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26 September 1950

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1950-09-26 number 45

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                                                                    AL GAZETTE
     Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor cf the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

Vol. LHI-—No. 45                              NAIROBI, September 26 1950                                         Price 50 Cents


Govt Noices Nos    1054 1059-—-Bills for introduction into                Bills for int)oductron imto the Li gslative Councl-—
            the Legislative Council—                                            Sontd —
           1040"    Sh pping   (Amendment)     Ordinance,                             Che Sisa] Industry (Amendment) Ordin-
                                                              773                  ance, 1950
             The Entertainments Tax Oidinance, 1950           775                    The Land Control (Araendment) Ordimn-
             The Municipaliues (Amendment) Ordin-                                   mee, 1950
           ance 1950                                          780                    The Traffic (Amendm: nt} Ordinance 1950

                           GOVERNMENT NOTICE No       1054

                               The Governor in Council has approv.d of the following Bull
                           being yatroduced into the Legislative Council
                                                                       T V N FORTESCUE,
                                                                Acting Clerk to the Legislative Council

                                                     A BILL ENTITLED
                               AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE SHIPPING
                                 ‘NACTED by the Governor of the Colony of Kenya,
                           with the advice and consent of the Leg slatrve Council thereof,
                           as follows —
                               1, This Ordinance maybe cited zs the Shipping (Amend-                       Short title

                           ment} Ordmance, 1950 and shall be read and construed as
                           one with the Shippmg Ordinance,here nafter referred to as the                   Cap 221

                           principal Ordinance
                       5        2 The principal Ordinance 1s «mended by substituting                       Substitution of
                                                                                                           words “Ministry
                           for the reference to the Board of Traie wherever it occurs m                    of Transport’
                           the Ordinance a reference to the Minis ry of Transport                          for ‘ Board of
                                                                                                           Trade” through-
                                                                                                           out the principal
                              3. Section 100 of the principal Ordinance 1s amended by                      Amendment
                                                                                                           of section 100
                         substituting for the words “shall provide, should such agree-                     of the principal
                      JO ment terminate out of the Colony for any cause whatsoever                         Ordinance

                         otherwise than with the consent of or through the desertion
                           of such seaman,” the words “shall be signed im the presence of
                           the Shipping Master or any person deputed by him im writing
                         m that behalf and shall provide, should such agreement
                      15 termimate out of the Colony either by effluxion of time or by
                           act of the parties,”
                               4. The sections specified in the first column of the                        Amendments to
                           Schedule to this Ordimance are amended 1n the manner speci-                     Ordinance
                           fied in the second column of such Schedule

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