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1 March 1966

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1966-03-01 number 9

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    TH E KEN YA                                                                     G A ZETTE
                                    Published by Authority of the R epublic of Kenya
                                               (Registered'as aNewspaperattheG.

Vol.LXVIH- NO.9                                  NAIROBI,1stM arch 1966                                                  Price:Sh.1/50

                       GAZEW E NOTICES                                                          GAZBTTE NonœsM contd.j
Appoiatments, etc.                                                         Liquor Licensing                                           224
Tho Insurance Com panies A'ct- Appointment                                 The Trade U niens A ct- Rogistrations
Tho Agrkuliure Act- D irection, etc.                                       Kisumu- Extension of Business Area
The Pyrothrtlm Aot--Appointment ..                                         The Crown Lands A ct- plots for Alienation
The Imm igration Aot- A ppoihtm ents                                       The Industrial Court- Awards
The Local G overnm entRegulations, lg63- Appointm ents                     Probate and A dministratien ..
The Courts Aclt- Appointments                                              Bankruptcy Jurisdiotion
The Advocates Act, lg6l- Addendum                                          The Com panies A ct- W inding-up N otices, etc.
The Constitution of Kenyq- Appointment                                     The Societies Act--Registraticms
The Police Act- closure oî Pclice Staticm                                  Lost Policies
Civil Aircraft Accident- lnspector's lnvestigation                         Local G overnm entN '
The Rabies (Amendment) Regulations, 1966- bec1aration                      Partnership Dissolutions
The Registratio'
               n of Perslons Act- ytppointment ..                          Business Transfers                                          240
H igh Comm ission Stock                                                    Changes of Nam e'                                           240
  A. Railways a'nd H arbours- lteversion ..
Industrial Licensing
                                                                                                  SUPPLEM ENT N o. 15
Inveastigadon of Statutory O'
                            rganization                                                                Acts, 1966
The Animal Diseases Act, 1965=Schtdu1ed Arcas
                                                                                                  SUPPLEM EN T N o.16
Kenya Governm ent Bursaries
                                                                                                   Legislatîve Supplelnent
                                                                           LEGAL N oncB No.                                     PAGB
The African Christian M '
                        arriage and D ivorce Aot-                              65- The Kenya Local G overnm ent Om cers' Super-
  Licertsed l
            M inisttrs    .. .. .. .. ..
                                                                                             tion Fund (Admission) Order, 1966
The W ater A ct- A pplications                                                    66-The Customs Tariff (Remission) (No.
                                                                                        (Amendmcnt) Or
                                                                                                     rder, 1966 .. ..                   94

The NationalAssembly Electi/ns (Elections) Regulations,
  lg6zl- Appointm ents       ..    ..     ..     ..           .. 220                            SUPPLEM ENT No.17
The N ationalAssem bly Eleotions Act- N otice of Receipt                                         Legislative Supplement
  of W ri't    .. .. .. .. ..                   ..    .. 220                      67- The lm ports, Exports and Fwssential Supplies
E.A. Custorns and Exoise'D epartment- public Auction                                        (Imports) (Amcndment) (No.3) Orderg1966     95
    OUCO       .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                                                             (Published as a SpecialIssue)
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