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10 January 1951

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1951-01-10 number 3

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SPE CIAL ISSUE                                                                                                33

     Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governo of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya
                                                                                                      —       ———o

                                       NAIROBI, January 10, 1941                                  Price 50 Cents

GOVERNMENT Notice No 46                                                                              (SD Fnee 36/9)
   24 PER CENT EAST AFRICAN WAR BONDS,                      GOVERNMENT Notices No 47
            NOTICE TO BONDHOLDERS                                   THE INCOME TAX ORDINANCE
                                                                             (Cap 254)
  NOTICE 1s hereby given, in accordance with section
2 (1) of the War Loan Regulations, 1942, that Series A                              EXEMPTION
and B of the 1949/51 issue of 24 per cent East African        IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by sub
War Bonds will be redeemed at par mn Nairobi on the         secticn (2) of section 10 of the Income Tax Ordinance,
Ist day of April, 1951, unless, in the case of bond-        the Gsovernor mn Council has been pleased to exempt
holders resident in Kenya, applications for conversion      perscns not resident in the British East African Terri-
mto 33 per cent Kenya Government Inscribed ‘Stock,          torre: of Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda and Zanzibar
1973/78, shall have been accepted                           from the provisions of section 7 of the said Ordimance
  Individual notices are being dispatched through the       in respect of the income derived by them from the
post to all bondholders                                     inter: st payable on the Kenya Government 34 per cent
  Any bondholder who has recently changed his or her        Inscribed Stock, 1973/78
address, and has not advised me of the change, 1s
tequested to do so rmmediately                                By Command of the Governor m Council
  All correspondence should be addressed to the Acting
Accountant General (War Bonds Section), The Treasury,       Narr9ba,                      T V N FORTESCUB,
PO Box 591, Nairobi                                            10 h January, 1951       Clerk to Executive Council
                                  R W SMITH,
Nairobi,                  Acting Accountant General,
  10th January, 1951                           Kenya

     GOVERNMENT Notice No 48

     Consent of His Majesty's Treasury has been obtained to this issue in compliance with the
          Order made under Section 1 of the Borrowing (Control and Guarantees) Act, 1946
     The Kenya Cash Apphcation List will open at th: Treasury, Nairobi, at 10 a.m. on the
             12th of January, 1951, and close on or before the 16th of January, 1951, but allot.
            ment will not be made until after the closrig of the Conversion List.
     The Conversion List will open at 10 a.m. on the i2th of January, 1951, and close on or
                before the 19th of January, 1951. Applications for conversion will not be accepted
                unless accompanied by the relative War Bond Certificates.
           [The hst of Cash Applications in London will open at 0 ami on the 12th of fanuary, 1951, and
                                    close at or before 3 pm on the same day ]

                      KENYA GOVERNMENT
                  34 PER CENT. INSCRIBED STOCK, 1973/1978
                                   ISSUE OF £6,070,000
     of which £570,000 has already been placed in tie terms of the Prospectus, £2,250,000
     zs reserved for subscription by, and will be allot’ed to, applicants resident im Kenya in
     exchange for cash or in conversion of 24% East African War Bonds, 1949/51, and the
                      remaining £3,250,0001s offered for subscription in London

     Authorized by the General Loan and Stock Ordinar ce, No 14 of 1950, and the Development
                                 Loan Ordinance, No 17 of 1950
                                 Interest payable 1st Apnl and Ist October
                       A full six months’ interest will be pa d on the Ist October, 1951
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