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15 December 1949

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1949-12-15 number 59

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SPECIAL ISSUE                                                                                                                               1015

                                                              F            Pe    WA

      Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

VOL. LI—No, 59                                   NAIROBI, December 15, 1949                                                  Price 50 Cents

Govi Notices Nos 1223-1226                                        PAGE          Billy for imtroduction into the Legislative Council—
    Bilis foi mtroduction mto the Legislative Council—                               Contd —
              An Ordmance       to Amend the Inctease
                                                                                        High   Commission     Securities     issued   for    PAGE
            of Rent (Restrictton) Ordinance, 1949                 101s                  the purposes of such Loan, and for other
              An O;idinance to Guaiantee a Loan of                                      matters relating    thereto    and    connected
            Twenty three Mullion Pounds Sterling to                                     therewith                                             1017
            be Raised by the High Commission for                                          An Ordinance to Amend the Eviction of
            Certain Purposes of the East African                                        Tenants (Contiol) Ordinance, 1949                     1020
            Railways   and    Harbours     Administration                                 enants                         ,
            to Facihtate the Investment of Trust and                                      An Ordinance to Amend the Industual
            Other Funds in the United Kingdom m                                         Licensing Oidinance, 1948                            1021

                             GOVERNMENT Notice No          1223

                                The Governor in Council has approved of the following Bull being
                            introduced into the Legislative Council
                                                                                ALEX M WILKIE,
                                                                    Acnng Clerk to the Legislative Council

                                           A BILL ENTITLED
                               AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE INCREASE OF
                                  RENT (RESTRICTION) ORDINANCE, 1949
                                 ENACTEDby the Governor of the Colony of Kenya,
                            with the advice and consent of the Legtslattve Council thereof,
                            as follows —
                                 1.      This Ordinance may be cited as the Increase of Rent Short utle
                             (Restriction) (Amendment, No 2) Ordinance, 1949, and shall
                            be read and construed as one with the Increase of Rent
                            (Restriction) Ordinance, 1949 (hereinafter referred to as the No 22 of 1949
                        6 principal Ordimance)
                                Z. Sub-section (2) of section 1 of the principal Ordin- Amendmentof
                            ance 1s amended in the following respects—                                   f
                                 (a) by substituting for paragraph (a) the following para- O'4mance
                       10                 (a) premises of which the standard rent 1s 1n excess
                                               of ten thousand shillings per annum and
                                                (1) were not rented at the commencementof this
                                                         Ordinance and have not been rented be-
                       15                                tween that date and the commencement of
                                                         the Increase of Rent (Restriction) (Amend-
                                                         ment, No 2) Ordinance, 1949, or
                                               (11) the landlord has lawfully recovered posses-
                                                     sion of after the commencement of this
                       20                            Ordinance,
                                   (b) by deleting paragraph (d) and by re-lettering para-
                                          graph (e) as paragraph (d)
                                 3.      Sub-section (1) of section 5 of the principal Ordin- Amendmentof
                            ance is amended by deleting from paragraph (d) thereof the %ten>     ®) @
                                                                                       of the principal
                                    3                ”
                            word        “furnished                                                                    Ordinance
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