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29 June 1948

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1948-06-29 number 26

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            T H E OFFICIX L GA ZETTE
            éublished undertheAuthorlty ofH isExcellency the G overnoroftheColony and ProtectorateofK enya

 Vol. L.- NO. 26                                    xxm tjm zsse > . 1v4g
                                                                                                                                 Prke 50 Cents
RegisteredasaNewspaperaitheG .P.o.                                 '           '                                           Pablie ed every Tuestlay

                                                               CO N TE N TS
 p                 OFFICIAL G AZEW E                                                     OFFICIAL'GA ZETTE--CWrIJd.
Gpvt.N otice N o.-
                                                               PAqE                                           GeneralN otice No.
   Nl3- A ppeintm ents, etc.  ..   ..              ..           471    Registration of Titles Ordinance                     1187
      604- The Juveniles Ordinance- Appointments         ..     471    M oney-lenders C ourt ..                             1191
      605- 111e C ourts O rdinance- A ppolntm ent C ancelled    471    Bankruptcy O rdinance            ..            . .   1199
      K 6- Executive C ouncil- A ppointed M em bers       ..    472    Trade M arks ..        ..                      1202, 1203
      607- The M ining Regulations-r laim s Abandoned           472    Registration of Patents          ..            1204-1206
      608- Board of A griculturre- N otice ..      ..     ..    472
      609- The Ppblic H ea1th (D ivision of Lands) O rdi-                                    SUPPLEM EN T No. 31
            nance, 1928.- N otice .. ..    ..
                                           '      ..            472               Proclam ations, R ules arlff RegHlations, 1948
      610- Th# D etention Cam ps O rdinance--G aturi                   G ovt.N otice N o.-                                          PAOE
        .   C anap     ..     ..  .. ..    ..     ..            472        62+ -.
                                                                                ,141e Air N avigation (Am endm ent) D irectiolls,        .
      611-61G -The Com'ts D rdinance- Appointm ents,etc.        472               1948        ..      ..     ..    ..     ..     ..  191
    6l7- M om basa M unid pal Board- N om ination          473                 621- The D efence (Control of'Industries) Order,
    618-K onsu1 of U .S.A .                                473                       1948         ..     .   .. .     ..    ..   .   .       ..     ..    192
    619- Pig C ontrol                               ..     473             622- The Defence (Sa1e of /lectricalApparatus and
General N otice.s                             ..      473-480                        M aterials,No.2) Order,1942- Amendment ..                            192
                                           G eneralN otice N o.                623- 13e.D efenoe (Conttolled Ptpduce) Regulations
Probate and A dm inistration ..          1156-1159,1163-1172                   .    -v   yknAendbaent        ..       ..    ..               ..     ..    193
E.A . G rrency Board         ..   ..                      1160                 624-1*1:e Control of Prices (Second-hand Bags)
M unidpal Council of N airobi- Rates                      1173                      (Amendment) Order,1948      .. .. ..                                  193
rhe .W ater Ordinance                                     1174             625- * e Control of Second-hand Jute Bltgs
 ransfer of Businesses,                                                          Revocation Order         ...     ..     ..    ..                         193
    etc. ..      .. 1175!1178.1182,1184,1185,1192-1197,1201
                                    .                                      626 -.
                                                                                77)e D iam ond Industry P'  rotection O rdinance
rranse rt Licensing Ordmance. .. ..                1179,1188,1198                1934- D ate of Om ration         ..     ..    ..
                                                                                                                                 ,                        194
Munimpal and District Cimncil Notices ..           1180,1181,1189          627- * e Industrial Licensing O rdinance, 1948- D ate
M edical Practitioners and D entists Ordiùance                 1'186             of Operation                                                             194

