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18 October 1996

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1996-10-18 number 57

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        TH E K EN Y A                                                                     G A Z ETTE
                                        Puhl-he by Authore ol the Relmbx o' K-
                                                (Reglstered as a Newsw per at the G P O )

Vol. X CV D I- N O. 57                            N AIR O BI,18th O ctober,1996                                                     Pnce Sh. 30
-   .   ,   .   =   =                                                             .=                 -      =   .= ' - -    =               =

                                                                      CO N TEN TS
                        G &Z1slfls NO I(t-lsH                                                        G u prre Non ces--tconld )
                                                                      PAGE                                                                  PAOB
The S re Corl
            poratlons A fet-A ppolntm ents                            1754     Llquor Llcenslng                                             1733
The CortstDevelopmentAuthorlty A ct- Appolntm ents                    1754     7he T lansport Llcenslng A ct--A ppllcatlons             1784-1785
7he Ewaso Ngllo 50t1th R lver Basln Devclopznk
                                             ent                               The Socletles R ult-s- c zncellatlon                         1786
  Aulbonty A ct- A ppom tm ents                                       1754
                                                                               Loss of Pollcles                                             1786
Thc Ifwqso N glro N orth R ivcr Basyn D evelopm ent
  iutborltl A ct- àppolntm ents                     1754-1755                  I-ocal 'G outrnm ent N otlce                                 1787
Tlvw 1 zlgatlon A ct- A ppointm ents                                  1755     R evocatlon of Pow tr of A ttorney                           1787
The f'creals and Sugar Flnance C om oratlon-                                   Change/of N am us                                            1787
  A pj(nntm ent                                                       1755
                                                                               D lspoqal of U nuollected G oods                         1787-178%
fhe M aglstrates' Courts Act- lncrease of Llm lt of
    riqzlttlon                                                        1755
Tht R rglstratlon of Tltles A ct- lssue of a Provlslonal                                                 SUPPLEM EM        N o 58
  Cvrljfcalte                                                         1755
                                                                                                         Leglslatkve Supplem ent
R-he R tglstered Im nd A ct- lssue of N ew C ertllicates
   of Lcase, etc                                         1755-1757,            LBGAL N OTICE Xo                                             P&ae
                                                                                      305- Tht K enya Plant H ealth Inspectorate Sk
Cuqtcnps and Exelse--sale by Pabllc A uctlon                1759-1760                     vtce Order, 1996                                      393
Protha'e and A dm lnlstratlon                               1760-1782                 306- The Stlm p D uty A ct- Bxem ptlon                    396

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