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24 December 1975

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1975-12-24 number 56

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                                       Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                (Registered as a Newspaper at the GPO)

Vol. LXXVII—No. 56                                  NAIROBI, 24th December, 1975                                       Price Sh 2


                     GAZETTE NOTICES                                                       GaZETTE Norices—(Contid )
                                                                      Tenders                                                    1461
TheRegistration of Titles Act—Issue of a Provisional        1458      Business Transfers                                    1461-1462

Kenya Stock                                                 1458

Civil Aircraft Accident—Inspector’s Investigation           1458                             SUPPLEMENT No 77
                                                                                             Legislative Supplement
The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act—                           Leca Notice No                                             PAGE

    Suspension of Registration                              1458          191—The Meat Control (Poultry Meat Inspection)
    Addendum                                                1459                  Regulations, 1975                               597

                                                                          192—The Collection of Subscriptions (Kenya
Loss of MR_ Books                                           1459                 National Union of Teachers) (Kakamega
                                                                                  B     h) Order, 1975                            603
Loss of Railway Warrant and Road Travel Warrants            1459                   ranch) Order,
                                                                          193—-The Local Industries (Refund of Customs
Loss of LP Os                                               1459                  Duties) (Long-term) Order, 1975                 604

Liquor Licensing                                            1459
   1                                                                                          SPECIAL NOTICE
Probate and Adnunistration                                              AS Ist January, 1976, is a public holiday, the latest tume for
                    _                       9               1460      submission of copy for the Gazette of 2nd January, 1976, will
The Companies Act—Cause No         177 of 1975                        be noon on Saturday, 27th December, 1975
Loss of Policies                                       1460-1461      Nairobi,                             S W S MUCHILWA,
                                                                        24th December, 1975                     Government Printer
Local Government Notices                                    1461

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