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14 May 1996

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1996-05-14 number 28

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                  IE                   Pablished by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                             (Registered as a Newspaper at the G-P.O.)

Vol. XCVIII—No. 28                              NAIROBI, 14th May, 1996                                            Price Sh. 30

Gazerte Notice No. 2883                                                In the schedule to Gazette Notice No. 2882 of 1996,
                                                                     make ths following amendment:
            THE LOCAL ItGOVERNMENT ACT                                 (b) Delete the name Yusuf’ Mahamud Abdi: and insert the
                         (Cap. 265)                                         name Ephantus Mwaniki as returning officer for Mbitini
                                                                          _ electoral area within Makuenj Constituency. The appoint-
                                                                            ment shall come into force on 14th May, 1996.
                        RULES, 1992
                         Addendum                                      Dated the 14th ‘May, 1996.
  IN THE schedule to 'Gazette Notice No. 2543 of 1996, add
the following:
                                                                                                               Z. R. CHESONI,
  (a) Nyang’oma electoral area which is within the local autho-                                                            Chairman,
       rity of County Council of (Kisumu in Muhoroni                                                 ‘Electoral Commission of Kenya.
       Constituency.             -      -      ,
  (b)Molo, Matumaini, Kibunja and Sirikwa electoral areas
      wh’ ch are within the local authority of Molo Town             ‘GazeTTe Notice No. 2885
      Council, in Molo Constituency..

                                                                        THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY AND PRESIDENTIAL
  Dated the 14th May, 1996.                                                         ELECTIONS ACT
                                         Z. R. CHESONI,                                         (Cap. 7)
                                                    Chairman,                 _ APPOINTMENT OF REGISTRATION OFFICERS
                               Electoral Commission of Kenya.                                  Corrigenda
                                                                       IN THE schedule to Gazette Notice No. 2881 of 1996, make
                                                                     the following amendments:
Gazette Notice (No. 2884
                                                                       {a} Delete the name Yussuf ‘Mohamud Abdi and insert the
                                                                           name Ephantus Mwaniki as registration officer for Mbitinj
                                                                           electoral area within Makueni Constituency. The appoint-
                          (Cap. 265)                                       ment shall come into force on 14th ‘May, 1996.
THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS (AMENDMENT)                             () Delete the name Jonah Kirorel and jnsert ithe name
                RULES, 1992                                                Stephen Pertet as registration officer for East Kajulu,
            APPOINTMENT OF RETURNING OFFICERS                              East (Kisumu and Railway electoral areas within Kisumu
                                                                           Town Constituency. The appojntment shall come into
                         Corrigenda                                        force on 14th May, 1996.
  IN THE schedulé to Gazette Notice No. 2542. of 1996,
make tthe following amendments:
  (a) Delete the name Jonah Kirorei and insert the name                Dated the 14th May, 1996.
       Stephen Pertet as returning officer for East Kajulu,
       East Kisumu and Railway electoral areas within Kisumu                                                   Z. IR. CHESONIT,
       Town Constituency. The appointment shall come into                                                                 Chairman,
       force on 14th May, 1996.                                                                      Electoral Commission of Kenya.


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