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2 April 1993

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1993-04-02 number 25

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                      Publithed by Authodty of the Republic ed Xassa
                              Oboomiell es   tioncor at lbs 02.04

                                  NAIROBI, 2nd April, 1993                          Ma M. 20
    VoL XCV—No. 25

                     Garrrs Nonce No. 1309
                                  THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA
I                                    Apsonmeata or Cain Junta
                       IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 61 0)
                     of the Constitution of Kenya, I, Daniel Toroidch trap Mot.
                     President and Commander.in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the
                     Republic of Kenya. appoint—
                                       Aetna From (KMASI Aram
                     to be old justice, with effect from the lit April. 1993.
                        Dated the 31st March, 1993.
                                                              D. T. an MI.

                                                 ma oonmawan      roma. tuna
                        ran     AND Map ST
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