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2 June 1989

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1989-06-02 number 23

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           SPECIAL ISSUE

                THE KENYA GAZETTE              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                       (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

           Vol. XC—No. 23                                      NAIROBI, 2nd June, 1989                                          Price Sh 8.

           Gazerre Notice No. 2696                                               (c) To examine the terms and conditions of service of all
                                                                                      railways employees with particular reference to the
                           OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT                                    qualifications, training, motivation and commitment to
                                                                                      work and to recommend appropriate welfare schemes,
               APPOINTMENT OF 4 TEAM TO INQUIRE. INTO THE AFFAIRS                     training and staffing requirements in order to improve
                     OF THE Kenya RarLwayS CORPORATION                                productivity.                                 +
              IT IS notified for the information of the general public           (d) To examine the technical efficiency, appropriateness and
~.    ">   that His Excellency President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi has               suitability. of existing plant and equipment and to
     :     appointed—                                    .                            recommend appropriate measures to enhance effective
               J. K. Musuva (Prof.)—(Chairman),                                       operations.                                           ne4
             Members:                ‘                                           (e) To assess resource utilization and to recom               the
                                                                                      Mecessary measures to make the Corporgtion              self-
               Austin Kitololo,                                                       sustaining.
               John Etemesi,                                                     (f) To evaluate the railways security system, ing¥uding existing
               Brown Waweru,                                                          safety and precautionary measures in force, the Railway
               Joash P. Joel,                                                         Police suport system, signals and communications systems
                                                                                    _ and recommend appropriate measures to strengthen them.
               ‘Tom Owuor,
                                                                                 (g) To investigate, report and recommend on the procurement,
               Charles Kirui,                                                         utility and disposal of supplies and stores.
               Akich Okola,                                                       (kh) To look into any other matters that members of the

               Nehemiah Obati,                                                         Commission may deem appropriate for the requirements
                                                                                        of the Corporation and national interests.        :
           to inquire into the affairs of the Kenya Railways Corporation.
                                                                                 The public is invited to make their submissions orally or in
           _ The following are the terms of reference of the team of
                                                                               writing to the inquiry team on 17th floor of the Kenya Re-
           inquiry:                            :           :
                                                                               Insurance Plaza or c/o P.O, Box 57329, Nairobi, or by: tele-
             (a) To examine the causes of the recent ‘train accidents and      phoning the following numbers in Nairobi; Tel.: 330241 -or
                  to recommend appropriate remedial measures.                  27411 extensions 2288 or 2290.
             (b) To examine technical, managerial, financial and socio-
                 political constraints which may have contributed to in-
                 efficiency in the operations of the Kenya Railways Cor-          Dated the 31st May, 1989.
                 poration and to recommend the appropriate framework
                 to enhance the efficient and effective operations of the                                                J. T. arap-Lerina,
                 system.                                                                           Permanent Secretary|Secretary to the Cabinet.


                                              PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENTPRINTER, NAIROBI
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