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20 July 1948

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1948-07-20 number 29

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            T H E O F FICIA L G A ZE T T E
            Published under fhe A uthority of H is Excellency the G overzlor of the Colony and Protectom fe of K enya
=                                                                                                                                         l

V ol. L.- N O. 29                                   x x m om           Jlgy za, (l:4g                                        Price 50 Cents
Registered-as a N ewspaper atthe G .P.O.                                                                              Rzblished every Tuesday

                                                               CO N TEN TS
                       O FFICIA L G A Z EW E                                                  O FF ICIAL G A ZEIV E- CWa/#.
G ovt.N otice N o.-                                            BAI;B                                                         GeneralN otice N o.
      67s- A ppointm ents, etc.     .. ..    ..       - 509                W akf C om m issioners ..                                  1312
      676- The Courts Ordinance- Appointm ent     .. 509                   Dissolution of Partne'rship ..    ..    ..      ..    ..   1314
      677-678- * e G am e Ordinance- Appointm ents 509,510                 The Fraudulent Transfer of Businesses Ordinance,
          -741e (
                M arriage O rdinance         ..         510                    1930         ..    ..   ..    ..    ..      ..    131$,1316
      680- 3410 Justices of the Peace O rdinance-                          Education D epartm ent- Tenders for School Stationery .. 1319
            Ampointm ent      ..    .. ..    ..   ..    510                M unicipal Board of M om basa- Rentals of Stalls- public
      681-682- 11 e N ative Lands Trust O rdinance-                         ' M arkets ..         ..   ..    ..    . .                1320
               Setting Agart of Land         ..     ..    ..     510       N airobi District Council- G raduated Rate          ..             1321
      683- 110 Prisons Ordinance- v isiting Justice-                       Th* Crown Lands Ordinance- Y ienation of Land                      1322
               Appointment                                ..     510
G ennlral N otlces                       G e..      510-516                                    SU PPLEM EN T N m 34
                                            neralN otice N o.
V acktncy- professor of Zoology, M akerere College,                                  Proclam atîûnS,Rlfle; and Xezlllafftm .
                                                                                                                           '.1948             PAG
     East Africa     ..   ..                            1283               G ovt.N otfce N o.-             '
Vacltncy in Tanganyika Territory .. ..                          1284           684-n e European Cotmcillors Election (Amend-
Vacltncy- l-l.M . Custom s, K enya and U ganda                  1285                ment) Rules,'1948          .. .. ..                       223
Vacltncies in G overnm ent D epartm ents                        1286           685--The Licensing of M akers of Cinem atograph
Vacancy--G overnm ent A sian Stal .. .. .. .. 1287                                   Pictures (A mendm ent) Rules, 1948 .. ..                 224
M m licipal Board of M om basa- A ssessm ent of Rates,                         686- The Defence (Control of D istribution and
     1948             '                                1288                          Rationing of Foodstuffs) Regulations- 'eAden
A frican Publications! Ltd. ..                                  1289                 Salt'' O rder    ..    .,   ..    ..    ..               '224
T he C om panies O rdlnance, 1933                         ..    1290           687- East A frk an R ailw ays pnd H arbours- Tht
Prolhate and Administration           ..     ..     ..    1291-1301                    Harbours (Amendment No. 2) Regtllations,
Public W orks D epartm ent- R oad C ontractors- Tenders         1302                   1948        ..     ..            ..     ..    ..       225
The W ater Ordinance, 1929                                1303,1304            688- n e Dom estic Em ploym ent (Certificate of
Tàe' Regim ental D ebts Act, 1893 ...        ..                1305                  Registration) Rules, 1948 ..      ..                     227
K imkm u W ater Supply- Tenders for Plant, etc. ..     ..       1306           689- The R oads Protection O rdirtance--o rder                 234
M ullicipal Council of N airobi- A rea East of Park-R oad                      6goh-r onfirm ation of O rdinances ..      ..         ..       234
           t-evy on Householders ..                             13û7           691- The W orkmen's Comlxnsation Ordinance-u
N aila
     obi Llquor Licensing C ourt ..                             1309                 O rder    ..   ..                                        235
Kitale M unicipality- valuation Roll         ..    ..     ..    1310           692- 1he Penal Code-e rder ..            ..     ..    ..       235
W e I-and and Agricultural Bank (Amendment)                        '           693- n e Defence (Controlof Prices) Repzlations:
      O rdinances, 1934 and lo 6- N otitk ation     ..    ..    1311                   E xclusion of ltem s from the R ogulations ..          236

