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7 June 1996

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1996-06-07 number 34

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                                                              v                           sp

                                                          2                              *
                                                                          * Yw. .

      TH E K EN Y A                                                                        G A Z ETTE
                                         P.            o A                      ol *         u e of K -
                                                  (RN *tm Y as a Newyparer rtt tbe f.l;'tl)

Voi. X CV IH - N @. 34                                  r&A,'1143131 3th Juae. $Ozf
                                                                                   ka                                                            bo
. .x.. m '            '             -   , , - - . m..m ..m=       U xm    mmm                       K                                      -   == -

                                                                     CO N FEN T S
                          GAM T I'E NIH ICM                                                             G&zœ'
                                                                                                            r'lu Ncyrlces--tcönftf)
                                                                                   'l'he Advocates (Admlsslon) Regulattons- Admlsstons          91Q
'l'h: Consûtutzon of K enya- Re-appom tment                              898
                                                                                                         >UPPLEM ENT N o 2:
'l'he Survey Act- Appom tmo t                                            898
                                                                                                                A cts, 1996
The Local G overnment Act--lY laratlon                                   898                                                                   PAG:

n e Traflic Adt- Appom tmeats                                            898       n e K enya Instattfte of A dmm jstratlon Act, 1996            15

n e Re stratmn of Td es Act- Reglstratxm                of
  Instrlnw nts, etc                                               898,920                                SUPPLEM EN T N o 29
                                                                                                          Legîslatlve Supplem ent
n e Regtstoe    Tmnd A ct- lssue of N - T>nd Tltle
 1Y M q, etc                                                      898-899,         LSGAL N o'
                                                                                            rlcB N o                                           PAIB
                                                                                       108- The Stam p D uty Aot-v xomptlon                      145
Adnum stm titve Ehe       n' F-xzlm 'nnvlon, 1996-.N0* -                               lx - n e Bxchequer and Audlt W etennary
                                                                                            Survle s D ovelopm ent Ftmdl Regulatlons,
                                                                                             1996                                               14J
M m zstry of R nancp--FAclkm x r Return                           901-902
                                                                                       llovThe Ratlng (Exemptlon of Chantable
Probate nnzl AHm lm stratlon                                      902-916                   lnsltltutlons from Paym ent of ltates)
                                                                                            (Am ndment) Rules, 1996                             148
n e Afncan Chnstzan M arnage and D tvorce Act-                                         lll- The r  lndustmal Trammg (M otm Etlglntenng
  M mlkers Llcense to G l* rate M arr-ges                                917                Transport and Allled Industrlcs) (Traznlng
                                                                                            Levyl (Amendment) Order, 1996                       148
1aoss of Pohcws                                                          918           llz--The Industrml Tramlng Plantatlon, Agn-
                                                                                            cultuml and Alhed slndustrlts) (T!ainlng
n e co-opem tlve Soclae s A ct- lnqm ry                                  918                Levy) (Amendmcnt) Ordor, 1996                       149
Change of N ames                                                         918           113- The Regulatlon ofW agestGenorallfAmend-
                                                                                            m erft) Order, 1996                                 150
n e K enya Power and Llgbtmg Co btd .-ruel Cost                                        ll4- n e Regulatlon of F ages (Agrlcultural
  A dlu- nz                                                              919                lndustry) (Amenam en') Ordcr 1996                   155

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