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27 April 1948

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1948-04-27 number 17

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          T H E O F F ICIA L G A Z E T T E
          0 F TH E CO LON Y A 5 D PR OT ECTO R A T E 0F K EN Y A
          Published under the A uthority of H ig Excellency the G overnor of the Colony and Protectom te of K enya

V ol. U - N @. 17                                    x A m n x y A prg r , ép4g                                          Prke 50 C'rnts
     tered asa N ewspaper at the G .P.O.                .
                                                                  -'œ'                                               Published every Ttkesday

                                                                  LO N T EN TS
                       0:-FICIAL GAZETI'E                                                    OFFICIAL GAZETW --C/PJJ.
G ovt.N otice N o.-                                              PAGB                                                      G ençralN otile N o
       69- A ppointm ents, etc.                                   291     M edical Practitioners R egistered                        . .      723,
         - Pohs
              ' h C onsul-G eneral                                291     Forest D epartm ent Licences          ..                      725,728
      Igo--czechoslovak Consul ..               ..    ..          29l     The Registration of D ocum ents Ordinance                          726
    'I71-372- 1,egis1atiye Council Elections- N otice of                  '
                                                                          rarr of H arbour Charges- A lterations                    ..       727
             Poll and A ppointm ents       ..                     292     '
                                                                          rhe w ater Ordinance                                          7.'4-738
     973- Rent Control  i Boa rd- A ppoi
                                       ntm ent        ..          292     E .A . Industrial M anagem ent. .Board. .A ccount
                                                                                                                           s                 739
     574-375- T1)e N atve Lands Trust O rdinanco- f-and                   '
                                                                          rhe Bankruptcy O rdinance . .                             . .
                set A part
       l'/G - u ove               ..     ..    ..                 294     Probate and A dm inistration                                  741- 746
                   rnm ent A sian Stafr- v acancy                 295     Transfer of Businesses, etc.                                  748-754
        787- E1doret M unicipal Board- N omination                295     change of N am e        . .                                        755
           - n e N at  ive Christian M arriage and D ivorce               Transport Licensing Board
                o rdinance                                                                                                          . .
       579- N airobi D is-- f ancellation of A ppointm ent
                          trict C ouncil- N om ination '
                                                                          R egistration of Titles O rdinance                              .  758
       S8o--o bituary      ..            ..    ..                 296
       18l- -
            fhe Courts Ordinance- Appointm ent.. ...              2%                            SUPPIX M FW T N*.21
       382- T11e N ative A uthority O rdinance- A ppoint-                            Proclam ations. R ules and R egulatîons, 1948
               m ent     ..    ..    ..     ..     ..  ..         296     o ovt. x otice x o--                                         exos
       383- n e M arriage O rdinance-r hurches Liccnsed           296         3g5- 'n e Townships Building Rules, 1933- A pp1ica-
P      384- v aoancies in G overnm ent D epartm ents              297                  tion       . .    . .   ..    ..     ..     . .  119
    roclamation No.-                                                          386- The Townsllips (Control of Natives) (Amend-
         18- The Suppression of Rabies Ordinanco                  296                m ent) Rules, 1948    ..    ..    ..     ..               119
         lg- The D iseases of A nimals Ordinance            ..    296         3gg- TI,e suppression of M osquitoes (Am endm ent)
oentval x otices
'                                                            297-310                   Rules, 1948       ..     ..     ..     ..     ..        120
                                                GeneralN oticeN o             388- -1*1:e D efence (Possession of lndustrial Alcohol)
P ublio W orks D epartm ent- efenders                    ..    715.                   R egujatjons, lggs- A ppljcatjon                         la()
Liquor Licensing C ourts                               716,722,733                                           -
A ir Transport Licences             . .            . .     717-719                             SU PPLEM EN T N m 22
M urpicilxal and D istrict Council Elections      720,721,729-732                                  Ordinances.1948

