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17 March 1967

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1967-03-17 number 15

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         THE KENYA GAZETTE              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                              (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. LXVIX—No. 15                                NAIROBI, 17th March 1967                                       Price: Sh. 1/50

GazeTTe Notice No. 1095                                                 To make recommendations for a new law providing a
                                                          (231)       comprehensive and, so far as may be practicable, uniform
                                                                      code applicable to all persons in Kenya, which will replace
          THE COMMISSIONS OF INQUIRY ACT                              the existing law on the subject comprising customary law,
                     (Cap. 102)                                       the Indian Applied Acts and the relevant Acts of Parliament
                                                                      including those governing Muslim and Hindu succession.
                                                                        To prepare a draft of the new law in accordance with the
   WHEREASit is provided by the Commissions of Inquiry                commissioners’ recommendations.
Act that the President may, whenever he considers it advisable,     And I direct that-—
issue a Commission appointing one or more Commissioners to
inquire inter alia into any matter into which an inquiry would,       (a) the Hon. H. Slade, m.p., shall be the Chairman of the
in the opinion of the President, be in the public interest:                commissioners ;
                                                                      (b) E. Cotran, ESQ., shall be the Secretary to the commis-
  And whereas I deem it advisable that an inquiry should be                sioners, or, in his absence, such person as the
made into the matters hereinafter set out:                                 commissioners may designate ;
  Now,therefore, I, Jomo Kenyatta, President and Commander-           (c) the commissioners shall commence the inquiry as soon as
in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya, in                  practicable and shall prosecute the inquiry with all due
exercise of the powers conferred upon me by the aforesaid Act              diligence and speed and make their report without undue
and of all other powers hereunto enabling me, do hereby                    delay;                                      1
appoint—                                                              (d)any four of the commissioners (whether or not that
    The Hon. H. Slade, Mp. ;                                               number includes the Chairman) shall form a quorum;
                                                                     (e) the inquiry shall be held at such place or places and at
    The Hon. Mr. Justice Chanan Singh ;
                                                                           such times as the commissioners may from time to time
    The Hon. C. B. Ngala-Abok, M.p.;                                       determine ;
    B. M. Gecaga, BSQ.;                                              (f) the inquiry may be held in public, or in private, or partly
    P. Le Pelley, Esa. ;                                                   in public and partly in private, as the commissioners may
                                                                           from time to time determine;
    S. M. Akram, Esa. ;
                                                                     (g) the commissioners shall in their discretion have power to
    G. Waddell, Esa. ;                                                    order that shorthand notes or palantype recordings be
    T. A. Watts, Esa. ;                                                   made of its proceedings, a transcript whereof shall con-
    The Public Trustee;                                                   stitute an official record of its proceedings; and
                                                                     (4) the commissioners shall observe the instructions contained
    The District Commissioner, Nairobi; and
                                                                          in section 3 (3) of the Commissions of Inquiry Act with
    E. Cotran, Esa.,                                                      regard to the receiving of evidence, and such instructions
to. be commissioners, and do hereby authorize the said com-               shall be deemed to form part of this Commission.
missioners to hold an inquiry of which the terms of reference
are :—                                                                Given under my hand and the public seal of the Republic
                                                                    of Kenya this 17th day of March 1967.
    To consider the existing law on succession to property on
  death, the making and proving of wills and the adminis-                                                 JOMO KENYATTA,
  tration of estates.                                                                                                President.

                                            PRINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, NAIROBI
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