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21 October 1994

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1994-10-21 number 52

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                                          Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                Registered asa Newspaper at the G.P.0)

Vol. XCVI No. 52                                        NAIROBL. 21st October, 1994 -                                                 ee Price’ Sh. 20

(GaZETTE Notice No. 6783                                                        .             (e) To examine any other matters which the Probe Committee
                                                                                                   considers relevant.
                                                                                              The Committee is to submit its report in three (3) months.
                                                                                              Dated the 21st October, 1994.                      Co   Shes sb Saka
   iT 1S notified for public information that His Excellency                                                                         P, M. MBITHI,
President, Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, C.G.H., M.P.,.on Thurs-                                                     ' ° Permanent Secretary, Secretary to the
day; 20th October, 1994, appointed a Committee of - Social                                                        a    Cabinet and Head of Public Service.
Workers, Law Enforcement Officers and Spiritual Leaders to
investigate into the allegations of the existence of the cult of                    -                               .
devil ‘worship in our country and its reported linkage to drug                              wo                    wee                         7 ene ee       ee
abuse and other anti-social. activities.
  The Committee will be composed of—                                                        Gazette Notice No. 6784
    Archbishop Nicodemus Kirima—(Chairman).
                                                                                                   THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY AND PRESIDENTIAL. -
    Josiah O. Okumu                                                                                              ELECTIONS ACT
                             “ ; Goint Secretaries).
    Vv. W. Maina (Mrs.)                                                                                              (Cap. 7)
                                                                                                                   CouNTING HALLS
  Members:                                                                                    IT 1S notified for the general’ information of the public that
         .    3:                                -                           :               the counting halls for the constituencies in the first column of
    Jones Kaleli (rr) Rev.).                                    7                           the schedule hereto are located at the places described in the
    Fred Ojiambo. |...    :                                         :                       second ‘column of the ‘said schedule and that those are the
       .            a                 .                 :                                   centres where counting of votes shall take place for the parlia-
    Crispol W. Ongoro. -~                                   :                               mentary elections to be held on 31st October, 1994.
    Philista Onyango (Dr.)-(Mrs.).                              .
    Jude Ongoga (Prof.).                            /                                                                   SCHEDULE |                           _
    Bishop Horrace Btemesi.       /                                     :                   Constituency                     Name of Counting Hall
 The, terms of reference for this Committee will be:                                        Starehe     . ee Charter Hall                              oo
  (a) To ‘investigate itito the allegations of the existence of the                                                      .                                          -
       cuit of devil worship in Kenya.                                                      Mathare |                         Moi International Sports ‘Centie, ”
                                                                                               :                                Kasarani
  <b) Te establish the extent the cult of devil worship may
       have affected our learning institutions and other elements                                                                                        an
      of our society.                                                                         Dated the 18th October; 1994.
  (ce) To establish the reported linkage to drug abuse and other                                                    ,
        anti-social activities.                   “                                                                                        ZR. CHESONI,
 (d) To report on measures necessary to deal firmly with this |                         .                                         -                    Chairman,
      menace.                                                                                      :                              .        Electoral Commission.

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