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26 March 1993

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1993-03-26 number 23

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                                      Published by Authority
                                                   .         of the Republic of Kenya
                                            (Registered as a:Newspaper at the 02.0.)

Vol. XCV—No. 23                                   NAIROBI, 26th March, 1993                                         Price Sh. 15

                     GAZETTE pumas                                                     Omni Noncas—IContd.)
                                                           PAGE                                                               II   Pa
The Local Government Act—Nomination of Corm-                        Removal of Motor Vehicles                           ...         373
  cillors                                                   344
                                                                    The 'Advocates (Admission) Regulations—Admission                373
The Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act—Commis-
          •      •
The Registered Laud Act—Issue of New Land Title                                         SUPPLEMENT No. 19
                                                             373                          Legislative Supplement

                                                                    LEGAL Nance No.                                                PAGE
                                            ...    --       347
                                                                       67—The Air passrmger Service . Charge Act-
The   Lands Acquisition Act—listention to Acquire                                                                                   109
                                                                        68—The Kenya Sugar Authority (Imposition of
Probate and Administration      ...                     349-350,                                                                    109

The Companies Act—Incorporations, etc.      ...         351-366                          SPECIAL NOTICE
                                                            370       AS Friday, 9lb April, 1993, is a Public Holiday, the issue
The Societies Rodes—Registration Refusal                            of the Kenya Gazette which should appear on that date will
                                                                    rimy be published on Thursday, 8th April, 1993.
The African Christian Marriage and Divorce Act—
 Ministers Licensed to Celebrate Marriages                  371       Copy to be published in the issue of 8th April, 1993, should
                                                                    reach the Government Printer by 9.00 a.m., on Friday, 2nd
Loss of Policies    ...                                     371     April, 1493, and that for Kenya Gazette issue of loth April,
                                                                    1993, by 9.00 a.m., on Thursday, 8th April, 1993.
Change of Names ...                                     371-372
                                                                    Nairobi,                                       D. A. ARADI,
Loss of Share Certificate ...                               Y72       19th March, 1993.                   Acting Government Printer.

Disposal of Uncollected boobs                           372473

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