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2 February 1996

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1996-02-02 number 5

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      TH E                       K EN Y A                                        GAZ6TTE
                                     Publle u by A ute rity of the R epubic of K enya
                                               (Reglstere as a Newspam ratthe G P O )

Vol. XCVIII- N O. 5                               N AIR O BI.2nd Idebruary.1996                                          Pnce Sh 25
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                                                                CO N I'lkN 'r:
                   G AZET I'E NOIICES                                                      G u errB NoTlcE:-4C7tM ld )
                                                                         The Trade U njons A ct- R eglqtratlon                       175
The Co-opelatw e Som etles A ct- Fwxem ptlon                       150
                                                                         The A frlcan Chnstlan M arrlage and D :vorce A ct-
The M aglstm tos' Courts A ct-qncrease of Ium lt of                        M lnlsters Llcenstd to C elebrate M arnages               176
  Junsictlons                                                      150
                                                                         Local t
                                                                               G overnm ent N otlce,s                          176-178
The Reglbtered Land Act- lrxsue of N ew tand
 Tztle D eeds                                150-151                     The W mghts and M easures A ct- N otlce to Traders    179-183
                                                                         The Recblds Dlsposal (Courts) Rules- lntended
Llquor Llcenslng                                              151-152      D estructjon of Court Records                             183

Tm de M arks                                                  152-158    B usm ess Transfer                                          184

Custom s and Exclse- sale by Pubkc Auctlon                    159-160    Ciu nge of N am e                                           184
                                                                         Dlsposal of Uncollected G oods          e                   184
Probate and Adm lnlstratton                                       158,
                                                              161-175    Loss of Share Certé cates                                   184
1he Com pam cs Act- W m dmg-up                                     175   Closure of Roads                                            184


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