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3 July 1951

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1951-07-03 number 32

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    Pubhshed under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

Vol. LIMI—No. 32                                 NAIROBI, July 3, 1951                                                  Price 50 Cents
                      'GoveERNMENT Notice No 731
                           The Governor mn Council has approved of the following Bill
                      being introduced into the Legislative Council
                                                                               T V N FORTESCUE,
                                                                        Acting Clerk to the Legi:lative Council
                                                  A BILL ENTITLED
                            AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE STAMP
                            ENACTED by the Governor of the Colony of Kenya,
                      with the advice and consent of the Legislative C ouncil there-
                      of, as follows —
                            1.   This Ordinance ay be cited as the Stamp (Amend- short ttle
                      ment) Ordinance, 1951, and shall be read and construed as
                       one with the Stamp Ordinance, hereinafter referred to as the cap 259
                      principal Ordinance                                                                           a

                  5         2.   Section 4 of the principal Ordinance is amended by Amendment of
                      numbering the section as sub-section (1) thereof and by adding the pnncipal
                      the following new sub-section—                                                              Ordinance
                                 (2) For the purposes of the first proviso to sub-
                            section (1) of this section the expression “‘Government”
                 10         shall be deemed to include His Mayjesty’s Forces stationed
                           in the Colony and any service of the Higt Commission
                           which 1s not a self-contained service withir the meaning
                           of section | of the East Africa (High Comnussion) Order
                           in Council, 1947
                 15        3. The principal Ordinance 1s amended by imserting Insertion of
                      immediately after section 30 thereof the following new 35.o0g300
                      sections——                                                                                  in the principal
                                 30a.    (1) If m connexion with a scireme for the peconstraction
                           reconstruction of any company or companies or the or amalgamation
                 20        amalgamation of any companies it 1s shown to the satis- ° ™Pames
                           faction of the Commissioners that there exist the follow-
                           ing conditions, that 1s to say-—
                                (a) that a company with a limited ha ility 18 to be
                                        registered, or that since the date of the com-
                 25                     mencement of the Stamp (Ameniment) Ordin-
                                        ance, 1951, a company has beer incorporated
                                        by Letters Patent, Act of Parbament, or an
                                        Ordinance of the Colony, or the nominal share
                                        capital of a company has been micreased,
                 30              (b) that the company (in this section referred to as
                                       “the transferee company”) 1s to te registered or
                                        has been incorporated or has increased its
                                        capital with a view to the acqui.ition either of
                                       the undertaking of or of not less than ninety
                 35                    per centum of the issued share -aputal of, any
                                       particular existing company,
                                 (c) that the consideration for the acquisition (except
                                       such part thereof as consists in the transfer to
                                       or discharge by ihe transferes company of
                 40                     liabilities of the exusting company) consists as
                                        to not less than ninety per centun thereof—
                                        G) where an undertaking is to be acquired in
                                                 the issue of shares in the transleree com-
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