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24 August 1948

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1948-08-24 number 34

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        T H E O FF ICIA L G A ZE T T E
        Publbhed under the A uthority of H i:Excellezœy the G overnor of the Colony and Protectorate of K enya

V ol. L- N o. 34                                   x x m om             A ugust24,1948                                     PZO 50 Cents
Rçtgistered as a N ewspaper at the G .P.O .                                                                          Plzblished every Tuesday

                                                                 CO N TE N TS
                     OFFICIAL GAZEW E                                                   OPFICIAL G u vn tc-contd.
Govt.N otice N o.-                                     PàGB                                                       GeneralN otice No.
   8oç-A ppointments, etc.        ..   ..               677                 The Crown Lands Ordinanoe- n ika Township Plots- -
   805- The G am e O rdinance- A ppointm ent ..         677                     Public A uction                                        1551
   806-807- * e Courts O rdinance- A ppointm ents ..    678                 The Bankruptcy O rdinance- R eceiving O rder . .           1552
   8()g-8()9- Tlao Justices of the Peace O rdinanceu-                       yu
           A ppointm ents   ..    ..   ..    ..         678                    e O j-antj and Agricultural Bank (Am endment)
   glo A sian Civil Service A dvisory Board- A ppoint-
       -                                                                         , rdi
                                                                                 y.em nanc
                                                                                      por es
                                                                                         ary,A dv
                                                                                               1934 e and lg36- Extinguishm ent ()f
            nAent       ..     ..   ..         ..          678                                           . .         . .           . . 1553
     811- 812- n e Trading wit: the Enem y O rdinance-                      The Fraudulent T ransfer of Businesses O rdinance, 1930 1554
            O rders     ..    ..    ..                     678              '
                                                                            T'he N ational M utual Life A ssociation of A ustralasia,
     8l3- v acancies- -f'he K enya Police            ..    678                   Lim ited                                              1555
C eneral N otices                              ..      679-689              customs D em rtm ent of K enya and U g>nda- public
                                            G eneralN otke N o.                  A uctfon                            . .               1556
Pablic W orks D epartm ent- Tenders                       1498
N acancy in U ganda Protectorate ..                       1499
lransNzoia Liquor Licensing Court.                          .. 1500                               SU PPyos wjy;x .r x o. 41
1 he svater O rdlnance     ..     ..    ..     ..     1501-1505
rlhe T ransport Licensing O rdinance, 1937, and the                                   ProclGm tltions, R ules lNd R egttlations. 1948
    V ehicles Licensing Regulationss lg38- A pplications                    Proclam ation N o.-                                              PAGII
    and D ecisions     ..       ..            ..   ..       ..    1506           33- The      Interpretatiùn and    General Clauses
Frobate and .A dm inistration                  1507-1511,1523-1524                      o rdinance     .                                     313
Afount Kenqa Construction Company                                 1512           34 37- 1*11e Townships O rdinance
!irstate of Enc Percy Burm an, deceased                          1513
2këotice of Change of Surnam e                          .
                                                            .. 1514         G ovt. N otice N o.-
Ilissolution of Partnership ..                              1515-1516           gl4- rf'he Incom e Tax O rdinance- o rder                     314
('zoast Liquor Licensing court ..                                1517            jj-
v acancy- East Africa H igh Com m ission ..                       1518          8       axe   oae
                                                                                         Rationi   ey'
                                                                                                  of (
                                                                                                           uffslof Di
                                                                                                                    at  ibution alld
3-i1e Trade M arks Ordinance--r ancellation                       1519                  v ajues                              c ouptln
                                                                                                              . .                . .
tk'airobi Ilquor I-icensing c ourt ..                             1520
3-he Registration of D ocum ents Ordinance       ..               1521          816- '
                                                                                     1Ye D efence (Control of D istribution alld
  he M edicalPractitioners and D entists Ordinance          ..    1522                Rationing of Foodstuls) (Am endm ent N o.2)
-1-he Trade M arks O rdinance- A pplications       1525-1548,1550                        R eVulations, 1948                             ..    315 s
  l,e Transport Licensing Board- A pplications for                              817- The custom s M anagem ent (Exoort Contrlll)
    Licences                                                      1549                   (Amendment No. 2) Order, 19-
                                                                                                                    48                  W     316

