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14 May 1993

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1993-05-14 number 35

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                                      Published by Authority of the Republic of .ROSOI)
                                                 Ntosated-ss a Nerstsopi et We 0.P.O.)

Val. XCV—No. 35                                      NAIROBI, 14th May, 1993                                                    Prue Sb. 20

                       GAZETEE NOTICES'                                                  GAZETTE Noncus--(Calud.)
                                                              PAGE                                                                        Pave
                                                                       The Reoords Disposal (Courts) Rules—Intention to
Public Service 'Commission of Kenya—Preinotions                 594      Destroy Court Reoords                                                 62s
The Constitution of Kenya—Appointaxiant of a                           Central Bank of Kenya—Statement .                                       628
The Wildlife (Conservation and Mansimissa) Act—                                            sviTulartfr No. 27
 Appointment of Chairman of Board at Trustees;
                                                                594                            Legislative Supplement
The Certified PubEd Bocsalsties: of Ka 'Act--                          LEGAL Nana No.                                                      WE
 Appointment of Members of the Registration                              105—Tlap Customs and. Excise (Amendment of
  Board, etc. ..                                                594          Fifth Schedule) (No. 2) Order, 1993         ...                   151
has timounttints Aat—APPointment of Chairman and                            (Published as Special Issue, dated 7th May, 1993)
  Vice-Chairman of the Registration of Accountants
                                                            594-595                        SUPPLEMENT No. 28
The Kenya Tourist Development Corporation Act—                                                 Legislative Supplement
      Letatllovernrattat Att4411Inocatkili   or Notaitme'              LEGAL Nonce' No:                                                   PAGE
                                                                595      106--The 'Restrictive Trade Niokes, Monopolies
The Oatbaand &align Declaradons Act-,A. Cosa                                  and Print 01311001 (Stith) (lDivocation)
                                                                595                                                                            153
                                                                             it'abliched as 500B*1 Issue, dated 11th May 1991)
The   Calmat Brokers Asa—tAPPaiRtMest of 4€0130'
The Traffic Act—Aptallstineft f ./idetahlg Mont                 595                        SUPPLEMENT' No 29
The Registration of Titles Act—Registration - 'of low                                          Ain, 'tail
                                                                596   The Sapptemeetery - Aataeadatlea Aar 190
The Rigistered Land Aol-Baglitradon of anti
                                                        596                                SUPPLEMENT No 30
The Advocates (Admission) Regulatiqns-fAdmission        596                                    Legislative Suppietneret
The WSW )Ably sod Presidential Elections                               Look'Not     No.                                                   PAGE
 Aahapflufhlainektt of Registration Officers and                          107-408—The Registered Land (Application) (Nos.
  Assistant Registration Officers, etc.        ... 596-598,                                                 ...    ...    ...     ...          155
                                                                          109-115—The Customs and Excise (Remission)
                                                                               Nos. 17-23) Order, 1993    ...                              156
Probate and Administration                           ... 603-609,         116-121.4Ihr' Val*            tak 06antsfisio
                                                               628             (Nos. 16-21) Order, /993 ...                                    160
The Companies AM—Inairpointlfetli, etc.               ... 610-624         122—The Exchequer and. Audit (Mechanical Tnin-
The ta-oPeneva.tricittles, Arts 4-94Uktf. etc,                                aRtrlsansbRiattpkbanammonalinad) Otepesty
Lose ot roacies                      ••                                                                                                        164
Load Cantertmtanit liotbas                                     625                               ifotsiOthessortee Aot—Dec-
Business Transfer                                              606
                                                                          12•441.Natioarf Rooluilissersice (COPS sad
Change of Names          ...                                   626             Benefits) (kintaditeigi)     ima.3) Regulations,
                                                               627                                                                             165
Thi - Rittutc role!..'44L7BattCalto,4;,,                                  1 4-7111S9.4tif of   *ail; (rfator-Suusb.) !Amend-
  to Intioduoe                  of - 40,pare EY-TaWs                          estoo BY-laws, 1993 ...                                          166
  to all Areas Supplied by the licensee                                   126—The Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya
  1444104 1449114414                                                          Act—Approved Qualificata                                         I68

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