                n cE N o. 603                                                                    PRoMtyrloxs--(ctm /d.l
                                                                       ERlc IRvlxs GLEOHILL,Education OK cer,to be Pritwipal, lndian
                      A PPO IN TM BN TS                                  M ale Teacher Training Centre, with effect from 1st January
M Rs. M ARY D YCB KENNY: M.P.s., to be a W elfake Ol cer,                1947.                 '                                    ,
  Education D epartm ent, m th elect from 6th N ovem ber, 1945,                                                C .H .TH ORN LEY ,
  and to be a . Sodal W elfare O K cer, Social W elfare                                                                     D eputy Chle!Secretary.
  Orgsnization,with esect from 1st January, 1947.
RONM .D W ILLIAM SM IT/, A.s.A.A.,A ssistant A ccountant G eneral,     GOU RNMe.
                                                                               NT No'
                                                                                    rlcE No.fm                                                    çllrîs.26143
  to be Ading Accountant G eneryl with elect from 25th                                    THE JU VEN'
                                                                                                    ILES ORDIN AN CE
  M ay, 1948.
XLEXANDER M ASTAIR LORIM ER CRAM to be a R esident                                                     A PPOINTM BNTS
  M agistrate,K enya,w ith G ect from 30th A pril, 1948.                 IN EXERCISE of tho powers conferled upon the G overnor
AJ-EM NDBR M ASTAIR LORIMER CRAM to be ResidentM ajistrateg            by sub-section (2) of section 20 of the Juveniles Ordinance,
                                                                       1934,H is Excellency thé G overnor has been please to appoint-u-
  N airobi,with esectfrom 25th M ay,1948.
                                                                          THE M uxlclp.u.A FRICAN M FAIRS AND W BLFARB O FFICER,
Pen us G Ekln ltous V lsAols,A ssistant Superintendent of Prisons,             M OM BASA,
  G rade I1, to be A cting Superintendent of Prisons, K isum u,           THE DEPUI'
                                                                                   Y W BLFARE OFFICER,M OMBASA,
  as from 11th June, 1948.
                                                                       to be authorized persons for the purposes of the aforesaid
CsnRlc LINDLBY TODD to be an Assistant Secretary, Secretariat,         section.
  with esectfrom 7th June,1948.
                                                                         By Com m and of H isExcellency the G overnor.
W ILLIAM H ENRY Gotm lE tp be a Resident M agistrate, Kenya,
  with electfrom 5th M ay,1948.                                        N airobi,                                    S.W .P.FOSW R SUT FON
                                                                         22nd June,      1948.                                              ,r.
                                                                                                                      M ember jorZcw ond Orde
W ILLIAM H ENRY G OIJDIE to be R esident M agistrate, N airobi,
  with e'
        l ect from 1st June, 1948.
W ILLU M '  F îtBoEm cK Fxw cv,'r'
                                 r to be an A ssistant Soil            GovEltNMsx'
                                                                                 r Noncs No.605                            (J.(1;L.26131912MV1.)
  Conxrvation Oëcer, Grade 11 W.A.R.A.), Department of
  Agriculture.with electfrom 1stJune,1948.
                                                                         THE INTERPRETATION AN D GBNBM L G A U SES
                                                                          ORD INAN CE AN D 'I'HE COURTS ORDINAN CE, 1931
JOux H ENRY BATBMAX, B.!.., to be an Education Om cer,                                     A PPOINTM BNT C ANCELLED
  Education D epartm ent, with eflkct from 5th M ay, 1948.               IN EX ER C ISE of the pow ers conferred upon hlm by section 9
   lw LAw ltBxcE HARVEV W EBSTBR, B.A. (oxox), District Om cer,        of the Interpretation and G eneral Clauses O rdinanco fchapter 1
  to be A cting A ssistant Secretal'y, Secretariat, with eflkct from   of the Revixd Edition) and allother powersthereunto enabling
   23rd June, 1948.                                                    him , H is Excellency the G overnor has been pleased to cancel
Eltlc ROBBRT NATHANIEL Coou , M edical Oë cer, to be                   the appointm ent of-
  Pathologist, M edical R esearch Laboratory, N airobis M edical                                   Joux H UN'R R
   D epartm ent,with esect from 1st June, 1948.                        as a M agistrate of the third class.
                                                                         G overnm ent N otice N o. 410 dated the 1st of M ay, 1946, is
                         PR O M O TIO N S                              hereby cancelled.
ARTHUR EltxEs'r TAVLOR to be Superintendent,'M aize Condi-               By Com m and of H is Excellency the G overnor.
  tioning Plant and Cool Store, D epartm ent of Agriculture,           N airobi,                                 S.W .P. FOSTER SlTTTON ,
  witb electfrom 1stFebrpary, 1948.                                      22nd June, 1948.                            M em ber jor Zce tlnd Order.
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