                         CORRIG EN D A                                      M ERW YN D ALRYMPLE CARNELLEY, A ssistant Stlperintendent Of
  Referenct G overnm ent N otice N o. 789 dated 14th A ugtzst.                Prisons, G rade II, to be A cting Supedntendent of Prisons,
(948, appealing at page 669 of the Ogkial G azette dated 17th                 M om basa,with effect from 1st A ugust, 1948.
fugust,1948,in the list of appointm ents- //r M r.H .W .Pardoe              ERlc Hotm M ULLIGAN,Actiny Inspector ef Police,to be Acting
'ead M r. E. W .Pardoe and ytv The Hon. John Chem alan,                       Chief Inspector of Police wlth elect from 8th A ugust, 1948.
? .L.c.,read 'I'lw H on.John Chem allan, M..L.c.                            BASIL A RTHUR .PICKBRING, A ccountant, A ccountant G eneral's
                                                                              D epartmentyto be A cting Senior Accountant from 1st to 28th
  Reference GeneralNotice No.1494 appearinp atpage 674 of                     July, 1948.
the Oë cial G azette dated 17th A ugtzst. 1948, m the first para-
graph of the notice the L.R .N o.should read L.R .N o.4764/R                R ov M ILLBR, A ccountant, A ccountûnt G eneral's D epartm ent, to
                                                                              be A cting Senior A ccountant with efect from 29th July, 1948.
and notL.R .N o.4767/14 as stated.                                          C HARLBS A NTHONY SULLIVAN, A ssistant A ccountant, A ccountant
                                                                               G eneral's D epartm ent, to be A cting A ccountant with esect
                                                                               from 25th M ay, 1948.
GOVERNMENT N OTICE N o. 804                                                 A RTHUR CHRISTOPHBR C YRIL R OBERTS, A ssistant A ccountant,
                                                                              A ccountant G eneral's D epartm ent, to be A cting A ccountant
                     A PPO IN TM EN T S                                        from 1st July, 1948,to 28th July, 1948.
SAM IJBL H AROLD Scorr to be an A ssistant Soil Conservation                                           PR O M OTION
  Oëcer, Grade I (o.A.R.A.), Department of Agriculture, with                H ARVEY SPURGBON PURCHASB, PH.o., B.sc., F.R.c.v s., Senior
  elfectfrom 19th July, 1948.
                                                                              Veterinary Reseearclt Oflicer,to be Chief Veterirmry Research
JOHx Lxw ltsxcB H ARVBY W EBSTBR to be A cting C lerk to                      Oë cçr wlth electfrom lstJuly, 1948.
   LeWslative Council, Secretariat, with elect from 17th August,                                                       C . H . TH O R N LEY ,
   1948.                                                                                                               D eputy C'à/e/ secretary.
Fn xcls LBSLIE D IGBY W oonaolcoN B.sc.(HoNs.),A.M .1NsT.c.E.,              G OVERNM SNT N oTlcB N o. 805
   Construction Engineer,Public W orksDepartment(o.A.R.A.),to
   be Divisional En/neer;N o.4 Constructlon Division (Roads),                                THE GA M E ORD IN ANCE
  with eleotfrom 16th August,1948.                                                                  A PPOINTMENT
M lss BRIDGET M CD ONAGH to be a N ursing Sister, M edical                    IN EX ER C ISE of the powers thereunto enabling m e,I herçby
  D epartm ent,with efeetfrom 28th June,1948.                               O point-
LESLIB Lsw ls to be H ea1th Inspector, K isum u-Londiani                                   R ONALD Eltxss'r S'reec xs, EsQ.
  Adm fnistrative District, including contaïned townslaips and              to be an honorary G am e W arden.
  trading centres and K isum u M unicipality, with effect from              N airobi,                                   A .T .A .R ITCHIE,
  6th July,1948.         '                                                    20th Ausust, 1948',                              Ganîe W arden.
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