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6 November 1956

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1956-11-06 number 60

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    Published under the Authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya

Vol. LVITI—No. 60                        NAIROBI, 6th November, 1956                               Price 50 cents
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                    GAZETTE Notice No 3402
                                                                                     (LC 3/2/14)

                                THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ORDINANCE
                                                      (Cap 38)
                         WHEREAS Wilfred Bowen Havelock was on the 9th day of
                    October, 1956, by Gazette Notice No 3011, declared to have been
                    elected as Member of the Legislative Council for the Kiambu Electoral
                         AND WHEREAS Arthur Nielsen-Wood by a lette: dated the 7th
                     day of October, 1956, applied to the Governor to set aside such
                         Now THEREFORE, the Governor in Council 1n exercise of the
                    powers conferred by section 32 of the Legislatrve Council Ordinance
                    HEREBY APPOINTS—

                                           ALISTAIR GRANVILLE FORBES
                     a Judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya to be a Commussioner and
                     HEREBY DIRECTS the said Commissioner to enquire into and report
                     upon the following allegations made by the said Arthur Nielsen-
                     Wood —
                         (1}the allegation that the Returning Officer for the Kiambu
                             Electoral Area failed to comply with the provisions of rule 6
                             of Schedule IV to the said Ordinance in that he fasled to
                             produce unopened all envelopes containing ballot papers
                             received by him before the close of the poll and failed to
                             open such envelopes in the presence of a Presiding Officer
                                or Deputy Presiding Officer,
                           (2) the allegation that the said Returning Officer failed to comply
                                with the provisions of rule 7 of the said Schedule in that he
                                failed to compare the signatures of the voters on the postal
                                ballot papers with the signature of such voters on their
                                respective applications for postal ballot papers and that he
                                failed to allow the Presiding Officer ot Deputy Presiding
                                Officer to inspect such signatures
                           (3) the allegation that at about 430 on the afternoon of the 26th
                                day of September, 1956 (being the polling day for the Kiambu
                                Electoral Area) the Presiding Officer at the Dandora Polling
                                Station in the said electoral area left the said polling station
                                empty with the counterfoils, official stamp and ballot box
                     And the Commissioner is HEREBY FURTHER DIRECTED If anyof all of the                            ~
                     allegations set out in paragraph (1), (2) and (3) above has or have
                     been established to his satisfaction to enquire into and report on
                     whether such non-compliance affected the result of the said election

                     Nairobi,                                          J L H WEBSTER,
                       6th November, 1956                 Secretary to the Council of Ministers
                                        PRINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, NAIROBI

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