer, N airobi Enp neering D istrict, N airobi, with eflect
  Registrar G eneral's Departm ent,with elect from 3rd Janual'   y,          from 16th January, 1948, vice Frank Alan Railton, B.sc.
   1948.                                                                     (W ALESI,A.M .INST.C.E.,A.M.INST.T.
PHILIP D VNCAN A BRAM S to be D lstrict O ë cer, Balingo D istlict,
  ltift V alley Province, with efect from 231.d January, 1948.                                                     P. C . D U FF,
LIBUTENANT-COLONEL HERBERT W ILLIAM N EWELL to be                                        Sectetary to the H igh Com missioner /t'
                                                                                                                                ?r Transport.
  A ide-de-cam p to H is Excellency the G overnor, with effect,
  from 14th January, 1948, inclusive.
JAMES AtzHoxsl;s RlcE, B.A.,L.L.B. tsoLlcl'roRl to be Acting
  Comm issioner of Lands, M ines and Surveys,with eflect from
  28th January,1948.                                                       G OVERNMBNT N o'rlcE N o. 97
                                                                             IT IS notised for general inform ation that whereas Ezra
                        PR O M O TIO N S                                   Odondi w as appointed C hlef of the Location of K am agam bo-
LEONARD W ALKER,H ydrographic A ssistant,Public W orks D epart-            Sakwa, vide Governm ent N otice N o. 1010 of l#th October,
  m ent, to be Secretary, W ater Resources Board, with esect               1947, it has now been decided that tlle said location will hence-
  from 6th A ugust, 1947.                                                  forth be nam ed tçN yokal'' Location of South K avirondo.
SynxEv GRAHAM SHARP, Stores A ccountant, Public W orks
  D epartm ent, to be A cting D eputy Chief Storekeeper, Public            K lsum u,                                    K . L . H U N TER ,
  W orks D epartm ent, with esect from 22nd Decem ber, 1947.                 23rd Janual'y, 1948.           Provincial Com mîssioner, N yanza.
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