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4 October 1996

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1996-10-04 number 54

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                                          KEN YA                                                G A Z ETTE
                                            Y 'a''su      by A e td ty ol the R epubhc of K eaya
                                                   (Re-        u as a Newspaper at ta G2 o )

      Vol. XC VIII- N .. 54                               N M R O BI,4th O ctober,1996                                  ,              Prlce Sll 3:

                                                                         CO N TEN IW
                           G &ZETTX NO3IC.lb                                                               Gm =   N oTlcss--lc- f/ )
                                                                         M e                                                                    PAGE

      n e D quor tzcom mg Act- Appoln- nt                                    1684   The Afrw'an Clm stzan M arr>ge and D worce Act-
                                                                                      M lnlsters Llcensed to Celebrate M arnages    1711-4712
      n e K onya Tburm D ove pmont œ pom e             M -
        Arrwx- e p ,                                                         1684   n e Reoords Dzsposal(Couzts) (Amendment) Rules-
                                                                                            Y                                                   1712
      n e Trade Dzspuls M - collece         of Trade U n>
                                                                             1684   Loss of Pokclo                                              1712
       D uo
      n e Arm ed Forces Au- Apx mœ aat                                       1684   Loss of Certfcates txf lnsttratzce                          1712

      n e Repstm t-     (# 'n tles Ad-.l-     of Brtyv-    al                       tm l G overnm ent N otc-                                1712-1713
       Oe fuotœ                                                 168* 1685
                                                                                    Change of Nam es                                            1713
      Ihe Kew tc? 1A        AW- < qe New Ce çatœ of                                  Dlsposal of U rtcolleeted Gtxds                            1713
        l-     .'e*                                             16+ 1686
      'lY vBwwhp: Act- A!> n*nM % etc                                        1686
      1-1- - <w rt A> 4                                                  .1687                              K PPLEM EN T N o 56
                                                                                                             Legkslattve Supplement
      LYq!'v    M 4 R c*tw--& .
                              k .b' H blK Ayçte                 1688-1689
                                                                                     LEGAL N oTlce N o                                          PAOE
      Probate aM A a-            e                              1639-1710
                                                                                          3* -The CentralBank of Kenya Act-e œ nphœ
      'Ike Cœ lmm es Act- D lsx lue s                                        1711             of N ew Iuue of 011e H undred and Two
                                                                                              H undrod Slullmgs N otes                           385
      'fht Inw a-      Aet- w m dm é.vp                                      1711
                                                                                          301- 3h
                                                                                                he L= 1 A uthonty Sarvlces œ rge
      'r% T*      U nlons Act- Ref- l                                        1711                  (M wndment) Rozuhttons, 1996                  387

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