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12 April 1996

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1996-04-12 number 21

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     TH E                          K EN Y A                                             G A Z ETTE
                                     Publl:he by A uthorlty of tl:e R epubkc of K enya
                                             lKo tere as a N- papor wtGo G 2 O )
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Vol. XCW II- N @. 21                             N M R O BI,12th Aprll,1996                                                          Pnce Sh.30

                                                                 CON T EN T S
                    G ARD Y E NOTICM                                                              G m ITB Nono.s--lct- fd )
                                                                 PAGE                                                                       PAoa
                                                                               Loss of Certécate of D epomt                                  624
n e 1 anda/ds A ct- A ppom tm ents                                       574
                                                                               The N atlonal A ssem bly and Pres dtntlal Electlonb
Tlle Traffic A çt- Appolrttm ent                                                A ct- R esult of Palllam entary Electlons                    624

                                                                         574   The Local G overnm ent Act- llesults of Local
The '
    N atlonal M useums Act- Appolntm ent                                        lG overnm ent Electlons                                      624
Thc A ntlqultles and M onum ents Act--r onfirmntion                      574
rhr Rçgistratlon of Tltles Act- lssue of Prow slonal                                                   SC PPLFM EN A N o 1%
  C eltxlicates, etc                                         574-575
                                                                                                       Legtnlattve x
'Fh,x R eglqtored Land A ct- R eglstm tlon of Instru-
   zpv-pls, etc                                       575-578,                 LEGAL N o'n cs N o                                           PAG:
                                                      583-584,                     57- The Centlal Bank of K enya A ct- D escrlp-
                                                           624                          tlon of N Lw lssue of Ten C ents C oln               91
Llaucr Llcenslng                                                         578            (Publlshcd as Speelal Issue,on 9th Apr1,1996)

Thc Kenya Powvr qnd Llglltsllg Co Ltd - A
  Rcpresentatlon and an Appllcatmn to t
                                      lntroduce                                                        SUPPLEM LNT No 19
  b ew M ethods of Charge sy-taws to A11 A reas                                                        Leqtslahve 5'IfppJt???le?,J
  Supplled by the Llcensee, etc                 578-579
Probate and Admlnstratlon                                580-582,              LEGAL N OTICE N o                                            PAGe
                                                          585-614                     58- The State C orporatlons A ct- Exem ptlon            99
Tjw Trade U m ons A ct- Refusal                                          582          39- The Central Bank of K enya Act- D escrlp-
                                                                                          tlon of N ew lstue of Flfty Shllllngs N ote         99
 ilc aAfncan C'hnsslan M arnage and D lvorce Act-
  f.apcellahon                                                           5#2          e - rrhe Penslonb (Declaratlon of Servlce U nder
                                                                                          the Govelnm ent) Ordur, 1996                       100
The Co-oporatlve Socletlei
                         s A ct- A lm sslon of Clalm s                   582          6l- r(he Stam p D uv A ct- Exem ptlon                  10i
fmde M arks                                                  615-623                  62- '
                                                                                          1-11e Local G ovcrnment (County Councll
                                                                                          of M beere) Order, 1996                            101
Chnnge of N am es                                                        623
                                                                                      63- 'Ihe Valuc Added Tax Act-aApproved
D iqroqal of U ncollected Goods                                          623               M anufacturers of M edlcam ents                   102

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