G o:ERNM ENT N OTICE N 0. 368                                                                  M PCYNIMENTS--W OIItd.)
                                                                          R . Bs'r'
                                                                                  rs to be Senior lnstrtlctor, Education D epartm enl, w ith
                         A PPO IN TM EN TS                                  effect from 13th A pzil, 1947.
Tlxouzts LBSLIE PEET, Asbistant Governm ent Printer, to act as            E. 1. R OBBRTS to be Senior Instructor, Education D epaltm ent,
  G avernm ent Prînter from 18th February, 1948, to 1st A pril,             with elect from 1st January, 194à.
   1948, inclusive.                                                       W .H .O GLFX BV to be Senior Instructor,Education Depaltm ent,
R OBERT W ILLIAM EDw ARDS, C om posing Forem an, Printing and               w ith dïect from 1st January, 1948.
   Slationery D epartm ent, to act as A ssistant G overnm ent Printer     H . T. M ILLAR to be Senior Instructor, Education D epaltm ent,
   fram 18th Febnzary, 1948, to 1st A pril, 1948, inclusive.        .        with effect from 1st January, 1948.
JxM rss LEONARD M UIR, Linotype O perator, Printing and                   G BORGE R XYM OND BRXM LEY Bitow N to be C om m issioner for
   Stationery D epartm ent, to act as C om posing Forem an from             E uropean Settlem ent with effect from 13th A pril, 1948.
   18th Februal' y, 1948, to 1st A pril, 1948, inclusive.
E DV/ARD H ENRY W INDLEY to be A cting Provincial C om m issioner,                                                     C . H . TH O RN I-EY N
   C Jntral Provincc, with efect from 15th A pril, 1948.                                                              Deputy Chie! & tretary.
   C om m issioner, N akuru-N aivasha and R avino D istricts, R ift
   V alley Province, with elect from 12th A pril, 1948.                   G OVERNMBNT N oTlcE N o. 369
JoH ç H BNRY FLYNN to be D istrict O ë cer, U asin G ishu and
    Tl'ans Nzoia Districts, Rift Valley Province, with effect from                       POLISH CON SU L-GEN ERA L
    3()th M arch, 1948.                                                     IT IS hereby notiiied for general inform atitm that M tmsieur
N Ol#MAN FREDBRICK STEW ART ANDREW S, O.B.E., M .A. (OXON),              Albert M orsk.
                                                                                      i has been agpointed as Polish Cpnsul-flenerai
  tcy be A cting Financial Secretary W LII elec't from 21st A pril,      in London with jurisdiction lncluding tlze British ColonialTerri-
   1t)48.                                                                 tories with the exception of Cyprus and Pz estine.
W ItFRED PADLEY. O.B.E., to be A cting D eputy Financial Secre-          N airobi,
  tary with elect from 21st A pril, 1948.                                                                         C . H . TH O R N LEY ,
                                                                           22nd A pril, 1948.                        D eputy Càfe/ Se(retary.
M wiuoRls M ARION BALCH, B.A. (LoND.), to l)e Acting Assistant
  Financial Secretary with esect from 21st A pril, 1948.
M ltis ISABBLLA M ILLBR K EIR to be a N ursing Sister, M edical          GOVERNMENT N OTICE N 0. 370                           (S.Ctzns,31353
  D epartm ent,w ith effect from 7th February, 1948.
   x LAWRENCE HARVEY W sssa R,S.A.(oxoN),District Oëcer,                                  CZECH OSLO VAK CON SU L
    A dm inistratiön, seconded as A dm inistrative Secrd ary, Public       G overm nent N otice N o. 151 of the 10th day of Fellruary,
    W orks Department,with eflkct from 24th M qrçll,1948.                 1943,empowerin! Dr.ErnstLowenstein to actas Cztchtpslovak
F. H ol-e to be Senior lnstructor, Education D epartm ent, With          C onsul at N airoblis hereby cancelled.
  eiTect from 4th M arch, 1947.
J. IWANI,ON to be Senior Instructor, Education D epartm ent, with        N airobi,                               C . H . TH O R N LEY
  etlkct from 2nd A pril, 1947.                               '             22nd April, 1948.                        D eputy Chiej Set'retary.
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