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4 May 1948

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1948-05-04 number 18

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              Pabllshed undertheAuthority ofHisW qellency theGovem orofthe Colony andProtqctorateofKenya
                                                                         7 = L7            .        ELU

    V ol. I.- N O.18                                        x Aw n m              u ow x 4ow                                                      Price 50 (rents
    Registered as a xewsm perattlw 0 .p.0.                  - - -- v - -' *'''A*-!' =' --'-F*'      .                                       eublisl- every auesday

                                                                        CO N T EN T S
                          O FFICIAL G AZEW E                                                                     OFFICIAL G AzMtkM --cantd.
G ozt.N otice N o.-                                                     PAGE                                                           G eneralN otice N o.
       38g- Appointments, etc.    ..                                     311           Transfer of Businesses,etc. .. ...      781,782,787-590,793
       3jo- Appointments- EA .R. & H .                                   311           Kenya Colony : Statement of As'jets and Liabilities .. 794
       3gl- v lce-consul of U .S.A . ..      ..     ..                   312           n e c om panles O rdinance                                            ',91, 803
       392- The Fish Protection Ordinance--order              ..    .    312           Labour R ecruiters' Perm its        ..          ..                         804
       393- N yanza D istrict C ouncil- N om ination          .'.        312                                              --- -v-
       394- -1*1)e m fence (Control of Copra and Coco-nut                                                    SUIT LEM EN T N o.,:3
                oil) Order- Apppintm ent .. ..                           312                        proaamatiotu, x jj/gs attd x egjju fs ay, gfa s
       396 400.     n Elizabeth's Celonial N ursing Service ..           312           G ovt.N otice N o.-                                PAGE
          -     .--13 e C ourts O rdinance- A ppointm ents ..            312
       401402- The N ative Authority O rdinanée- Appoint-
                                                                                           407= W M*aNat  ive Lands Trus
                                                                                                      kueni Area) Rules t (
                                                                                                                                    ng of
                                                                                                                                   ,   lg47-.f & rigendum ..      121
                m ents.    . .    . .    ..      ..   . .
       403 The K enya European C ivil Serviçe Contribu-       . .                 .
                                                                                           408- n Ve be
                                                                                                     . sjwe (saje apd -Purchase-of 'M otor
             t   ol'y Pensîons.ordinance, lg46- Appointm ent             3l3                                ehicles) (Am endment, N o. 1) Regulations,
                                                                                                          1948                 '              '
                                                                                                                     . .   ..   ..     . .   . .    ..            122
       4ozf-vBxecutive Counoil- Appointments          ..      ..         313               409- T11e Defence (sale ef Goods) (Amendment
     405--Coast Liquor Licenslng Court- A ppointment 313                                                  N                                                 ,
     406 -1-11e C ensus O rdinance- A ppointm erit ..
          -                                                313                             410-        o. 4) Order, 1948 .. ... .. ..                             122
                                                                                                    The N airobi M unicipality (Am endm ent) By-
G elteral N otices                                    ,313-324                                  .         laws, 1948       ..          ..    ..      ..    ..     123
                                            G eneralN oticeN o.                            411- The Currency Restrictions Exem ption (A mend-
M elicalPractitioners and DentistsOrdinance .. .. 762                                             ment,No. 3) Order, 1948 .. .. ..                                I24:
District Councils and M unicipalElections 763,770,771,773,783                              412- The Preservation of Objects of Archœological
n t' Land and A gricultural Bank O rdinances                            .764                              and Polœ ontologk al Interest O rdinapce-
R ailways and H arbours Tenders                                          765                              A m endm ent to Schedule    ..    ..    ..              124
Ivory Auction Sale ..                                         ..         767               413- The M inimum W age (M ombasa Island)Order,
Liquor Licensing Courts                                     768,769,802                                   1948       ..    ..          ..    ..      ..    ..     125
Tmvnship Private Streets                                      ..         772               414-The Examinations for Teachers' Certi/cates
 'ht W ater O rdinance, 1929                                             774                              R egulations, 1948           ..    ..      ..    ..     126
Tht'Bankruptcy Ordinance ..                     ..    ..    .. 775                         415- The D efence (Control 'of H ides, Skins and
Probate and Administration                    776-780,784-786,795-800                             Leather) Regulations, 1945- Prices of Hides                     128

