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8 February 1966

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1966-02-08 number 6

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                                                                      J y R A Pl e e*.
                                                                     B               e

       TH E K EN YA                                                                           G A ZETTE
                                        Publlshed by Aathority of tlle Republic of Kenra
                                                       (Rôgistored asa Nowspaper at the G.P.O.)
                                    '   ZL'        7            .    - - -

Vol.LXVIH-NO.6                                         NATROBI,8th Fehruary 1966                                                   Price:Sh.1/50
                                                                7    . ZLU                                                             UU

                                                                         CON TENTS
                     GAZEW E NOTICES                                                                     GAZETTE Nonœs-m ontdà
                                                                         PAGB                                                                     PAGB
The Interpretaéon a'  nd G eneral Provisiolns Aot-                                  Liquor Licensing
  Temporary Transfer of Powers ,. .. .. ..
The Houslng Actu-Appointments
                                                                                    Probate and Administration ..
The Egerton Agricultural College- Appointtm onts
                                                                                    Bankruptcy Jurisdiction                                        148
The Land Adjudication Act- Appointmont
                                                                                    The Companie,s Aot- W inding-up Notices, otc.                  148
The Cllief's Authority A ot- Appointments
                                                                                    The Co-operative Societios Aot- Admission .of Clasms           149
'rhe Prisoris Act--cancellation
                                                                                    The Societies Acto Registrations, d c.                         149
The Local G cwernm ent Rogulations, lg63- Appointm ents
                                                                                    Tho Trade U nions Act- lkegistrations, etc.                    149
The Price Contral (Maize and Maizemeal) Order-
    D el
       claration        ..                    ..        ..          ..              Tende'
                                                                                         r                                                         150
The Tax Reserve Certificates Act- tgost Certiiicate                                 Local GovernmentNotices                                        150
The Treu't Aot- D oclaration ..
The NationalAssembly Blections (Eleotions) Regulations,
    1964- Polling Areas and Polling Stations            ..          ..
Vacancies                                                                                                 SUPPLEM ENT N o.7
The M ining Act- Declaration
The Animal Diseases Act, 1965-S&eduled Areas
The lndusk
         trial Court- Award                                               138
E.A. Custom s a'
               nd Excise Departmont- Licences Issued                                                      SUPPLEMENT No.8
                                                                                                          Legislative Supplem ent
Notice re Survey of Kcnya OccgpaticmalTest 1966 .
                                                                                    LBoxt Noenc No.                                               PAGB
Sale of F'arm s- K ilifi Distriot
                                                                                           46-The Stamp D'
                                                                                                         aty Act-Direotion ..
Change of N ame
                                                                                           47- -
                                                                                               1111e Customs Tari; (Remission) (No.3) Order,
Ccssation of Business
Business Transfers                                                                         48- Tho C'
                                                                                                    zstoms Tari
                                                                                                              l (Renzission) (No.4) Order,
                                                                                                  1966            ..              ..    ..   ..
The Trust Land Act- setting Apart of Land
                                                                                           49- The Customs Tariff (Remission) (No.5) Order,
The Crown Lands Act-
  Plots at-                                                                            ,   50.-.
                                                                                               141e.Price Control (B'
                                                                                                                    read) Order,1966
    N akuru
    Nanyuki                                                                                51- The Wheat Industry (Imposition of CesslOrder,
The Patents Registration A ct--f orzigendum                                            52-The Rogistered Ivand (Application) Oçder, 1966
The Aflican Christian M arriage and D ivorce Act-                                      53- The G uaranteed M inim ttm Return Advances
  Liconsed M inisters     ..                                                                      (Intercst) Rules, 1966          ..   ..    ..    80
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