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2 May 1975

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1975-05-02 number 19

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   THE                                                            GAZETTE
                         Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                (Registered as a Newspaper at the GPO)

Vol. LXXVII-—No. 19                  NAIROBI, 2nd May, 1975                               Price Sh 2

                      GAZETTE Norice No 1480

                            THE PARLIAMENTARY AND PRESIDENTIAL
                                   ELECTIONS REGULATIONS
                                              (Cap 7 Sub Leg)

                        AN ELECTION 1s to be held for a member to serve in the
                      National Assembly for the Lamu East Constituency Prelimmary
                      elections will be held on 26th July, 1975

                        A nommation paper for the prelmmary election may be
                      delivered by the candidate to the Returning Officer in the office
                      of the Distmct Commussioner, m which the constrtuency 18
                      situated, between the hours of eight o’clock in the morning and
                      noon on the 4th June, 1975
                         The day for nomination, of persons selected at the preliminary
                      elections, for the Parliamentary Election, will be 9th August,
                      1975, and such nomimations shall be effected at the office of
                      the Returning Officer aforesaid If the Parhamentary Election
                      18 contested, the poll will take place on the 23rd August, 1975

                        Dated this 29th day of April, 1975

                                                              K J O MWANGI,
                                                           for Supervisor of Elections


                        4 The attention of candidates and persons subscribing nomi-
                      mation papers 18 drawn to the rules for fillmg up nomination
                      papers and other provisions relatmg to nominations contained
                      im the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Regulations
                        2 A person guilty of an election offence will be liable to the
                      penalties imposed by the Elections Offences Act, and to the dis-
                      qualifications smposed by the National Assembly and Presidential
                      Elections Act (Cap 7)


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