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3 December 1993

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1993-12-03 number 75

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Vol. WV —No. 75                               NAD1p111„:. 3rd December, 1993                                  Peke SI 20

                   GAZETTE NOTICES                                                 Gamin Norton—(card.)

The , Land Disputes Tribunals Act—Appointments 1814-l816           The Nstional Assembly and Presidential ElectioaS
                                                                    Act-t-Withdrawal                                  1859
The Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act—'A cam-                   The Trust Land Act—Setting Apart of Land

The Local Government Act—Appointments ...        ...       1817

The Registration of Titles Act—Issue of Provisions)                                  SUPPLEMENT No. 77
  Ontilicees, etc.                   •••            101744,1 8
                                                                                           Acts, 1993
The Registered Land Act—Registration of bent-                                                                         PAO
 menu, etc.                                ...ISIS-1820
                                                 ...'182f=1823     The Insurance (Amendment) Act, 1993                 453
The Transport Licensing Act—Approvals, etc.
                                                           1823    The APpropriation Act, 1993 ...                     456
The /Menai Loans Act—Loss of Treasury Bills, ltd.
                                                       1SM-1813    The EXport Processing Zones (Amendment) AU
Probate.      Administration
    Ogenies Act—First Meeting of Creditors and

The s Seeelies Rules—Registrations   •••          ... 1853-1815
                                                                                      SUPPLEMENT No. 78
The Tiede Unions Act—Registrations, etc.                                              Lakin Supplement
Local Government Notices                               1858-1857
                                                                   Lean. Nona No.
Change ot Names                                         M74*          363 The Customs and Facile (Unassembled
                                                                           Vehicles) Regulations, 1993 ...
Closure of Roads
                                                                      364—The Stamp Duty Act—Exemption ...
Public Notice      •..
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