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28 September 1956

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1956-09-28 number 53

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    SPECIAL ISSUE                                                                                                                           1069

            Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Coiony and Protectorate of Kenya

                                                        NAIROBI, 28th September, 1956                                        Price 50 cents

    GaZETTE Notice No 2910                                      (ZC 3/1/6)    GAZETTE Notice No 2912
                                                                                                                                        (LC 3/1/6)
                              (Cap 38)
                                                                                      THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIE ORDINANCE
                      GENERAL ELECTION, 1956
                         AMENDMENT TO NOTICE OF POLL                            -                          (Cap 38)
      NOTICE1s hereby given of one amendment to Gazette Notice
    No 2713 of 6th September, 1956                                                              GENERAL ELECTION, 1956
                       Exrcrorat AREA No 6—NYANZA                                       APPOINTMENT OF DEPUTY PRESIDING OFFICERS
      Add to the names of the supporters of Agnes Ramsay Shaw
    the following                                                               IN EXERCISE of the poweis conferied by rules 13 and 14
                                                                              (Schedule 11) of the Rules for the election of Members to the
            Cc C Giay
                                                                              Legislative Council, the Goveinor has been pleased to appoint
            J T Wilson
                                                                              for the electoral aleas specified in ihe first column of the
            R F Mase
                                                                              Schedule hereto the peisons whose names are set out in the
        Dated this 25th day of Septembei, 1956                                second column of the said Schedule to be Deputy Piesiding
        By Command of the Governa:                                            Officets for the polling stations set out im the third column
                                                                              of the said Schedule
                                             R G TURNBULL,
                                                   Chief Sect etar)                                       SCHEDULE
    GaZETrER Noticr No 2911                                   (ZC 10/1/1)
                                                                                      (i)                      (2)                         (3)
                                  (Cap 38)                                     Electoral Area      Deputy Presiding Officers         Polling Station
                PUBLICATION OF REGISTER OF VOTERS FOR NYANZA                        5 Coast        The District Officer, Kuhfi       Shimo-la-Tewa
      IN PURSUANCE of the provisions of sub-paragraph (5) (c)                                      Ohve Millicent Jane           |    Police Post
    of paragraph 4 of the Second Schedule to the Legislative Council                                 Rodwell
    Ordinance, the Chief Secretary hereby causes the register of voteis                            E kK Cowcin
    for the Nyanza Electoral Area to be published                                                  The Distiict Education            District Offiee,
                                                                                                     Officer, Kalii                       Kahfi
                                REGISTER OF VOTERS                                                 Baibaia Hall
                                 Nyanza—Additions                                                  E H Robins
    E      28    Ewing        Thomas   Wilham,    Dustict     Officer,   PO
    H     121     Hosking, Roger       Anthony,    Dustrict   Officer,   PO
                    Vihiga                                                      Dated this 24th day of Seprembe:, 1956
    H     122 Hosking, Armorel Cochrina, Housewife, PO Viliga
    J      19 Jackson Michael David, Administration, PO Vilnga
    R      74 Ross, John Sydney, Manager, PO Songhor
    R      75 Ross, Brenda Margaret, PO Songhor                                 By Command of the Governor
    W     116    Webb, George Hannan, District Officer, Kakamega
        Dated this 25th day of September, 1956
                                                  R G TURNBULL,                                                         R G TURNBULL,
                                                        Chief Secretar}                                                              Chief Secretary

                                                      PRINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, NAIROBI
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