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31 May 1956

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1956-05-31 number 25

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     Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

Vol. LVIII—No, 25                                              NAIROBI, 31st May, 1956                                              Price 50 Cents

                                                                           CONTENTS __                .             Ho                  a               x
                                                                         GAZETTE NOTICES
                                      Birthday Honours List, 1956                                     .       473
                                      Awards of the Badge of Honour 2                                 co      474

GazeTTe Notice No. 1652                                                                      Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service
                                                                                    Makau Bmuta, Inspector of Police.               ,
             BIRTHDAY HONOURSLIST, 1956
                                                                                    Dahir Caine, Inspector of Police.
  HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN has been graciously pleased                                 Richard Gibbon Chater, Chief Inspector of Police (Reserve).
to approve the following appointments :—                                           Frederick. Charles Constant, Assistant Superintendent of Police.
                                      \.                   .                       John Richard Cheatle Davis, Assistant Superintendent of Police
    Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the                              (Reserve).
                British Empire (Military)
                                                                                   Patrick John Kenny, Superintendent of Police,
William Robert Norris -Hinde,         lately     Deputy          Director     of   James Vincent Mulligan, Superintendent of Police.
  Operations, Kenya.                                                               Kiema Munyalo, Assistant Inspector.                              -
                                                                                   Roland Terence Mytton. Watsons, Chief Inspector (Reserve).
                      _ Knight Bachelor
                                                                                   Ivor Wynne Yorke-Davies, Chief Inspector (Reserve).
Ronald Ormiston Sinclair,      Vice-President.        of       East      African
  Court. of Appeal.               e                                                   Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in- the Air
                                                                                    Derek Charles Hellens, Chief Inspector, K.P.R. Air Wing.  ~°
  Companion” of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint
                                                                                   -Colin Alexander Prichard, Chief Inspector, K.P.R. Air Wing.
                Michael and Saint George
‘Theodore Farnworth Anderson, Director of Medical Services,                                               Queen's Medal for Chiefs
Richard Charles Catling, Commissioner of Police.                                    Pius Olima, Chief, South Nyanza.
Arthur Hope-Jones, Minister for Commerce and Industry.
                                                                                   _ Johanna Kiptiony arap Katono, Chief, Nandi District.
  Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire                         Richard s/o Mwargeka, Chief, Teita District.

Llewellyn Griffiths, Assistant Commissioner of Police.                                             East Arrica HicH CoMMISSION
Kenneth Page Hadingham, Senior Assistant Commissioner of                                  Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order
  Police.                                                                                             of the British Empire
James Mackay, Farmer, Director of K.F.A. and Unga.                                  Alexander’ McDonald: Bruce Hutt, Administrator, East. Africa
                                                                                      High Commission.
   Member of the Most Excellent Order of. the British Empire
                                                                                   Commander of the Most Excellent Order of. the British Empire
Michael Wales Bearcroft, Superintendent of Police,                        Kenya
  Police Reserve Air Wing.                                                          Malin Sorsbie, General Manager, East African. Airways
                                                                                      Corporation (Retired).
William McLaren Campbell, Superintendent of Prisons.
                                                                                    William Urquhart, Deputy General Manager, East. African
James. Kenneth    Craig, Provincial         Medical      Officer,        Central      Railways and Harbours Administration.
Geoffrey James Ellerton, “Assistant Financial Secretary.                              Officer of the Most. Excellent Order. of the British Empire
Terence Roland Glancy, lately Executive Officer, Rift Valley                        Hope Trant, Medical Research Officer, E.A. Medical Survey /
  Province Emergency Committee.                                                       and Research Institute, Mwanza (Retired).
William Kimemia s/o Githu, Assistant Education Officer, Fort
  Hall District Education Board.                                                               Companion of the Imperial Service Order
Dennis Hazeldene Lakin, District Officer, Embu District.                            Richard Woolfall, Deputy Regional Director, East~ African.
                                                                                      Posts and Telecommunications Administration.
William Berkley Lambert, Temporary District Officer, Subukia.
Robert Dean Pearson, Chief Health Inspector (Retired).:                             Member of the Most Excellent Order of. the British Empire
Kundai Ole Sangale, Senior Chief of the Purko Section of the                         William Rex Lancelot Addison, Assistant Secretary, East Africa
  Masai Tribe.                                                                         High Commission.
                                                                                   ' Mohan Singh Gulab Singh, Clerk/Storekeeper, Division I,
                    British   Empire        Medal                                      East African Railways and Harbours Administration.
Gurdit Singh Johl, Forester, Forest Department.                                                            British Empire   Medal
Mahomed Muthihiri, Chairman, Pumwani Village Committee.                             George Biggs, Foreman Division I, .Grade 1, East African
Hezekiah Nyaga s/o Nijeroge,               ist   Grade         ‘Tribal    Police      Railways and Harbours Administration, Mombasa.
  Constable, Embu Guard.                                                            Violet Alice Mayne, Telephone Operator, East African Income
Frederick George Bailey Peace, Field Intelligence Ofiicer, Nyeti                      Tax Department, Nairobi:
  Division.                                                                        ‘“Yokana Asafu Nsubuga, Special Grade Telegraphist, Uganda.’
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