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6 February 1996

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1996-02-06 number 7

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                                        Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                              (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. XCVILI—No. 7                               NAIROBI, 6th February, 1996                                              Price Sh. 25

GaZETIE Notice No. 627                                                      Gii) to pay, within ten (10). days of the date of deduction
                                                                                 the total sums deducted under item 4 of the schedule,
            THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA                                             by crossed cheque madz payable to the Central
                                                                                 Ovganization of Trade Unions (Kenya). into that
        APPOINTMENT OF A CHAIRMAN OF THE PUBLIC                                  organization’s account No, 229-741-204 at the Kenya
              SERVICE COMMISSION OF KENYA                                        Commercial Bank Limited, Moi Avenue Branch.
  IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by sect’on 106 (2)                         P.O. Box 48400, Nairobi;
of the Constitution of Kenya, I, Daniel Toro‘tich arap Moi,                 (iv) to notify that trade union. and the organization in
President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of                           writing and within one (1) month of payment;
the Republic of ‘Kenya, appoint—
                                                                             (v) to make written returns to the registration Trade
                     Evian Mwakio                                                Unions and to the organization.
to be the chairman of the Public Service Commission of Kenya,
with effect from 10th July, 1995, for a period of one Ci) year.                                SCHEDULE
                                                                       1. The sum of twenty (20) shillings as entrance fee upon
                                           D. T. arap MOT,           admission into membership.                 .
                                                       President.       2. Monthly subscription of 2 per cent of every employee’s
                                                                      basic salary subject to a minimum. of. thirty five (35) shillings
                                                                      per month and a maximum of fifty (50) shillings per month.
                                                                       3. The sum of fifty (50) shillings from wages of every employee
Gazette Notice No. 628                                               both seasonal and monthly employecs per month,

             THE TRADE DISPUTES ACT                                    Dated the 31st January, 1996,
                         . (Cap. 234)
                                                                                           .         .   P. J. W. MASINDE,
                COLLECTION OF UNION Dues                                           Minister for Labour and Manpower Development.
  IN EXERCISE of the powers conferrcd by section 45 of the
Trade Disputes Act, the M/nister for Labour and Manpower
  (a) revokes the order published under Gazette Notice No.
        1088 of 1991; and                                            GAZETTE Notice No. 629

  (b) orders every employer who employs not less than five 6)
                                                                                 THE CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES ACT
     émployees of the Kenya Game, Hunting and Safaris
      Workers’ Union—-                                                                         (Cap. 490)                   :
       () to deduct every month the sums specificd in the               :                       EXEMPTION            :
           schedule in respect of trade union dues, from wages          IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon me by sect’on
           of his employees who are members of that trade             86 of the Co-operative Societies Act, the Kenya Co-operative
           union ;                                                    Creameries Ltd. is exempted from all ihe provisions of the
      (ii) to pay, within ten (10) days of that date of deduction     Co-operative Societies Act.
           the total sums under items 1, 2 and 3 of the schedule
           by crossed cheque made payable to the Kenya                  Dated the Ist February, 1996.
           Game, Hunting and Safaris Workers’ Union into
           that union’s account No. 40088 at the Bank of India,                                             KAMWITHI MUNYI,
          Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi;                                                              inister for Co-operative Development.


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