G OA'BRNM BNT N on cB N ou 675                                                                          R BU R SION
                                                                           GEORGE Eowlx BowLes,Acting Xssistant Ace ulltant General,
                         A PPO IN TM EN TS                                   reverted to his substantive rank of Sem or A ocountant,
D olfwt.
       o W ILLIAM M FRED STONES to be D istrict OK cer, W ajir               Accountant G eneral's Departm ent, with elect from 1st July,
    District,N orthern Province,with elect from 17th June, 1948.             1948.
STeBHEN IFOLD ELLIS to be D istrict Com m lssionery Isiolo                                                             D
                                                                                                                       C.H.TIP RNLEY,
    District,N orthern Province, with effect from 22nd June, 1948.
JollN PINNBY to be D istrict OKcer, N airobi District, Central             GOVBRNMBNT NOTICB No.676                          (J.tt Zr121613.)
   P rovince, with esect from 28th June, 1948.                                              TH E CO U RT S O R D IN A N C E
M ItHAm , M ACKENZIE SM ITH to be D istrict O œ cer, M achakos                                      A PZY INTM BNT
    Distrid y'Central Province, with esect from 1st June, 1948.              IN EX ERCISE ofthe powers conferred upon him by section '6
JozlN W ILLIAM H ow Alto to be D istrict Com m issioner, M achakos         of the C ourts O rdinance, 1931; and a11 other powers thereunto
   D istrict,Central Province,with eFect from 23rd June, 1948.             enabling him , H is Excellency the G overnor has been ploased
                                                                           to appoint,with esectsfrom the 12th July, 194*-
Am HoNv D ouc As G ALTON-FENZI to be D istrict Oëcer, Teita                                      Jo> G t' vx R OBBRTS
   D istrict, Coast Province, with elect from 7th June, 1948.
                                                                           to be a M agistm te of the Tlaird Class whilst holdipg his present
H IJHERT PARK C INNAM OND to be A ccountant, A ccountant                   appointm ent as District Revenue Oëcer, N airobi, Central
   G eneral's Departm ent, with elect from 7th January, 1948.              Province, w ith pow ers to hold a Subordinate C ourt of the n ird
FRzxcls W ILLIAM GY DBODY to be District Com m issioner,                   Class within the limits of the Colony and Protectorato of Kenya
                                                                           in respect of m atters arising out of the N ative Poll Tax
   Turkana D istrict, N orthern Province, w ith elect froni 28th           O rdinance, 1942, and to exercise in respect of the said
   thme, 1948.                                                             O rdinance all the powers of a M agistrate of the Third Class,
GItBERT M CM ICKING RODDAN, B.sc. AGRIC. (GIAsGow), N.D.A.,                save pnly that he shall not have power to try ofences against
    A I.c.T.A., D eputy Ixrector of Apiculture, to be Acting               any oftheprovisionsofthe sald Ordinance.
    D irector of A griculture with elect from 7th July, 1948.                By Comm nnd of H is Excellency the G overnor.
W'tI.LIAM OwEN SIJNMAN, B.sc. Almic. (LoNDox), pte. Atmlc.                 N airobi,                      S.W .P.FOSTBR SUTTON ,
  (wu ), Assistant to the Diredor,m yarmlent of Agriculture,                 12th July, 1948.                   M em ber m r Law and Order.
    tt, be A cting D eputy D irector of A gnculture with etlkct from
    7tl1Jvly,1948.                                                         GovEltxMsx'r N oTIcB N o. 677
D tlxsl'
       x: CUTHBERT, Seltior Aœ ountant, Accelm tant G en- l's                               TH E GAM E ORDINAN CB
  m partm ent, m bg AcGng Assistant Accolm tant G mneral with                                      APPOINY NT
    eeect from 1sç July, 1948.                                               IN'EYFACISB ofthepowersthereunto enaàlingme,Ihereby
                                                                           appoint-                          .
                          PR O M O TION                                                    Joux H AM LYN H AYw ARD, ESQUIRE,
R tjerendze G overnm ent N otico N o. 628 of 6th July, 1948. The           to be an .l-lonorary G am e W arden.
    eiective date of prom oticn of Cuu l.ps H BNRY GORMLEV,                N airobi,                                A . T. A . RITCHIE,.
    o.B.B.pis 18th June,194*.       '                                         12th July, 1948.                              Game Wm den.
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