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8 March 1966

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1966-03-08 number 10

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                                                           I               j        k
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                                                           J R A&   *.
                                                          B >     a ee

     TH E KEN Y A                                                               G A Z ETTE
                                   Pablisàed by Authority of the R epublic of K enya
                                            (Registered asa Newspapor atthe G.P.O.)

Vol.L TH No.10                                 NATROBI,8th M arch 1966                                                  Price:Sh.1/50

                                                           CON TEN TS
                      GAZEW E NOTICES                                                    GADTTE Noncm M contd.j
                                                           PAGE                                                                       PAGE
The Inter.pretation and General Provisions A ct-                        Lost Share Certilicateas
 Temporary Transfers of Power .. .. .. .. 242                                         .
                                                                        The K enya Indem ndence O'
                                                                                                 rder in Council 1963
                                                                                                                 .   -
The Agriculturc A ct- Rovocation, etc.                        242         Appointm ents                                                262

The Local G'
           evernmont Regulations,1963 ..                      242       lweoal Government Notices     ..                               262
The Constitution of K enya- A ppointm ent                               Business Transfers
Law Examination for Administrative Oëcors ..                  243       changes of Name                                                264
rhe Registration of Persons Act--compulsory Regis-
'                                                                       'rhe Industrial Court-u wards'
  t'ration      .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 243
The Registration of Titles Act- provisional Certilicate       243
Vacancies                                                     244                            SUPPLEM EN T N o.18
Ai                                                                                                  Acts, 1966
 r ServicesLicensing ..
E.A .R'
      ailways and H arbours- -fender                          247
TheCourtofAppealforEastern Africa- Easter Vacation                                           SUPPLEM ENT N o.19

                                                                                             Legislative supplement
The Registered Land Act,1963- P1ot for Alienation             247
                                                                        LEGAL N on cs No.                                             PAGE
Transport Licensing
                                                                            68-The Customs Taril (Remission) (Ni
                                                                                                               o. 8) Order,
        ost of tpiving lndices
The Land Adjudication Act- Appointments                       255           69-The(M ilitn
                                                                                   Ame   ar
                                                                                                 s Pe
                                                                                                            s (Asian Personnel)
                                                                                                                 ,   1966   ..   ..     98
Kenya Stock                                                                 70- The Milita'ry Forces Pensions (European Per-
                                                                                    sonnel) (Amendment) Regulations, 1966
Liquor Licensing
Probate and Adm inistration ..
                                                                                     mal Diseases (ContTol of Pig Diseases)
                                                                                         ,   1966     ..    ..         ..   ..   .. 100
Bankruptcy Jurisdictio'
                      n                                                     'ya- e
                                                                                 jaje pjg Industry (Revocation) Rules, 1966
The Com panies Act- W inding-up N otices,etc. ..                                                                                  .
The Co-operative Societies Act- closure of Liquidation                                       SPECIAT,NOTICE
                                                                          A'IVENTION is d'  rawn to the notice concerning subm ission
The Sodeties Act- Registrations, etc.                                   of G azette copy which appears on the last page of this issue.
The Trade Unions Act-Registrations, etc.                      262       Nairobi,                                     J.MAC MILLANt
                                                                           th M arch 1966.                             Government Pnnter.
Lost Policy                                                                                           -                            -.
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