                             C O R R IG BN D A                                                                  REV ER SIO N
  Schedule to Governm ent N otice N o. 371 dated 21st April,                           Svopœ v G RAHAM SHARe reverted to his substantive post oj Stores'
1948, appearing at page 292 of the O ë cial G azette dated 27th                          A ccountant, Public W orks D epartm ent, with esect froln 19th
A pl'
    il, 1948 : Substitute the w ords w:l-ondiani H otel, Londiani''                      A pril, 1948.                                                  '
for the words <ulRorest Oë ce,Londianil',which appear under the
heading çEpolling Statiim s'' in the Electoral A rea N o. 6, Rift                                                                            c.H .THO RN LEY ,
V alley.                         .             '                                                                                            D eputy f'Afe/ settretary.
                         . V o'
                              reRs R OLL
                      N o. L-rN airobi N orth
                           Expungem ents
w :0 w aterman,Albert Ernek!New stanley Hotel,Nairobi.
W 21 W aterm an, Florçnce A nnle, N ew Stanley H otel, N airobi.                       G OVERNM ENT N OTICE N o. 390

                                                                                               EAST AFRICAN R M LW AYS AN D IIARBOU Rh;
G o ZERNMBNI N oTlce N o. 389                                                          JOHN TAVLOR FISRGUSON, Revenue Accountant, to be Actipg
                                                                                         Expenditure A coountant, w ith elect from 19th A pril. 1948,
                           APPOINTM BN TS                                                vice H erbert W illiam C ox, Expenditure A ccountant, sezonded
At.tœR>ox PACL LE M ESURIBR, c.l.B., to be A cting A ssistant
.                                                                                        to special duty.                                '
  Secretary, Sm retariat, with esed from 19th A pril, 1M 8.
                                                                                       ADAM Yotms M CCONNEI-L, Accounting Oë cer (Port), to be
FRANK LI-Ew SI-LYN A lu Ms to be A ccountant and Statistical                             A cting R evenue A ccotm tant, w ith esect from 19th A pril,
  O ë cçrm C ustom s D epartm entz with esect from gth O ctober,                         1948, vîce John Taylor Ferguson, Revenue A ccounta- ,
  1947.                                                                                  appointed A cting Expenditure A ccountant.
RBI;INALD CECJL M ERVYN W ooo to be Chief Establishm ent                              'JOHN H URRELL C OLLIBR-W FIGHT. A ssistant Superintendent to be
  O ë ctxrySeca tariat, with effect from 1st Januaryy 1948.
                                                                                         Acting Assistant SuA rintendent of ihe Line,with effectfrem
              P M oolte H INGLEY. B.A. (oXoN.), io be                                    19th A pril, 1948.
     Establishm ent Ufliet'r, Secretariat, with efkct from               1!t
     Jlînuary, 1948;                                                                  G F-ORGE LBSI-IE PATON, A ssistaùt TraK c Superintendent, to be
A R1PIJR L IONEL BBRTIB PBRxINS to be Establishm tnt O K cer,                           Acting Assistant Superintendent,'with headquarters at N airobi,
   Secretariat,F ith efl'
                        eçt from 1st January, 1948.                                     w ith effect from 19th A pril, 1948.
JoseyH BR NARD Goufb to be Establishm ent Oë cer, Secretariat                         C K IL JoseeH R AILTON, A M .INST.C.E., A.M .INST. M uN. & (TY. E.,
  Mith G ictfrom 1stJanuary,1948.                          '                            to .bt A ssistant Engineer, with elect from 2nd Jantm ry , 1948.
AYIJB A Ll to be Bstablishment OK cer, Secretariat, with elect                        W ILLIkM BASIL CANNING, B-sc. (cAl4nlFO , A.M .1NsT.c.B., to be '
       om 1st January, 1948.                                                             AssitantEngineer,with dlkctfrom 17th February,1948
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