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12 December 1958

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1958-12-12 number 60

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        Pubhshed under the Authority of Has Excellency the Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya
                                                  (Registered as a Newspaper at the GPO)

 Vol. LX—Ne. 60                                   NAIROBI, 12th December, 1958                                            Price Sh. 1

 GAZETTE Novick No 4503

                                  This    prospectus    1s   not an invitation for   public subscription

                                                  64%        KENYA STOCK, 1969-71

                                                             ISSUE OF £2,750,000
                                                   The whole of which has been placed

                                              Interest payable ist June and ist December
                                          First six months’ interest payable on Ist June, 1959
                                         Authorized by the General Local Loans Ordinance
                                                                (No 14 of 1955)

                                           PRICE OF ISSUE                £100 PER CENT
                                                  Payable in full on 12th December, 1958

  This Steck is an investment authorized in the Colony and                  A Sinking Fund wili be formed for the redemption of the
Protectorate of Kenya by the Trustees Ordinance (Cap 36,                  Loan under the management of Trustees appointed by Govern-
Laws of Kenya, 1948)                                                      ment Notice No 1192 of 1955 Half-yearly contnbutions to
                                                                          the Sinking Fund will be at the rate of not less than 1 per
  The proceeds of the loan will be apphed to the financing                cent per annum, and the first contribution will be made on
of development in accordance with the Development Pro-                    or before ist December, 1959 These contributions may be
gramme, 1957-1960 {Sessional Paper No 77 of 1956/57)                      increased, and will only be discontinued if and when the
including a loan to the Mombasa Pipeline Board                            Trustees are satisfied that no further contnbutions will be
                                                                          required to ensure the repayment of the Loan at the final
   The interest on the Stoch the property of persons not                   ate
resident 1n East Africa or Zanzibar, will not be subject to
iuny taxes, duties or levies by the Government of Kenya                     Interest will be payable half-yearly on ist June and 1st
                                                                          December by interest warrants, which will be forwarded by
                                                                          post at the stockholder’s risk to the stockholder, or to any
                                                                          other person, bank or firm named by him Pmnctpal and
  THE    GOVERNMENT         OF   KENYA       is   issuing     locally     interest will be payable at the Treasury, Nairobi
registered Kenya Stock as stated The Stock will be issued                   Interest payments due to persons resident in Kenya, Tanga-
under the provisions of the General Local Loans Ordinante,                nyika, Uganda and Zanabar will be subject to the deduction
1955, and will be registered in accordance with the terms of              of income tax in accordance with the provisions of section 18
that Ordinance No notice of any trust mm respect of any                   of the General Local Loans Ordinance, 1955
Stock will be entered in the register or be recetyable by the
                                                                            A Register of Holdings will be kept by the Secretary to the
Secretary to the Treasury
                                                                          Treasury, and Stockh will be transferable im this Register with-
  The Loan is   secured on the general revenues and assets                out charge and free of stamp duty m multiples of £1 by
of the Government of Kenya, and the principal will be                     instrument in writing in any usual or common form
repaid at par not later than ist December, 1971, mm Nairobi                 Stock certificates will be issued im exchange for Letters of
in East African currency The Government of Kenya, however,                Allotment within 60 days of the date of 1ssue
will have the option of redemption in whole or in part,
by drawings or otherwise at par, on or at any time after,                 THE TREASURY,
lst December, 1969, on giving three months notice by adver-                   PO Box 30007, Narropi
uusement in the Kenya Gazette or by post to the then stock-
holders at their registered addresses                                     31d December    1958

                                            PRINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER         NAIROBI
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